Loreto College Ballarat Uniform

Compulsory Uniform

Winter Uniform
  • Blazer
  • Winter Skirt (length between the knee and mid-calf) OR Winter Trousers (coming soon)
  • V-necked jumper
  • Shirt - White
  • Navy Tights
  • Black Lace-Up Shoes
Summer Uniform
  • Blazer
  • Summer Dress (knee length) OR Summer Shorts (coming soon)
  • White Loreto Socks (ankle socks)
  • V-necked Jumper
  • Black Lace-Up Shoes
Sports Uniform

The compulsory sports uniform must not be worn to and from school. Students must change in and out of sports uniform for PE or Sport classes. The only exception to this rule is for directed sports uniform days, where the compulsory sports uniform only may be worn all day.

  • Polo Shirt
  • Sports Shorts
  • School Track Pants
  • School Rugby Top
  • School Sport Hat
  • Loreto Sports Socks
  • Proper Runners
  • (Other non-compulsory sports items for PE class or representative sport only listed below)
  • Loreto School Bag
  • Bicycle helmets (if riding)


  • Loreto Sports Bag (navy with gold crest)
  • Loreto Navy 2XU Long Skins (for sport & PE class only - Skins cannot be worn to and from school, and cannot be worn on directed sports uniform days)
  • Loreto Lycra Crop Shorts (for sport & PE class only - cannot be worn to and from school,  and cannot be worn on directed sports uniform days)
  • Loreto College Softshell Coat (wind and rainproof designed to wear over the top of the Blazer)
  • V-necked Vest
  • Cardigan (Year 11-12 only)
  • Navy gloves
  • Loreto winter scarf
  • White or navy blue hair ribbons, or Loreto white ribbon
  • Polo fleece (to be worn with sport uniform)


The Loreto College Uniform from our supplier Noone is currently available from local supplier:

Second-Hand Uniforms

Second-hand uniforms can be bought and sold through the Sustainable School Shop website

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