Year 7 Transition - From Primary School to Secondary School

Transition Process

Transition from primary school to secondary school is an exciting time for students. The introduction to the secondary setting at the College is filled with many experiences new to the girls and their families. The transition program planned for incoming Year 7 students begins during the year preceding their entry to Loreto College and extends well into their first year at Loreto College. Our experienced Year 7 Transition Co-ordinators head the transition process and base programs and processes on the principles of middle school best practice.

Orientation for Year 7

During Term 4, the orientation process begins in earnest. For some students additional transition experiences are specifically planned. The Transition Team at Loreto College recognise that some students will benefit from attending Making Connections Day held during November each year.

On this occasion, selected students, including those coming from rural or distant primary schools are given the opportunity to spend an introductory day meeting students coming from similar circumstances prior to the day when all new Year 7 students attend. All enrolled students are invited to attend Orientation Day; a carefully planned and structured introduction to the secondary experience conducted in early December.

Parent Involvement

Loreto College values the involvement of families in the education of their students. As the transition experience is new to all, a Parent Information Night is held early in November. At this introductory session, parents are provided with a snapshot of the Loreto Year 7 education, including information about the pastoral care system, the curriculum and the co-curricular program offered at the College.

Ongoing Transition

Once the students have excitedly begun Year 7, further transition activities are planned during the first semester, these include the Year 7 Camp, Class Dinners and a Parent Matters evening, where pertinent details of the Year 7 program and tips for supporting students through the introductory year of secondary education at Loreto are provided.

The staff at Loreto College recognise that transition to the next stage of education is a vitally important experience and they endeavour to make this time welcoming and informative for both students and their families.

Year 7 Curriculum Handbook