Throughout their studies in fabric in Materials and Technology and Product Design and Technology, students develop their knowledge and skills in the design process as they work through the key components of investigating, generating, producing, evaluating, planning and managing. Students can challenge and extend their skills as they work with a design brief to make their own innovative design choices.

All VCE Unit 2 and 4 students participate in one of the many creative events on the Loreto calendar for the year, the annual end-of-year fashion parade, to showcase the quality of the products produced.

Year Level Topics include:

Year 7 - 10  Materials and Technology - Safe Use of Tools and Equipment, Construction Techniques for Production, Use of a Design Brief, Evaluation of Product, Construction of a Functional Product.

VCE UNIT 1  Product Design and Technology - Re-design of an Existing Product (garment). Product Design Process and Factors, Intellectual Property (IP) Implications.

VCE UNIT 2  Product Design and Technology - Human-centered Design Factors, Themed Product Design, Researching a Chosen Style or Movement, Compiling Research into a Folio, Evaluating Product

VCE UNIT 3 & 4  Product Design and Technology - Application of the product design process in Unit 3 and product development and evaluation in Unit 4.Working with either a client or a stipulated end-user for a major design and production task.

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