Loreto students from Year 7 through to Year 12 will develop their knowledge and skills in the design process as they work through the key components of investigating, generating, producing, evaluating, planning and managing. Students can challenge and extend their skills as they work with a design brief to make their own innovative food production choices.

Year Level Topics include:

Year 7 - 9: Food Safety and Hygiene, Use of Equipment, Weight and Measurement, Food Storage, Basic Food Production & Processes, Food Terminology, Nutrition and Healthy Diet, Food Sensitivities, Nutritional Values of Food, Food Terminology, Recipe Abbreviations, The Sensory Properties of Food, Foods From Other Cultures

Year 10: Current Food Trends, Nutrients in Food and Foods Sources, Food Preparation and Cooking Experience, Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, Convenience Foods & Healthy Options, Other Cuisines, Designing Meals from Other Cuisines, Production of Cakes, Breads and Pastries.



Australia has a varied and abundant food supply. Globally, many people do not have access to a secure and varied food supply and many Australians, consume food and beverage products in quantities that may harm their health. Also, food and cooking, and their roles in our lives, have become prominent topics in digital media and publishing.

This study examines the various factors for this increased exposure and the background to this abundance of food, and it explores reasons for our food choices. VCE Food Studies is designed to build the capacities of students to make informed food choices and develop an understanding about food security, food sovereignty and food citizenship. Students develop their understanding of food while acquiring skills that enable them to take greater ownership of their food decisions and eating patterns.

VCE Unit 1: Food origins

VCE Unit 2: Food makers

VCE Unit 3: Food in daily life

VCE Unit 4: Food issues, challenges and futures


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