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Unit 2 Food Studies Past Pupils’ Takeaway High Tea

Mrs Thea Mooney


On Thursday 4 November the Unit 2 Food Studies classes worked as a team to prepare two varieties of High Tea Care packages for the Past Pupils’ Association. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning, as students were presented with a design brief, working through the components of the design process to investigate the origins of High Tea and the possible modern interpretations of this style of eating, particularly in COVID times. They then worked in small groups to generate ideas for the menu which were presented to the class as possible prototypes.

Each class then evaluated the possible options and made decisions about the menu items that they wished to include in each box.

The students spent a full day in the kitchens preparing and packaging the food items for their menu. I can honestly say that I was amazed at the skill and quantity reflected in each of the products produced, as were the recipients of these boxes. The two classes worked effectively, reflecting employability skills of teamwork, initiative and good communication.

This was particularly evident when students willingly help fellow class members to clean up, finish off their food items and decorations. Some even stayed back after school to hand out Care Packages. Each box was a credit to every single class member and there was a great sense of achievement and pride evident amongst students at the end of the day. I commend all who assisted us to achieve this result and provide such joy to others.