Spiritual and Religious Development

A vigorous belief in the capacity and responsibility of women to contribute significantly to society and the church underlies the emphasis on our tradition of the education of girls.

Loreto College is a Catholic school and it is important for us as educators to join parents in guiding the spiritual and religious development of students – both as individuals and as part of the community in which they live, learn and pray.

In Religious Education classes, Loreto College students explore the teachings of our faith through the Awakenings religious education program, as well as participation in Liturgy, Prayer, Retreats and Action for Justice and Peace.

Loreto College strives to be a place where the extraordinary reality of being ‘made in the image and likeness of God’ and being able to ‘find God in all things’ underpins and brings vitality to all that students undertake. It is within this context that the Loreto College community attempts to nurture students so they may see God in all that they do and experience.

We do however, recognize that in today’s open and pluralistic society, there may be frequent questions and challenges raised by our students which we seek to deal with seriously as we attempt to support our students’ search for a faith to which they can honestly assent and commit.

It is our faith in God and the spiritual traditions left to us by Mary Ward and Mother Gonzaga Barry and their faith filled companions which allow us to encourage students to explore the contemporary world as part of their individual spiritual journey.

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