Mathematics at Loreto College

Loreto College is dedicated to developing the engagement of girls in Mathematics, through our objective to continue participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education for as long as possible.

In Mathematics at Loreto, students are encouraged to become confident and independent learners through a range of varied activities, both within the classroom and through a number of co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to develop different strategies and approaches to solve problems and to become better at managing their own learning. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities and this helps students to develop a growth mindset and to understand that through hard work and persistence challenges can be overcome.

Our various programs cater for the range of Mathematical experiences and abilities of our students. Extra support is provided for those who find Mathematics more difficult, and a Maths help session is run every week at lunchtime. A range of extension and enrichment opportunities are also offered for those who are ready for an additional challenge. These include:

  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Australian Mathematics Challenge
  • Australian Mathematics Olympiad
  • Engineering Challenge: Federation University
  • Maths Games Day: Deakin University

All students from Year 7 to Year 10 study Mathematics.


Year Level Mathematics Topics:

Year 7: Number, Integers and the Cartesian Plane, Decimals, Patterns and Algebra, Fractions, Solving Equations, Geometric Reasoning, Measurement, Probability

Year 8: Algebra and Index Laws, Measurement, Solving Equations and Inequations, Decimals and Percentages, Linear Relations, Statistics, Rates and Ratio

Year 9: Pythagoras, Trigonometry, Probability, Linear Equations, Statistics, Indices and Surds, Linear Relations, Quadratic Functions, Financial Maths, Measurement

Year 10 Maths A: Surds, Linear Relations, Simultaneous Equations, Probability, Measurement, Quadratic Algebra, Quadratic Functions, Graphing Non-Linear Functions, Indices and Logarithms, Circular Functions, Trigonometry

Year 10 Maths B: Linear Algebra, Linear Equations, Univariate Statistics, Linear Graphing, Bivariate Statistics, Sequences and Recursion, Measurement, Financial Mathematics

Year 11 & Year 12
In Years 11 and 12, Loreto College students can choose either a VCE or VCE Vocational Major pathway in Mathematics. Students can also complete selected Unit 1 and 2 Mathematics subjects in Year 10 and Unit 3 and 4 Mathematics subjects in Year 11.
VCE Units 1 and 2: Foundation Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics
VCE Units 3 and 4: Foundation Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics



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