I extend a very warm welcome back to all students and staff.  I commend students for their enthusiastic return to school and hope each has come back ready for an invigorating term of academic and personal growth.  Term 2 commenced for all staff on Monday with an inspiring interactive address by Dr Suzy Green (D.Psyc. (Clin.) MAPS) on positive psychology.  Dr Suzy Green is the Founder of The Positivity Institute.

Opportunities for optimal improvement in learning require the full support of all parents and guardians, including ensuring that part-time jobs do not take priority over academic study.

I congratulate Talia Martin (Year 10) on winning the 2016 Stawell Women’s Gift and Cleo Anderson (Year 12) as a semi-finalist. I would like to acknowledge their dedication to training and hard work.  I congratulate Michelle Payne on the launch today of her book “Life as I know it”.

I am delighted to share with you some images above and below provided by Sr Diann Stuart ibvm of the Loreto Gari-uai students in their new school uniform.

We celebrate Loreto education in Timor Leste.

We extend our good wishes to Mrs Maree Lenehan and Mr Graham Thurgood who have commenced long service and welcome Mrs Loretta Robinson and Mr Gerard Murphy.  Mr Pat O’Shea will be returning later this week following what I sure has been a most enriching and reflective experience as he has journeyed with senior staff and members of the IBVM from Loreto ministries across Australia on the Mary Ward Pilgrimage.  I share with you the pilgrim’s daily prayer which was written by a German theologian around the time of Mary Ward:

We entrust our way and what fills our hearts to the
most faithful care of God who governs heaven.
God who gives to the clouds, air and winds their way,
their course and path will also find a way where our
feet can go.
In all matters God has a way, God never lacks the means;
God’s action is pure blessing,
God’s way is pure light;
no one can hinder what God does.
God’s activity never has to rest, when God wants to
do what is beneficial for pilgrims on their way.

[Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676) adapted]