Year 9 Program

Year 9 students go through transition from junior to senior secondary years, therefore, in addition to their academic studies they need support and stimulation to develop the personal habits that they will need for success in their senior years. At Loreto College we have implemented our “Active Learning Program”; a dedicated experiential program that runs the duration of the full year alongside their timetabled Year 9 lessons, to develop students understanding of “who they are.”

It is especially helpful for students to have a strong sense of self and knowledge of personal strengths and interests as they begin to choose career choices and pathways for their senior years of secondary education. At the end of the year students reflect on the various messages through a new initiative called LC Talks - student-to-student positive wellbeing talks.

Year 9 Active Learning Program

Our focus throughout the Active Learning Program is on offering our students a diversity of activities that aim to improve motivation and engagement, whilst at the same time enhancing their skills in decision-making, problem solving, working within a team, responsibility and independence.

Our program runs under the acronym of “SURFING” – Strive, Understanding, Responsibility, Focus, Interdependent, Navigate and Goals. The Year 9 Active Learning Program aims to assist students in developing a greater sense of their own identity and self-worth. The program includes:

  • SPLATTER Day – a special day dedicated to exploring the traits of successful people: Striving to become more: Persistent, Lateral, Accurate, Tolerant, Team Oriented, Empathetic and Understanding and Responsible when taking risks.
  • Leadership Day – a special day featuring a range of presentations and activities to explore the context of leadership, opportunities for leadership and leadership traits.
  • Three Day STRIVE Program - involving Ballarat Amazing Race, Loreto and St Patrick’s College Interaction Day & an Options Day involving a range of personal development activities.
  • Melbourne Adventure – a three-day city experience that supports our young people to spread their wings and grow more independent by exploring the city, at the same time further developing their teamwork, decision-making and communication skills with the support of peers and teachers. This program continues back at school for the remainder of the week with Group Presentations and subject selection and preparation for Year 10.
  • Outdoor Education Camp – a four day wilderness experience which includes hiking, mountain biking, surfing, canoeing/kayaking, initiative games and Adventure Sports.

Year 9 Curriculum Handbook