Countess Elizabeth Wolff-Metternich Bequest Circle

The Loreto College Ballarat bequest circle is named in honour of Countess Elizabeth Wolff-Metternich. Her bequest was the first significant legacy the College received and it allowed Mother Gonzaga Barry to complete the Chapel.

The Countess arrived in Ballarat in 1898 and, without disclosing her aristocratic identity, came to Mary’s Mount. Mother Gonzaga Barry received her as an adult boarder and in return, Elizabeth taught music and languages in the school. Elizabeth then sought to join the Loreto Sisters, but Mother Gonzaga Barry in her wisdom insisted that Elizabeth first return to visit her family in Europe. During the voyage, as a result of nursing a sick child, Elizabeth became sick and died. Unbeknown to Mother Gonzaga Barry, Elizabeth had made a new Will before leaving Ballarat. Knowing that the building of the Chapel had been suspended because of lack of funds, Elizabeth had bequeathed a very significant gift to the convent school. This very generous bequest enabled Mother Gonzaga to complete our beautiful Chapel, for which the College community will always be grateful.

The Countess is our inspiration, because of her goodness, her generosity, her deep faith and her belief in the education of young women. We take her as our role model, as we form a circle of those who share her beliefs and who are able to make a bequest to the College.

Loreto College cherishes the vision and generosity of all the women and men who have donated or bequeathed funds and property to the College. Such generous donations make it possible for the College to achieve its vision.

To ensure that a fine, faith-based Loreto education continues to be offered to young women, in the spirit of Countess Elizabeth, we invite you to remember Loreto College in your Will. By making a bequest, you will become a member of the Countess Elizabeth Wolff-Metternich Bequest Circle

The Legacy of a Bequest

A bequest is the ultimate gift. A way of expressing the appreciation you have for Loreto College Ballarat and a way of giving back.

When considering a bequest you may wish to discuss your ideas with the Principal or the Marketing & Development Office, especially if you prefer to tailor your gift to a particular purpose such as bursary, scholarship or building. We encourage you to involve your family in your decision to make a lasting gift to Loreto Ballarat.

Furthermore, we recommend that you consult with your solicitor before finalising arrangements to ensure they are appropriate for your personal wishes and circumstances.

If you have already made a Will you may simply add a Codicil to include Loreto Ballarat – a straightforward and inexpensive procedure.

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