To celebrate Science Week our fabulous Lab Techs, Robyn and Jenny, created an Escape Room at lunchtime for our students to enjoy. As well as a very cool trophy for the winners!!
Over 50 students filled two science rooms to complete 10 science challenges in the shortest time….and the winner was….science!! It was so great to see the rooms alive and loving science at lunchtime!! Awesome Robyn and Jenny!!
Congratulations to:
1st Place: HopefulOwls71 – Lucy Ross, Ruby Stringer, Jane McKinnis, Amelia Hoffmann – with a time of 21 minutes
2nd Place: Up and Atom – Mahalia Weickhardt, Bridie Carey, Jess Sheehan, Sophie John – with a time of 24 minutes
3rd Place: Sofis’ Saints – Maya Grylewicz, Sienna Bradley, Bridget Bales, Lily Davis – with a time of 28 minutes
Honorable mentions to The Mathketeers and MIM – both clocked impressive times!