Year 10 Program

The Year 10 Program includes a diverse academic program as well as a dedicated series of programs and events to enlighten and empower Loreto girls for their future. Some of these are open to all students and some are via application:

  • Mary Ward Connect – The Mary Ward Connect program is unique to Loreto Schools and offers an exchange program that encourages girls to meet and make new friends, while learning about the history and culture of another Loreto school. The program connects Year 10 students from various Loreto schools around Australia. A group of Ballarat students travel to another Loreto school in Australia and stay with a host sister, whilst a group of students will host visitors here at Loreto Ballarat.
  • Community Service Program – A three day experiential program for Year 10 girls to listen, learn and participate in community service. The program includes:
    •  Guest speakers sharing information about the environment, homelessness, the range of community services available and how students may be able to help or support these services in Ballarat.
    •  A range of interactive workshops where students donate and collate packs of stationary, toiletry, food and baby goods to distribute to those in need.
    •  The opportunity to be involved in a “sleep out” to experience and understand the plight of homeless people in our region.
  •  Empower Me Conference – Lord Somers Camp and Power House host the emPOWERme conference. A one day personal development program dedicated to Year 10 students to explore their values and visions and create goals that will assist them in achieving their full potential. A variety of guest speakers, fun activities and small group discussions will inspire and motivate the students to steer themselves in the direction of their choice.
  • Mindshop Excellence Program – A five-day work based program dedicated to Year 10 students. The students have the privilege of working with a local Ballarat company and are taught a variety of problem solving tools and the importance of working in teams. Students are given a guided tour of the host company and introduced to staff members before being given a real life challenge faced by the company to solve.
  • Year Level Committee – A Committee of girls work together to plan Year 10 events and activities throughout the year and communicate with the year level coordinator about year level matters and concerns.
  • Science and Engineering Challenge – Coordinated challenges against other Ballarat schools, promoting teamwork, science and engineering knowledge and problem solving skills.

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