Colleen Filippa, Scientist

Colleen (Class of 1977) has explored many avenues of science since her time at Loreto College. A

fter her schooling, Colleen lived in Melbourne for 15 years before returning to Ballarat with a husband and 3 sons in tow. In the classroom for most of her career, Colleen is now teaching at ACU and Ecolinc (Science centre). In 2009, Colleen established Fifteen Trees, a company that helps businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint through tree planting.

This year, Fifteen Trees will plant their 100,000th tree. Colleen has recently returned from a 3 week expedition to Antarctica along with 76 women of science. This trip was the accumulation of a 12 month leadership program with Homeward Bound. While on board, her moment of glory came when she was one of the last woman standing (literally) as the ship crossed the dreaded Drake Passage between Argentina and Antarctica. Colleen has returned with her sea legs and newfound knowledge of penguins, glaciers and the effects of climate change on this southern icy continent.