Year 8 Program

Year 8 is a consolidation year for students at Loreto College. The Year 8 program includes a diverse academic program as well as a dedicated series of programs and events. The students have learned how a Loreto Girl should behave; they know their way confidently around the College and they know the high expectations of a Loreto student.

Captiv8 Program

Captiv8 is designed specifically for Year 8. Its aim is to build on everything that students have achieved in their first year at the College, providing them with new opportunities and challenges. Students are encouraged to harness the energy and enthusiasm of their younger Year 7 self, while embracing a more independent approach to their learning and to foster existing relationships but be open to new people and friends. CAPTIVATE... the word itself meaning “to attract and hold the interest and attention of” - not only summarises exactly what we would like the Year 8 program to achieve but holds with it an energy and drive which we hope students will be infected with throughout the year! It is our hope that they will be captivated, fascinated, enthralled and delighted by everything they encounter – both inside and outside the classroom, and through their broader school experiences this year. Captiv8 explores areas such as: Citizenship - Where do I fit in?; Attributes of Sensibility and Wellbeing; Positive Relationships; Togetherness - Class Identity and Collaboration; Industrious - Work Ethic and Positive Attitude; and Values.

Developing Leadership Skills

The students have many leadership opportunities presented to them including:

  • Junior House Captains
  • Arts Captains
  • Sports Captains

As well as the designated leadership roles in Year 8, all students are expected to be leaders and they are encouraged to do this by:

  • Promoting enthusiasm and spirit through involvement in the various dimensions of
    school life (academic, sporting, music, etc).
  • Encouraging interaction and integration between students of the two year levels.
  • Offering support and assistance to the Year 7 students during their ‘transition phase’ from primary to secondary school.

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 students will participate in Camp EIGHT which will be held in Term One. The purpose of this camp is to introduce students to key elements of the Captiv8 Program and provide opportunities for them to make connections with the students in their new mentor group and with their mentor teacher. 

Other Year 8 activities at Loreto College include:

  • Medieval Day – This is traditionally held at Kryal Castle. The students wear full costume and study how people lived in Medieval times. The students have the opportunity to learn archery, armoury, jousting, medicine witchcraft, the feudal system and much more.
  • Retreats – student retreats are held annually.
  • Guest Speakers and Performers – We have a range of guest speakers and performers throughout the year, including within Year 8 subjects of Health, PE, Drama, Music as well as several specific well-being and cyber safety presentations.
  • Combined Loreto and St Patrick’s College Health Day - Students from both schools join together and are led through specific activities that are based on the ‘Six Life Senses’ – a Beyond Blue program that helps adolescents understand themselves and those around them.

Year 8 Curriculum

At Loreto, Year 8 students undertake ten subjects with six periods a day (50 minutes periods) across a fortnightly timetable. The 60-period fortnight also includes two periods of Mentor Group, one per week. 

Year 8 Curriculum Handbook