The Arts at Loreto College

At Loreto College the Arts are considered a fundamental means of expression and communication in all societies. Through the Arts we gain a sense of our social and individual identity. At Loreto, students learn ways of experiencing, developing, representing, presenting and understanding ideas, emotions, values and cultural beliefs. They learn to take risks, be imaginative, question prevailing values and explore alternative solutions. They develop, practice and refine techniques, engage in Arts criticism and share opinions about the Arts. Students are taught by highly skilled and trained Arts teachers, who are active practitioners in their field.

The Curriculum

Year 7-9
Study of the Arts is compulsory from Years 7 – 9 and at this level students develop and refine their skills in Music, Drama and Visual Art.
Year 10 & VCE
Year 10 and VCE students may select to study the Arts and can choose from a broader range of studies. From Year 10 students may study, Art - Creative Practice, Art - Making & Exhibiting, Dance, Drama, Media, Music, Theatre Studies and Visual Communication & Design.

Our VCE Art and Media students create an exhibition every year to showcase their artworks. A link to the 2023 Exhibition Catalogue is provided below.

Loreto Arts Facilities

Loreto College is equipped with state of the art performing and visual arts facilities. The Mary’s Mount Centre hosts The Loreto Abbey Theatre; a beautiful 500 seat theatre complete with state-of-the-art technology, where students can control sound and lighting through Wi-Fi connectivity; The Ensemble room; a modern black box performance space with upper level gantry, The Media Studio; a green screen room, three teaching studios, six generously sized Instrumental teaching rooms. Loreto College has three fully equipped visual art studios.


The Arts and Co-curricular Activities

Students at Loreto are engaged in the Arts through curriculum and these studies connect closely to our co-curricular arts activities. They can study an instrument during the school day through the Co-curricular Music program. Likewise, students may study Speech and Drama through the Co-curricular Performance program. Performing Arts students regularly connect their curriculum studies with the Co-curricular Performance program through the annual Arts Festival, Loreto Coffee House, Drama Ensemble and the Loreto College Production, not just as performers, but as crew and designers.


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