Year 10 Program

We encourage students to make the most of their Year 10 Loreto education! The Year 10 Program includes a diverse academic program as well as a dedicated series of programs and events to enlighten and empower Loreto students for their future.

Opportunities in Year 10

Mission and Service - In Year 10 as educated people with privilege and faith, it is our responsibility to act in ways of loving and responsible service to others.

  • Term 1 – International Focus
  • Term 2 – National Focus
  • Terms 3 / 4 – Local Focus inclusive of a personal social justice project, which will involve students thinking about the contributions they can make to our College and local community. Doing good for others has wellbeing benefits for the students too.

STRIVE - The STRIVE program combines and further develops Physical Education, Health and Careers education into a weekly program to encourage students to strive to be the best version of themselves. More information included later in this booklet.

Mary Ward Connect - The Mary Ward Connect program is unique to Loreto Schools and offers an exchange program that encourages girls to meet and make new friends, while learning about the history and culture of another Loreto school. The program connects Year 10 students from various Loreto schools around Australia.

Year Level Committee - A committee of girls work together to plan Year 10 events and activities throughout the year and communicate with the Year Level Coordinator about year level matters and concerns.

Science and Engineering Challenge - Coordinated challenges against other Ballarat schools, promoting teamwork, science and engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Year 10 Camp

Our Year 10s venture to Camp Jungai located two hours from Melbourne for a two night stay in the Rubicon Valley. Activities include bushwalking, high ropes course, indigenous games, canoe, cultural session and initiative games.

Careers in Year 10

Year 10 is an important time for students to explore and develop study habits and career pathways. Throughout Year 10 some of the important relevant information relating to careers includes:

  • STRIVE – Futures Focus
    The STRIVE Program includes a rotation called Futures Focus. This will include:
    - Presentations from tertiary providers
    - Resume construction
    - Course research and selection
    - Researching tertiary course entry requirements
  • Morrisby Profiling 
    Morrisby Profiling is a leading career-matching tool suited to ages 15 and upwards to discover strengths, ambitions and goals. The assessment software identifies a student’s strengths and builds a comprehensive personal profile, raising self-awareness. The aim is to help young people investigate the best routes to achieve their goals and encourage them to explore similar careers and courses including many they may never have considered.
  • Subject selections in Term 3
    Students will be provided with a range of online and printed publications
    and presentations to assist with Year 11 and Year 12 subject selection
  • Work Experience
    Our Work Experience program encourages students to make the most of the opportunity to complete work experience to learn about work, study and career options.

Year 10 Curriculum

In Years 7 to 9, students experience a curriculum which is based on the principle of a comprehensive core of subjects which cover all the key learning areas. As students move closer to their senior student years, we introduce some choices in the curriculum. The two blocks of study are:

Block 1: Core Subjects
Block 2: Elective Subjects

These blocks are designed to ensure that students have access to all of the learning areas while also offering them the chance to develop their academic aptitude, skills and interest in specific areas.

This should equip students with the academic skills and experiences to draw upon when making choices for their senior secondary years later in 2021 and beyond.

The following outlines the period allocation and structure of each of the blocks of study.

Year 10 Curriculum Handbook

Please view the Senior Pathways Handbook in conjunction with the Year 10 Subject Supplement for specific subject information and pathway options.