Loreto girls in sport, health and physical education

If you have the privilege of attending a Loreto College Swimming or Athletics Carnival, you will see first-hand the extraordinary culture of engagement and participation of girls in sport, health and physical education at the College. Whilst government research consistently conveys evidence that not enough females are sufficiently active, and participation levels decline as females get older, Loreto College is defying the odds, with many young women also going forward to achieve high levels of success in their respective sports.

The Loreto College Health and Physical Education Program has been developed with a focus on the different health dimensions, specifically to meet the needs of girls. The program focusses on fitness for life, with every class completing an active warm up and core strength exercises to develop the skills and strengths that will support life-long activity and prevent injury.

HEALTH - Year Level Key Topics

Year 7
SenseAbility, Body Systems, Drug Education, Personal Development

Year 8
Understanding Health, SenseAbility, Building Resilience, Online Awareness, Risky Business, Drugs education & personal safety, Personal Development

Year 9
Semester 1– “About ME” – SenseAbility, Life Senses, Essential Skills
Semester 2 – “Looking After ME” - Drug Education, Personal Development

Year 10
Health Elective - Provides students with an understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that promote physical, mental and social health.

Unit 1: The health and human development of Australia’s youth
Unit 2: Individual human development and health issues
Unit 3: Australia’s Health
Unit 4: Global health and human development


PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Year Level Key Topics

Year 7

Athletics, Fitness Assessment, Dance, Floor gymnastics, Throwing/Catching/Batting skills and games

Year 8

Athletics, Fitness Assessment, Racquetball, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Apparatus gymnastics, Softball

Year 9

Cricket, Self-defence, Basketball, AFL Football, Fitness Unit, Badminton, Major games

Year 10

The “STRIVE” program is dedicated to learning sports and physical activities that can be commenced at any stage in life such as lawn bowls, martial arts and golf. Groups are rotated every 5 weeks, participating in health and well-being, practical physical pursuits, career pathways and planning.

Year 10:

Sports Science Elective - Students should study Sports Science if they have an interest in the areas of physical education and health.  Students will increase their knowledge of how to improve fitness and sports performance through the study of both nutrition and training.


Unit 1: Bodies in motion

Unit 2: Sports coaching and physically active lifestyles

Unit 3: Physical activity, participation and performance

Unit 4: Enhancing performance



A New subject available to students studying VCE in Year 11 and 12 in 2023.

Outdoor and Environmental Studies is about understanding different types of
environments and developing ‘relationships’ with them through having experiences in the outdoors. This subject is for students who lean towards learning through actively engaging in practical activities.
Ultimately, this subject is about individuals’ and society’s relationships with the environment in the past, present and future. Practical activities are designed to give students a deeper understanding of these relationships through experience.

Practical activities may include things that you would expect such as: bushwalking, rock-climbing, canoeing, surfing, etc. but may also include activities such as conservation work and farming.

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