From the Principal,  Ms Judith Potter

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse continues to shine a much needed light on, and gives voice to, the immense suffering and trauma of survivors of sexual abuse.  The courage of these survivors and their strong desire to assist others and ensure that structures and programs are put in place to protect all children and adolescents is most admirable.

We pray

Gracious God in Whom All Life is Sacred,

during these days

as we are confronted by the disgrace of child sexual abuse,

we pray for everyone who is concerned with

the Royal Commission or

affected by its work.

We commend to you
all women and men who suffered abuse as children,

the Commissioners and their associates;

authorities who must answer to the Commission on behalf of their institutes;

good people throughout Australia who are distressed that children have been so shamefully exploited;

good people whose trust in your Church has been bruised and broken.


For each of these, loving God

as your Spirit of Justice is needed, may it prevail;

as your Spirit of Truth is needed, may it enlighten and liberate;

as your spirit of Compassion is needed, may it be deeply experienced;

as your Spirit of Hope is needed, may it change hearts and minds;

as your Spirit of Healing is needed, may it restore and renew.

(Caroline Ryan RSM)



Engagement with the Academic Program

You will often have heard from me the importance of a strong partnership between staff, students and parents in supporting our students to achieve optimal learning outcomes.  Our aim for each student is that she sets the bar high and is willing to work steadily and with purpose to achieve and surpass this.  For senior students this will mean that each will need to carefully balance her academic study with her co-curricular activities and social activities.  If the parties are given more of a priority than the study, then it will not be possible for a student to achieve all of which she is capable.  I ask that all parents work in partnership with staff to provide the requisite guidance, encouragement, support and boundaries to optimise future opportunities for your daughter(s).


Head of the Lake

I was indeed proud of the enthusiasm and exemplary Loreto spirit of all our rowers, their coaches, the Year 12 Cheer Squad and staff at the 2016 Head of the Lake.  I commend all crews, coaches and families who have assisted throughout the season, with many early morning and late afternoon training sessions and weekend regattas. We who are cheering on the sidelines appreciate the hard work, perseverance and commitment to their crew of all rowers – and this, as always, interwoven with that delightful Loreto sense of fun.  I congratulate one and all and extend our good wishes as the Rowing Squad competes in the Head of the Schoolgirls in Geelong this weekend.



IMG_3820copyOur school was alive with the vibrant conversations of past pupils last Saturday as we welcomed the Classes of 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2001 back to Loreto.  The animated buzz throughout the day and the different areas around the school explored by our past pupils was indicative of strong connections with each other and with their school.  Our current Year 12 students who generously volunteered to lead tours reflected on the strength of the ‘sisterhood at Loreto’.