The Loreto Crest

The Loreto Crest was thought to have been developed by Mother Teresa Ball as an expression of Loreto spirituality. It first appeared in the letterhead of letters written by Mother Teresa Ball in 1851.

There are four symbols on the Loreto Crest:

  • The Cross – The emblem of salvation. The cross reminds us that we love God. And when we see it, we’re reminded to always do the right thing - even when it seems hard. This form of the cross is the one used in the family crest of our founder, Mary Ward.
  • The Sacred Heart - The Heart of Jesus - it symbolises His personal love for each of us. The Sacred Heart reminds us that the most important thing is for us to love God and one another.
  • The Loving Heart - The pierced Heart of Mary - depicting her courage as a guide for us. The loving heart reminds us of Mary, who is very special for all Loreto girls. When we see it, we remember to say a prayer to Mary.
  • The Anchor - The symbol of hope encouraging us to put our trust in God. The anchor is strong and steadfast. It reminds us that there’s always hope for us when we pray.

What do the words on the Loreto Crest mean?

“Maria Regina Angelorum” - means Mary, Queen of the Angels. This reminds those who wear it of the protective presence of Mary.

“Cruci Dum Spiro Fido” - means in the Cross, while I breathe, I trust. This means we will always believe in God’s goodness and know he will always look after us, the words bring us comfort on our journey through life.

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