Term Dates for 2024

Term 1: Thursday 01 February (all students) – Thursday 28 March
Note: College office CLOSED the first week of term break.
Easter Sunday 31 March

Term 2: Tuesday 16 April – Friday 28 June
Note: College office CLOSED the first week of term break

Term 3: Tuesday 16 July - Friday 20 September
Note: College office OPEN for the whole term break

Term 4: Monday 07 October – Friday 06 December

Please refer to the live school calendar on PAM or SIMON or the Loreto App for all other calendar dates.

Introducing SchoolTV

A Wellbeing resource for Loreto College parents and staff.


Today parents face a multitude of modern-day challenges in raising happy, well and resilient young people. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance.

Loreto College has introduced a new wellbeing platform to help parents, students and staff. SchoolTV Wellbeing Platform is a new online resource designed to empower parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies.


“The wellbeing of today’s youth has never been more challenging.” Michael Carr-Gregg


What will you find?

A range of topics each published monthly with comprehensive videos from leading specialists and organisations.

You’ll also find Fact Sheets, suggested books, apps, websites and much more from organisations such as Beyond Blue, ReachOut, HeadSpace and others.

Be an active member of our Loreto community - Volunteer with us!!

Volunteers are the backbone of every community and our students and staff love it when our families and friends join us in the school. We warmly invite you to register as a volunteer at Loreto College in any of the areas of interest.

  • Canteen - Be a friendly face and meet all the students in the canteen at lunchtime. Help as little or as much as you like, generally only once a month between the hours of 12pm and 2pm
  • Music and Performing Arts - If you love the performing arts you could join our Friends of Music and Performing Arts group or help with our stage productions.
  • Rowing - Become an active supporter of our rowing program. There are many ways you can help keep our rowing team sustained and time with all they need at regattas, and you can also join our Friends of Rowing Group.

You don't need to have any experience, just a desire to help out, be involved and be part of the Loreto community. Please note that all volunteers, including guest speakers must have a valid WWCC or VIT. This will need to be supplied to the staff member who has engaged your service and must be carried with you at all times while on campus. Pre-registration is not required for guest speakers.

The Loreto College volunteer engagement letter can be found here.

Once you have read the letter, click the button below to register for volunteering at Loreto College

Communication Quick References

The majority of Parent, Student and Staff communications for enrolled families is now accessible via the Loreto Ballarat App or PAM (Parent Access Module).

PAM – Parent Access Module

The Parent Access Module (PAM) enables you, as a parent/carer, to access the latest details about your daughter’s progress. After logging in to the site you will be able to:

  • See the College attendance records for your daughter
  • View your daughter’s timetable
  • Check if any homework tasks are yet to be completed
  • See the results for assessment tasks and the feedback given (where applicable)
  • Access the online reporting system for information about your daughter’s progress
    as well as many other features of the site.

You can log in to the site with the username/password combination that has been mailed to parents earlier this year. If you need log in details to access the Parent Access Module, please contact the school by phone.


To log in to SIMON externally from the school, enter the following details after clicking on the Simon link:

Username: Your Loreto network username
Password: Your Loreto network password

The Loreto College Ballarat App

The majority of Parent, Student and Staff communications for enrolled families is now accessible via the Loreto Ballarat App or PAM (Parent Access Module). The eNews is also available to all parents on the App or the Publications section of the website.


Loreto College has a 6 period day and a 10 day cycle. This means that there are sixty 50 minute periods each fortnight.

VCE students have 9 periods in each subject, except in RE (4 periods). All students have one Pastoral Care period per week. Students have a different timetable in Week A compared to Week B of the cycle.

The school timetable, and class lists, can be accessed through SIMON.