There are a number of Loreto Girls who balance an extensive and exhaustive timetable of dance classes, elite competitions and performances with their normal school studies. BalletSome dance at least six days per week and are supported by the College to attend vocational dance classes one day per week or leave school early to attend elite classes in Melbourne. For some of the most dedicated of these girls, a professional career in dance and Performing Arts is a very real option and the College wholeheartedly supports their exquisite individual talent and dreams.

Three of our Loreto Girls have recently had extraordinary success on a National scale at the Australian Ballet School Scholarship Awards and are poised for professional careers in dance. After an extensive selection process, Maidie Widmer (13-14 years – Anita Coutts School of Dance), Abbey Lavery (15-17 years – Dance School of Distinction) and Philippa Crawley (10-12 years – Ballarat Ballet Centre) were all selected as one of only eight national finalists in their age division to perform as finalists at the State Theatre in Melbourne. The finalists were judged by representatives from the Australian Ballet  and the Australian Ballet School. Within the final results, Philippa Crawley was awarded a Special Discretionary Award and Maidie Widmer received the overall Dance Informa Summer School Award from more than 250 national competitors.

The extraordinary potential recognised in Abbey, Maidie and Philippa at such a prestigious event is a credit to themselves, their dance teachers, their supportive families and their Loreto College teachers who also support students to follow their dreams and balance their education. The entire Loreto Community looks forward to following their endeavours and their success in years to come.

Three Loreto Girls doing exactly as Mary Ward envisioned…..”Going forward to set fire to the world…of dance!”