Year 9 Program

Year 9 students go through a transition from junior to senior secondary years, therefore, in addition to their academic studies they need support and stimulation to develop the personal habits that they will need for success in their senior years. At Loreto College we have implemented our “Active Learning Program”; a dedicated experiential program that runs the duration of the full year alongside their timetabled Year 9 lessons, to develop students' understanding of “who they are.”

Our focus throughout the Year 9 Program is offering our students a diversity of activities that aims to improve motivation, independence and engagement, through the implementation of a goal-setting structure, whilst at the same time enhancing their skills in decision-making, problem-solving and working within a team.

Active Learning Program

The Year 9 Active Learning program engages students by offering unique independent and collaborative experiences, whilst providing opportunities for personal development and growth. At the core of this is ‘Goals to Grow’: An initiative that allows students to set authentic and visible goals that aim for improved academic outcomes, greater connections to the school and wider community, and the mastery of skills and knowledge in a discipline of their own choosing

The program includes:

  • Goals to Grow Program
    This program provides students with greater agency over their learning and facilitates critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and connection to the community. Students set three goals that will provide them with agency over their own learning. Mastery, Community and Academic goals.
  • Digital Portfolios
    Students create their own Digital Portfolios to showcase evidence of their goals progress (Goals to Grow Program) and other highlights at Loreto. The Portfolios will provide students with an ongoing record beyond Year 9 of their achievements.
  • The Amazing Race
    Provides students with an opportunity to work creatively and collaboratively in a small group environment in preparation for the Melbourne Experience. Students will learn navigation skills and create and answer questions about local landmarks, community and local businesses.
  • Year 9 Loreto & St Patrick’s College Social and Dance Lessons
    This opportunity allows students to undertake professional dance lessons, focusing on traditional forms in preparation for a highly anticipated social event.
  • Melbourne Adventure Program
    A metro camp that asks students to collaborate in small groups to navigate the Melbourne CBD, exploring and evaluating a chosen hypothesis in a three-day city experience. This includes visits to Queen Victoria Market, the Shrine of Remembrance, and a Yarra River Cruise.
  • Outdoor Education Camp
    A three-day wilderness experience that challenges students to work outside of their comfort zone and explore the great outdoors. The camp includes activities such as hiking, mountain biking, surfing, initiative games and Adventure Sports.

Year 9 Curriculum

In Year 9, students will study the following year-long subjects. These are studied by all students and are completed in Mentor groups.

  1. Religious Education
  2. English
  3. Health and Physical Education
  4. Languages (French or Japanese)
  5. Mathematics
  6. Science
  7. Humanities
  8. Felicitous Life/Wellbeing Science

In addition to their Year Long studies, students will choose 4 semester-long subjects. Each student must choose a minimum of one Semester Long Arts subject and a minimum of one semester-long Technology subject. 

Please read the Year 9 Curriculum Information Booklet below for further information on subject options.