The Year 10 Curriculum

In Years 7 to 9, students experience a curriculum which is based on the principle of a comprehensive core of subjects which cover all the key learning areas. As students move closer to their senior student years, it is appropriate to allow them some choice in the curriculum. In Year 10, the curriculum is based around two blocks of study:

  • Block 1: Core
  • Block 2: Elective Studies

These blocks are designed to ensure that students have access to all of the learning areas while also offering them the chance to develop their academic aptitude, skills and interest in specific areas.

This will equip students with the academic skills and experiences to draw upon when making choices for their senior secondary years later in Year 10 and beyond.

The Loreto College Ballarat timetable is based on a 6 period day. Each period runs for 50 minutes. There are 60 periods in a cycle. Each cycle runs over two weeks. The following outlines the period allocation and structure of each of the blocks of study.

Please also view the Senior Pathways Handbook 

Block 1: Core Studies

All Year 10 students will study the following Core studies:

  • Religion & Society (Unit 1) (9 Periods per fortnight for Semester 1)
  • English (9 Periods per fortnight)
  • Mathematics (9 Periods per fortnight)
    • Mathematics A or
    • Mathematics B or
    • Maths for Living
    • Prime Mathematics (students will be invited to enrol in Prime Mathematics)
  • Humanities (9 Periods per fortnight)
  • Science (must choose at least 1) (9 Periods per fortnight)
    • General Science
    • Applied Science Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Agricultural & Horticultural Science
  • STRIVE (4 Periods per fortnight)
    STRIVE recognises the need for students to maintain a balance between
    academic study and health and wellbeing. Individual units within the STRIVE
    program focus on one of five key areas:

    • Physical Activity
    • Recreational Pursuits
    • Health and Wellbeing Pathways
    • Careers

Block 2: Electives Studies

All Year 10 students will study chosen electives for 9 periods for 1 semester.
The aim of this block of studies is to provide an opportunity for students to:

  • Extend and further develop the skills and knowledge introduced to them in the Core
  • Study certain topics or learning areas in more detail
  • Provide a pathway to senior secondary studies including the study of VCE Units 1 & 2

While most of the Elective Studies are semester-length units, there are some studies which run for the full year. (eg. Languages).

Year 10 Elective Study Options
  • Religious Education
    • Philosophy
  • Arts
    • Art
    • Drama
    • Media
    • Dance
    • Music
    • Visual Communication and Design
  • English
    • English Literature
    • English Language
  • Health & Physical Education
    • Sports Science
    • Health
  • Humanities
    • Commerce
    • Sociology
    • Legal Studies
    • International Studies
  • Languages
    • French
    • Japanese
  • Science (must choose at least 1)
    • General Science
    • Applied Science Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Agricultural & Horticultural Science
  • Technology
    • Food Studies
    • Multimedia
    • Product Design & Technology

Studying a VCE Unit in Year 10

Year 10 students can choose, upon application and approval, to study a VCE Unit 1 & 2 subject in their Year 10 year. This offers them the opportunity to accelerate learning and begin their VCE studies in Year 10.

The particular VCE Units 1 & 2 available to Year 10 students varies from year to year as this is dependent on the structure of the VCE timetable and the number of places available in these classes.

Studying a VCE Units 1 & 2 subject in Year 10 is not for every student and we encourage students and parents to discuss this option carefully with their daughter’s Mentor Teacher and her Subject Teachers.

To apply to study a Units 1 & 2 subject in Year 10 students will need to complete an online form which can be found on PAM. Check PAM for deadline details.

Students will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Graded performances of 85% plus or ‘Excellent’ in the relevant Year 9 subject(s)
  • A high level of classroom organisational skills
  • A record of prompt completion of all home study tasks
  • A high level of classroom behaviour
  • A record of submission of all tasks on time
  • A portfolio of work related to the proposed VCE Units 1 and 2 study

Any student who does not fully meet each of these criteria will not be considered for a VCE Units 1 and 2 study as a Year 10 student.

Year 9 Mentor Teachers will be asked to assess each student’s level of commitment to learning by commenting on the following areas:

  • Level of classroom organisational skills
  • Completion of home study tasks
  • Ability to meet due dates
  • Classroom behaviour
  • Consistency in all of the above areas are essential
VCE Unit 1 & 2 Subjects available to study in Year 10

The Loreto College VCE subjects that may be available are:

  • Dance
  • Health & Human Development
  • Business Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Biology
  • Product Design & Technology
  • Sociology
  • Food Studies
  • Psychology

The Year 10 Program Opportunities

The Year 10 Program includes a diverse academic program as well as a dedicated series of programs and events to enlighten and empower Loreto girls for their future. Some of these are open to all students and some are via application:

  • Mary Ward Connect – The Mary Ward Connect program is unique to Loreto Schools and offers an exchange program that encourages girls to meet and make new friends, while learning about the history and culture of another Loreto school. The program connects Year 10 students from various Loreto schools around Australia. A group of Ballarat students travel to another Loreto school in Australia and stay with a host sister, whilst a group of students will host visitors here at Loreto Ballarat.
  • Community Service Program – A three day experiential program for Year 10 girls to listen, learn and participate in community service. The program includes:
    •  Guest speakers sharing information about the environment, homelessness, the range of community services available and how students may be able to help or support these services in Ballarat.
    •  A range of interactive workshops where students donate and collate packs of stationary, toiletry, food and baby goods to distribute to those in need.
    •  The opportunity to be involved in a “sleep out” to experience and understand the plight of homeless people in our region.
  •  Empower Me Conference – Lord Somers Camp and Power House host the emPOWERme conference. A one day personal development program dedicated to Year 10 students to explore their values and visions and create goals that will assist them in achieving their full potential. A variety of guest speakers, fun activities and small group discussions will inspire and motivate the students to steer themselves in the direction of their choice.
  • Mindshop Excellence Program - A five-day work based program dedicated to Year 10 students. The students have the privilege of working with a local Ballarat company and are taught a variety of problem solving tools and the importance of working in teams. Students are given a guided tour of the host company and introduced to staff members before being given a real life challenge faced by the company to solve.
  • Year Level Committee – A Committee of girls work together to plan Year 10 events and activities throughout the year and communicate with the year level coordinator about year level matters and concerns.
  • Science and Engineering Challenge – Coordinated challenges against other Ballarat schools, promoting teamwork, science and engineering knowledge and problem solving skills.