When it comes to digital learning, Loreto College embraces the challenge of change. In addition to meeting the needs of students today, we are casting an eye to the future; developing knowledge and skills that will allow students to create, communicate and collaborate with technology in their working lives.

The development of an online Digital Resources Centre has provided Loreto students with a vital link to key learning resources, web tools, information databases and video tutorials. The purpose-built Multimedia lab and classroom space featuring a green screen wall, editing spaces and sound recording booth have allowed for the creation of exciting audio-visual productions.

Year 10 Computers and Multimedia

Loreto Students can select to study Computers and Multi-Media from Year 10. Key topics include:

  • How different forms of media can be combined on computers to produce entertaining and interactive programs.
  • How computers shape our daily lives
  • How those who create computer programs and maintain the computers themselves will be increasingly important in the future.
  • Computer coding and creating games.

VET Certificate 2 and 3 in Multimedia (Creative Industries)

Certificate 11 Interactive Digital provides students with skills and knowledge in a broad range of basic media related tasks. It provides the foundation to enter the industry at entry level, and/or proceed to further study. Throughout their studies of these units students advance their creativity in producing videos using green screen technology.

Certificate 2: OH & S, Critical Thinking Techniques, Creative Arts Industry knowledge, Working Effectively with Others, Creating and Updating Web Pages, Vision and Sound Editing, Following a Design Process, Photo Image Manipulation

Certificate 3: Create 2D Animations, Writing Content/Copy, Author Interactive Sequences, Advanced Video Editing, Advanced Web Page Editing Utilizing CSS, Create Visual Design Components IMAGES


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