We are delighted to announce that Tahnee Simpson (Year 12) has been selected to perform in this year’s Top Class Dance program as part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2017.

Top Class is a concert series that presents the works of outstanding VCE students from 2016 in Dance, VET Dance, Drama, Theatre Studies, Music Performance, Music Investigation, Music Style and Composition and VET Music. It is part of the VCE Season of Excellence managed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

The Top Class Dance concerts present exemplary performances covering a range of dance styles from VCE Dance and VCE VET Dance. 

Tahnee’s selection also reflects the hard work and dedication of VCE Dance Teacher, Lindy Crowe-Procaccino, in shaping and refining her student’s skills, and broadening their understanding of ‘what Dance can be’. 

Melbourne Recital Centre, Southbank
10.30am and 2.00pm Thursday 23 February 2017

Tickets for Top Class Dance can be booked through the Melbourne Recital Centre website or on (03) 9699 3333. Pre-booking is recommended.