Lee Squire, Businesswoman

Lee Squire (Loreto Commercial College, Class of 1981) is an ongoing generous supporter of Loreto College and nationally renowned leader, facilitator, author and authentic figure of women’s empowerment in thought, word and action.

Lee says she is “privileged to live my purpose and passion. Since 1981 my absolute love and passion for our health and fitness industry as evolved to become my life purpose. Health and fitness saved my life!”

This health and fitness passion has allowed Lee to pave her way to professional and personal success, it is what Lee says literally saved her life from an ongoing battle with alcoholism. “My life was in consistent crisis, chaotic and spiralling completely out of control as I battled alcoholism and the voices in my head. I dug deep within to find my strong resolve because I knew I was my own problem and solution at the same time. Desperate to change my life, I entered a rehabilitation hospital for 30 days where my world slowly began to change. Every day I reflect, rebuild and rejuvenate every aspect of my life within my control.” 
Today Lee’s days are filled with great happiness, passion, purpose and intention. She is as a loving wife and mum of three children, a friend, colleague, fitness coach, mentor, successful businesswoman and future author.