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Leadership News


From the Deputy Principal

Mrs Chris Shaw

Our community relies on relationships with integrity, patience and respect and we continue to work with our students to help them build character that personifies this. Coming together as a community helps strengthen our connections and makes us better in all we do. There have been many occasions where we have come together this term, but our end of term Easter Liturgy allows us to stop and reflect on the importance of embracing the Easter message of humanity in the rising of Jesus. This focus is certainly an unending task for every age, especially in our present time and by stopping to understand the bigger picture, our students learn to embrace the true meaning of the Easter season. 

Another important time that we will come together will be early next term, with our Parent/Teacher/Student interviews and these are a vital part of your child’s learning journey. The conversation between teacher, parent and student is integral in setting up a successful learning pathway that meets student goals and gives agency to our students in their learning. I encourage you to book interviews for your child. 

Term 1 has been full of memorable gatherings and events as a school, celebrating our faith, our leaders, our community, great achievements, service, music, and sporting prowess. We are grateful to the staff and all our volunteers who have supported activities throughout the term. As we settle into the year of academic studies, our students are starting to develop learning habits to build on and those in the senior years are firmly embedded in their VCE studies. Activities like camps, community service and excursions along with Mary Ward Connect have allowed our students to develop positive relationships and connect with the Loreto community on a wider scale. All of this helps them to develop an understanding of what it means to be a student in the wider Loreto Community, to look outward and be to citizens who contribute to our world. 

When we gather, regardless of the mix, it is to build and strengthen relationships, and to learn how to give to others and these are the best gatherings of all. Trying new things and extending our comfort zone in positive ways is one of the best things our students can learn.  

May the Easter season of renewal and hope be with your family and all you gather with during this holiday period. 

Knobel, Felicity

From the Assistant Principal: Faith & Identity

Ms Felicity Knobel
We are truly walking as one at Loreto in 2024.  

On Tuesday 26 March, our Year 10 cohort participated in their reflection day with our presenter Chris Doyle. Our students being asked to think about their faith journey, love, respect, bringing joy and working together. Chris (who has been working with our school for more than 25 years) was able to open discussion with our students, allowed them to reflect on their self and ultimately what all of these things look like in our Catholic environment that we call Loreto. It was a call to action and it is ultimately what we are seeking at Loreto College Ballarat.  

This term we have asked our community to walk with us, to participate, to donate, to build relationships and to become active members in our Loreto community. We have enjoyed retreats and reflection days at various year levels. We have celebrated our Opening School Mass, our Ash Wednesday service and also our Easter Liturgy. Our community has donated Easter eggs, purchased raffle tickets, enjoyed BBQs, pancakes, hotdogs and casual clothes day to raise much needed funds for Caritas Project Compassion. Our community was also encouraged to ride or walk to school to raise awareness in regards to our behaviours and caring for our common home.  

We look forward to exploring our value of Sincerity in term 2 and beyond and encouraging all in our community to continue to walk with us.

McDermott, Gemma

From the Assistant Principal: Wellbeing

Ms Gemma McDermott
School Uniform

The College expects a high standard of correct uniform to be worn at all times.

Winter Uniform

All students are expected to be wearing their winter uniform at the start of Week 2 next term.

Please check that your child’s skirt is knee length and not shorter.

The winter uniform is:

  • The College blazer, which is to be worn to and from school.
  • The knee length skirt, or trousers
  • The long-sleeved shirt.
  • If a student is wearing trousers, the shirt must be trucked in.
  • Navy tights with the skirt or navy socks with the trousers
  • If a scarf is worn it must be the Loreto blue scarf.
  • Other clothing - Loreto jumper and Loreto vest.
PE Uniform

For Term 2, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are allowed to wear their PE uniform to and from school on the days their class has the PE lesson. Year 10 students will continue to wear their PE uniform on the day they have Strive. For students who have chosen to do PE as an elective subject from Years 9-12, they will still change for that lesson and not wear their PE uniform to and from school, unless they have BAS sport after school and the elective is only in periods 5 or 6. Any student who decides to wear the PE uniform on a day they do not have a class lesson will be given a lunchtime detention.

The Loreto Spirit is Alive

From the beginning of the term there was joy and colour around the school. The Year 12 students worked hard in spreading the Loreto spirit and helping the Year 7 students navigate the new school. This term we witnessed student leadership in action at Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, the Swimming and Athletics carnivals, just to name a few. There was also camaraderie shown at all the rowing regattas and other sporting events. Student agency is a focus, and we are working on the students being able to run more meetings and events. It must also be said that spirit and agency was not only shown on the sporting field it was also witnessed in class where students were encouraging others and helping their peers with the work. As a Year 11 Mathematics teacher, I have seen students supporting others by talking through the work, affirming, and encouraging their peer as they work through the exercises. Before I finish, I must share how beautiful it was to see Year 12 students jumping in the water to help students finish a race, this is a great example of giving and serving others.


Holidays is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. Take time out to be with your child, whether it is going to a café or watching a movie on the lounge, all these times are precious. As parents we can feel guilty about all the many work activities and family activities we are trying to juggle, however, in the end it comes down to the quality time you take now and then to be with your children. Listen to them, you do not have to come up with answers to problems, just listen. Be mindful of their computer use over the holidays and keep in mind that social media can be misused which can lead to breakdown of friendships. Check with your child about the sites she is visiting and be on top of how she is using social media.

Valuable Resource

On our Loreto website we have a resource called Loreto schoolTV. It has lots of articles, fact sheets and videos developed by leading experts in the field. Do take some time to explore the site.

Ryan, Adele

From the Assistant Principal: Learning & Innovation

Ms Adele Ryan

Term 1 has been a dynamic and enriching period of learning across all year levels at the College. Throughout various classes, it has been inspiring to witness the active participation and engagement of our students. From formal assessment tasks like VCE SACs and NAPLAN testing for our Year 7 and Year 9 students, to classes in the Arts, Sport, as well as the many core and elective subjects, students have had ample opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge across diverse domains.

As we approach the Term 1 break, we embrace the chance for relaxation and introspection. We encourage students to disconnect from electronic devices and immerse themselves in reading or outdoor activities. The Interim Reports serve as a tool for reflection, highlighting areas of strength and those requiring further attention during Term 2. Senior students, in particular, are urged to allocate time for revision ahead of the Semester 1 exams scheduled for later in Term 2. This revision should prioritize retrieval and consolidation tasks focused on the Key Knowledge of their respective courses.

Wishing everyone a rejuvenating holiday, and we look forward to welcoming students and parents to the Parent-Teacher Interviews at the start of Term 2.

Riordan, Brenton

From the Business Manager

Mr Brenton Riordan
Droping Off and Picking Up of Students

We would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind parents to utilise the 5 minute and 15 minute parking spaces around the College for picking up and dropping off students to and from school. We have had several complaints regarding unsafe behaviours and have been advised that fines will be issued to those who are double parking and breaking the traffic laws. We also advise parents to consider dropping off or picking up students a short distance away from the College (even across the road where students can utilise the school crossing) to alleviate congestion in the immediate area.

Pepplinkhouse, Dean

From the Director Years 7-9

Mr Dean Pepplinkhouse
Boyko, Kerryn

From the Director Years 10-12

Ms Kerryn Boyko

Parenting Teenagers

There are times when our teenage children, who we love very much, can be totally baffling and frustrating. It can be challenging to maintain open communication or even to engage in conversation some days. We want our teenagers to have good physical and mental health but sometimes see choices being made that do not support this.

There are some good resources available on our Loreto Website School TV that provide practical advice and strategies for parenting teenagers. There are links below to two School TV channels that may be relevant and helpful.

Positive Parenting

Raising Girls

College News

Loreto College Captains: Isabella Davies & Stephanie Jenks
Loreto College Captains: Isabella Davies & Stephanie Jenks

In our year of Sincerity, as we walk as one, we hope to lead our school community by celebrating the individualities that make us Loreto. Throughout 2024, as College Captains, we aim to empower our fellow students to be their true authentic selves and be positive change makers within the Loreto, and wider community. Our school environment which we recognise has evolved thanks to empowering women from Mother Gonzaga Barry and Mary Ward, to our principal Ms Brodrick, allows students to transition from young girls to young women.

Together hand in hand, we believe we can create a vibrant and inclusive school culture where each individual can thrive and contribute their unique strengths. Our first term has seen Loreto students embracing opportunities and striving to be the best version of themselves. The annual Respect Cup football match, hosted by Loreto, was a great success, recognising not only the importance of equality and respectful relationships but also celebrating the role of strong women in shaping a brighter future for all. Our International Women’s Day breakfast gave us another opportunity to celebrate the achievements of inspiring Loreto alumni and filled us with immense pride to be part of the Loreto Ballarat story. These remarkable individuals exemplified resilience and determination as they navigated challenges in pursuit of their passions. Their endeavors align with the attitudes of Mary Ward, embodying her spirit of service, passion and compassion. With this year's theme of International Women's Day being ‘Count her in’, we aspire to ‘count in’ all Loreto students to walk as one throughout this year. Farewelling the whirlwind of activities and cherished moments that term one has brought, we eagerly await for the remainder of 2024, and what exciting things it too, will bring!

By Loreto College Captains - Isabella Davies & Stephanie Jenks

Erin Comedy Show2

We are so excited for Erin Almeida - Year 12, who is featuring at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in a program called Pilot. Here is some information on the show: 

Pilot Comedy Pilot

Pilot is an exciting new program that supports young comedians to perform their first long form work at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We’ve hand-picked five brand-new stand-up shows by the best young comics in the business – and you get to say you saw them before they were big!

Fully produced and performed by a diverse group of emerging young artists, every split bill is packed full of laugh-out-loud moments and supports Australia’s most promising and ambitious faces in comedy.

For tickets visit:

Go Erin!

Jemima Knobel - Social Justice Representative - Year 10
Jemima Knobel - Social Justice Representative - Year 10
Easter Egg Raffle

Our fabulous JPIC team are running our annual Easter Egg Raffle that will be raising money for Caritas Project Compassion! We are calling for any Easter chocolate donations to be brought into front reception so that we can put some amazing prizes together for your opportunity to win on the last day of Term 1. We will begin selling tickets for our raffle in the coming weeks during recess and lunchtime to support a fantastic cause!

Burrows, Yoshie

Language Faculty News

Ms Yoshie Burrows (Faculty Coordinator: Languages)

Following the success of hosting our exchange students, we have had an excellent start to the 2024 school year. Five exchange students from Otsuma High School—Rin Sumida, Kyoto Miura, Shio Hayashima, Natsuko Hayashi, and Wakana Uchida—have just completed their immersion program and are heading back to Japan. Their English proficiency was outstanding, and they kept themselves busy by participating in extracurricular programs while excelling in their chosen subjects. They eagerly embraced all opportunities and demonstrated their enthusiasm. Their farewell performance, featuring a short presentation followed by a passionate dance, left their fellow Year 10s thoroughly impressed. We wish them the best as they return to Japan.

In addition, we welcomed a group of 15 Year 9 students from Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen in Tokyo for a 13-day visit in March. They also participated in ESL classes and enjoyed interactive programs. We extend our appreciation to all their host families for their warm care and hospitality, ensuring that their time in Ballarat was filled with fun and memorable experiences.

In preparation for our In-Country Study Tour in December, we recently held an Information Evening and have begun planning enriching activities for the trip. This time, we hope to incorporate a week-long homestay program, while a small number of senior students are planning fully immersive homestay programs to prepare for their VCE studies.

Our new Japanese Language Assistant, Miss Aika Takenaka, arrived from Japan in February. She has already begun assisting Year 12 students in developing solid speaking skills.

Preparations for the French Study Tour in April 2025 have commenced, and we are gearing up for the Information Evening in Term 2.

Our year has started with an exciting vibe.

Blackwood, Andrew


Mr Andrew Blackwood (Faculty Coordinator: VCE-VM)
Parent Information Night

Wednesday 21 March, we welcomed the parents and carers of the students in Year 11 and 12 VCE-VM to the Little Flower for a Parent Information Night.

Run by the students, it was a fantastic evening where students presented all the different aspects of our program followed by canapes and tea and coffee. Students worked with Ms Mader and Ms Shannon to create the menu and Ms Rooney and Mrs Wheatland to write and practice their presentations. Thanks to everyone who attended.

SALT Workshop

The week before, we had 20 VCE-VM students attend a SALT (Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen) workshop in Redan. Over four hours, students had the opportunity to hear and learn from a variety of tradespeople about the industry as well as using different tools and techniques before creating their own woodwork project.

Smith, Craig

Rowing News

Mr Craig Smith (Rowing Coordinator)

Our squad of 85 rowing girls recently wrapped up a successful season with a couple of key regattas.

The Head of School Girls regatta in Geelong saw all of the squad competing across 17 events over the 3 days of competition. On Sunday they had qualified for 6 B finals and 8 A finals resulting in 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. This placed us at 2nd on the medal table for all Victorian Schools.

A few days later a squad of 21 girls travelled to nationals in Penrith. From the Wednesday through to Sunday they competed  in u17, School and u19 events making their way through to 4 A finals with impressive results in all placing 6th and 7th in Australia. We also had 3 girls competing for Wendouree, all making their A final’s including a gold medal to Grace Bales in the u21 women’s 4. A first for Loreto College.

It has been a long season with plenty of racing. All of the girls have worked extremely hard to achieve what they did. I would like to thank all of our parents and supporters for the time put in to helping them achieve at the highest level. We are also fortunate to have significant support from Loreto College both financially and staff willing to give up their time to help out.

The coaching team have done a brilliant job and I thank them for their time and effort but most of all, being there for the girls on their journey through the season.

Everyone is well deserving of a rest before we formally celebrate the season at our dinner later this month.

West, Julia

The Arts Faculty News

Ms Julia West (Faculty Coordinator: The Arts)

This term, our Year 9 "Painting Outside the Lines" students working on their expressive portraits. Students have free choice of a range of painting and drawing materials and are encouraged to experiment with mixed media to create an emotive portrait of someone special in their life. They have also had the opportunity to draw and manipulate objects found around the room, focusing on applying tone, gestural lines and creating interesting compositions.

Our Year 10 VCD students have been designing and producing posters for a Music Festival Poster Task. They began exploring traditional art methods to create an initial design, then utilising computer software to produce the final product. We have some talented and creative future designers in our mix!

Congratulations to Year 11 student Freya Cosgriff who won her heat in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Freya will now perform at the State Finals later in the year. Freya is a student of the Speech and Drama Program at Loreto College. Her teacher Mika Wallace commented on Freya's ability to learn the nuances of using difficult stories to create engaging comedy.

Crowe Procaccino, Belinda

Performing Arts News

Ms Lindy Crowe (Co-Curricular Leader - Performing Arts)
LC Mary Poppins Poster A3noCredits
Mary Poppins

Our school production is now in full swing of rehearsals, and 64 eager students are working hard we begin to put the magic of MARY POPPINS together for our May performances. Students commit to a intensive rehearsal schedule and are to be commended for their efforts so far,  in what is always a busy and hectic school term. Students who are interested in supporting the production with backstage or front of house duties should keep an eye on SIMON for further information towards the end of Term.


In Week 8 get ready for our house competition TASKMASTER – where students need to but their creative thinking into practice to complete a range of tasks to win points for their house! Students a from all year levels are encouraged to put together a House Team and entries will open for this next week.

If you would like to be involved in any of our performing arts activities, please email Ms Crowe on

Vandenberg, Tammy

Debating News

Ms Tammy Vandenberg (Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator)
Lions Youth of the Year Final

Success again for Lucy Eales! On Saturday 23 March, Lucy travelled to Heidelberg to compete in the regional district final. She was again interviewed in front of a new panel and answered many questioned in the hour long meeting. She presented two impromptu speeches; 'What do good role model looks like to you and why?' and  'Do you agree with raising the state age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14?'.  She also presented her prepared speech titled 'Yarning'. She was awarded 'Best Speaker' and 'Overall Winner' and will now move through to the prestigious State Final. A tremendous effort for a talented student.

Lucy Final
Carrigg, Jayne

Humanities Faculty News

Ms Jayne Carrigg (Faculty Coordinator: Humanities)

Term One has been a busy and productive time in the Humanities. Our students have been learning valuable skills that they will be able to take with them beyond the Loreto gates to shape the world around them.

We have welcomed a new cohort of year 7 students into our College and they have started their Humanities studies at Loreto by exploring Geography. In particular, they have been studying water as a resource and how it is used in our world.

Our year 8 students have continued to develop their Historical and critical thinking skills  through the study of the Vikings and Medieval Europe and Japan.  As part of their studies the year 8 classes will be visiting Kryal Castle for Medieval Day on Friday 19 April, 2024. 

As our world increases in population size and the need for more environmentally sustainable ways to feed people also grows, our Year 9 students have been studying the real world issue of food security.  They have explored the role that insects will play in the future as a valuable source of protein and the students have had the opportunity to taste cricket corn chips.

Year 10 students have been engaging with the concept of human wellbeing, exploring the human side of Geography. Currently students have investigated various wellbeing issues, ranging from food insecurity, water and sanitation, poverty and child labour. 

In the VCE Humanities, students have been working on their studies in Business Management, History Revolutions, Global Politics, Legal Studies and Sociology. During the final week of term our Year 12 Revolutions students celebrated finishing their SAC with a Boston Tea Party held in the Loreto College’s Parlour. They talked about the American colonial protests against the Tea Act of 1773 where 340 chests of tea were thrown into Boston Harbour to clearly communicate to the British Parliament that they felt unrepresented, unheard and exploited.

As the term draws to a close these classes will be appreciative of the term break as a time to rest and consolidate their learning.

Loader, Kerri

Technology Faculty News

Ms Kerri Loader (Faculty Coordinator - Technology)

As part of our Year 9 Technology elective options, Loreto Bakehouse is proving to be popular amongst our students. This week, our two Loreto Bakehouse classes have been busy making sugar cookies. To extend their skills further, these students have been working alongside Stella Watson (ICT Service Officer) to create 3D-printed cookie stamps. Through the use of our 3D-printers, students have been able to use STEM skills to develop concepts and bring these into reality.

Martin, Kate

Student Leadership News

Ms Kate Martin (Student Leadership Coordinator)

On Friday 22 March, the Year 12 St Patrick's College Student Council and Loreto College Senate held a networking meeting onsite at St Pat's. Students discussed the successes and challenges they've had as leaders, as well as discussing important ways to shape school culture. It was a very productive afternoon for all students.

Council NetworkingLR
Gill, Liam

Co-Curricular Sports News

Mr Liam Gill (Co-Curricular Sport Leader)

Term 1 was massive for sport with our annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals as well as a variety of BAS sports. Here is a recap of the term for sport:

Swimming Carnival

On 20 February, it was a great day filled with a lot of energy from all the houses showing their encouragement in their races and during novelty events.

Mornane were the overall winners but Barry were the ones who stood out, keeping the ‘Barry Spirit’ alive as they won the spirit stick. Mulhall won the synchronised swimming event. A great effort from everyone involved.

Our stand out champions were:
Year 7 – Frankie Gleeson and Bonnie Stewart
Year 8 – Molly Malone
Year 9 – Emma McConchie
Year 10 – Beth
Year 11 – Cate Connell
Year 12 – Ava Richardson and Madi Pierce

Athletics Carnival

Aths day held on 13 March was a great day with everyone getting involved with their house and showing their house spirit whether it would be track and field events, novelty events or even cheering from the sidelines.

Ward were the overall winners and Barry did a great job at keeping the spirit stick.

Our stand out champions were:
Year 7 - Arlie Fisher
Year 8 - Tilly McErlain
Year 9 - Kiana Jenkins
Year 10 - Summer Jenkins
Year 11 - Isabella Rossato
Year 12 - Olivia Parnell

BAS After School Sports

After a busy term 1 filled with afterschool sports it was great to have the students get involved in all the sports this term. Thank you to all the staff and students who helped out and participated in Junior Volleyball, Intermediate Volleyball and Junior Basketball, whether it was coaching, umpiring and playing it is much appreciated. Congratulations to our Junior Basketball B and Intermediate Volleyball teams who finished on top of the ladder and were crowned BAS champions.

Henderson Shield

We congratulate Charlotte Predergast on winning the Senior Henderson Shield grand final. She won the Semi Final against Ballarat Grammar 8-4 and also in the Grand Final 6-2 6-2 against Damascus and also came runners up last year. Charlotte winning this event was the first Loreto student to do so since 2005 so this is a fantastic achievement.

GWV Rebels

Congratulations on the following girls who made it into the GWV Rebels squads, U16 squad: Kate Aikman and Lily Bennett and the U18 Squad: Remy Callender, Elsie Conroy, Bella Davies, Lucy Eales, Piper Joyce, Tilly Stringer and Ruby Thomas. We are all so proud of your efforts and can’t wait to see how you girls will go this year!

Respect Cup

On 6 March, Loreto and St Pat’s hosted the respect cup at Mars Stadium against St Joseph’s College and Sacred Heart College from Geelong for the fourth year. This is a great game focussing on respectful relationships and to promote International Women’s Day. Thank you to everyone who was involved especially the all the players, Best on Ground Player and Captain, Bella Davies, and coaches, Matthew Flight, Liam Gill, Stephen Boswell and Remy Callendar. And all the other schools for getting around the event and also the cheer squad for creating an amazing atmosphere.

The scores in the end were very close with the first game with St Pats taking the win against St Joeys (SPC 59 def SJC 50) and the following game with Loreto and Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart were able to get the win (SHC 47 def LC 20). With combing both of the games scores the Respect Cup heads back to Geelong. Thank you again to all everyone involved we can’t wait to go again next year!

BAS Swimming

Congratulations to following students who represent Loreto at the recent BAS Swimming Carnival. We saw some fantastic results and came away with a 3rd overall for the girls aggregate. Thank you to Mrs Knobel, Ms Nevett and Sarah Woodward for attending this event.

Stella King, Edie Goodwin, Heidi Briody, Bonnie Stewart, Frankie Gleeson, Molly Malone, Keely Geljon, Milla Preston, Zara, Isla Keating, Evie Palmer, Emma McConchie, Mayah Templar, Matilda Read, Georgia Mahony, Beth, Jemima Knobel, Rebecca Brodie, Ava, Lia, Caitlin McConchie, Beth Atherton, Ava Richardson, Maddi Pierce, Hannah Meek and Charlotte Streat.

BAS Golf

We also had several students compete at the BAS golf tournament at Midlands golf club. These students did a fantastic job at representing our school. A huge thankyou to Mrs Polanske for attending this event and her help coaching the team. Well done to Pearl Goodwin for winning the 18-hole junior event and Lacie Smith for being runner up in the 18-hole senior event.

We are looking forward to another massive term of sport in term 2. Happy easter.

BAS Sport for 2024

Please find a link to the list of BAS sports for 2024 below.

Douglas, Meghan

Library News

Ms Meghan Douglas (Director of Library Services)

We are delighted to have our Library clubs up and running for 2024! The Writers Group meets on Monday lunchtimes, to share ideas and challenge each other with playful writing activities. The Shadow Judging Program has begun, with the group electing to read the books on the CBCA’s shortlist for Older Readers. These students have plenty to read over the holiday break, and will begin planning their creative responses early next term. Book Club has made a strong start on Thursday lunchtimes, enthusiastically led by Ms Lane, making lanterns inspired by Cassandra Clare’s Shadow Hunter series.

We have had enthusiastic borrowing during Term 1, with a particular focus on the Fantasy genre as well as contemporary Young Adult novels such as ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ and ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’. Students have been encouraged to borrow for the holiday break. We also have a great selection of ebooks and audiobooks on our Wheelers platform. Students and staff can sign in using their Loreto credentials on the website or via the app, and never run out of reading material again!

Happy Reading!

Library Website:

Our email:

Our eBook and audiobook collection:

Instagram: Follow us @loretoballaratlibrary

Library Infograph Term 1 2024 1
Howlett, Jodie

Career News

Ms Jodie Howlett (Careers Coordinator)
In this week's Career News:
  • Defence Careers Australia
  • Victoria University - Trades Application Support Sessions
  • Melbourne Polytechnic Information Sessions
  • Monash University Information Evenings
  • International Women's Day
  • Gender Pay Gap
  • Future Health Leaders Program

Finance News

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. As Loreto College has an all-inclusive fee which covers the cost of camps, sports and excursions, any funds received will be off-set against the student’s tuition fee.
$225 per year will be paid for eligible secondary school students. Payments will come directly to the College and be credited to the students tuition fee account.

Families holding an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Veterans Affairs Gold Card on the first day of Term 1 or first day of Term 2 or be a temporary foster parent will be eligible to apply.

How to Apply: 
Application forms are available on the Loreto College website, or click on the button below. The form needs to be returned to the School Office or emailed to

If you applied for the CSEF at Loreto College Ballarat in 2023, you do not need to complete an application form in 2024 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances (new student/sibling, concession number, etc.). Your child's school will apply for the CSEF on your behalf.

Closing Date:
The closing date for CSEF applications to be submitted to the College is 28 June 2024 (no applications will be accepted after the closing date).  All eligible families are encouraged to apply. For more information about the CSEF visit

Conveyance Allowance 2024

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance, a student must reside 4.8km or more from the College. Application forms are available on the Loreto College website or click on the link below.

Please note that in 2024 parents who successfully applied and received the Conveyance allowance at Loreto College in 2023 are not required to complete a new application form unless their details have changed – address, mode of transport, etc.

However, to submit a claim Myki receipts or statements or other bus company receipts must be received by the end of each term.

For further information visit:

Any enquiries please email

Any enquiries please email

Community News


To see the day-to-day life at Loreto, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To stay up to date with important information and notices, download the Loreto College App. For further instructions on how to download and sign in to the app, head here.

A reminder that our newsletter is now published twice a term.

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