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Students, Parents & Staff

The majority of Parent, Student and Staff communications for enrolled families is now accessible via the Loreto Ballarat App or PAM (Parent Access Module).


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PAM – Parent Access Module

The Parent Access Module (PAM) enables you, as a parent, to access the latest details about your daughter’s progress. After logging in to the site you will be able to…

  • See the College attendance records for your daughter
  • View your daughter’s timetable
  • Check if any homework tasks are yet to be completed
  • See the results for assessment tasks and the feedback given (where applicable)
  • Access the online reporting system for information about your daughter’s progress
    as well as many other features of the site.

You can log in to the site with the username/password combination that has been mailed to parents earlier this year. If you need log in details to access the Parent Access Module, please contact the school by phone.

Access PAM



To log in to SIMON externally from the school, enter the following details after clicking on the Simon link:

Username: Your Loreto network username
Password: Your Loreto network password


Access SIMON


The Loreto College Ballarat App

->access - Instructions for how to access the Loreto College App

Quick Contacts

Student Absence - Student Reception 53296121

General Enquiries - College Reception 53296100



Loreto College has a 6 period day and a 10 day cycle. This means that there are sixty 50 minute periods each fortnight.

VCE students have 9 periods in each subject, except in RE (4 periods). All students have one Pastoral Care period per week. Students have a different timetable in Week A compared to Week B of the cycle.

The school timetable, and class lists, can be accessed through SIMON.


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