The Heart of Who we Are

Religious Education, in all its expressions, lies at the heart of who we are as Loreto College. First and foremost, our College is formed and shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Religious Education finds its expression through the Awakenings classroom program, prayer, retreats, liturgy, social justice and service.
Our goal for each student is that, after completing the religious education program, she will:

  • Be compassionate
  • Be religiously literate
  • Be open-hearted
  • Have a sound knowledge of the Catholic Christian tradition
  • Have a sensitivity to wider religious traditions
  • Have and show a sense of justice
  • Have a sense of what’s possible – to be hopeful
  • Be prepared to act in the community through service
  • Be able to reflect
  • Have begun to develop her own set of values in the light of her knowledge of the Christian/Catholic tradition
  • Have begun to develop a faith perspective on God
  • Have a sense of her place in God’s creation

The Awakenings classroom program runs from Year 7 through till the end of Year 10. Areas of study range across Church history, Jesus Christ, God, Scripture, morality, sacraments, social justice, world religions, prayer and creation. In Year 11, the program is centred on Ignatian spirituality. Students reflect on harmony and disharmony in the world and in their own lives. They are invited to reflect on how the choices they make contributes to God’s creation.

The Year 12 program includes several choices ranging across participation in a liturgical choir, a community service program, classes in religion and art, religion and philosophy, ethics and environmental spirituality. Students also have the option of completing a Unit 3-4 VCE Religion and Society study.

The Catholic tradition has a rich history of valuing retreat experiences as opportunities to temporarily withdraw from the busyness of the world to reflect on what is most important and what God is calling us to in our hearts. The classroom program across the school is enhanced through retreat experiences each year. Some are reflection days, and some involve reflection and prayer across multiple days in locations away from school.

Outside the formal classroom program students have opportunities to be active in social justice and service through groups such as JPIC (Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation). They have multiple opportunities to participate in prayer and liturgy.

The heart of who we are and our purpose is captured in the words of the great Catholic theologian, Karl Rahner:

“Seeking and finding God in all things is at the heart of Ignatian Spirituality. It works on the belief that God is always present in our world and it is our task to uncover God’s presence and help others do the same.”

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