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Ballarat Inagawa Japanese Speech Contest 2021


It was very fortunate for us to be able to run the Inagawa Japanese Speech Contest this year after a break due to Covid in 2020. A small group of very dedicated Year 10 Japanese students worked hard and prepared their speeches for this contest. Despite the fact that there were no trips for the winners this year, the quality of the speeches the students prepared and delivered was extremely high. Five schools from Ballarat entered this contest, Ballarat High School, BCC, Mt Clear College, St Patrick’s College and Loreto. There were twenty-one students in total.

Lily Delaney, Jess Stute, Ruby Stringer and Jasmine Spark took part in this contest. Jasmine was awarded 1st prize and Ruby achieved fifth place. Although Jess and Lily did not win a prize their preparation and delivery of fine speeches should be commended.