Leadership News


From the Principal

Ms Michelle Brodrick
Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Following extensive consultation and data analysis, the strategic plan for the next four years has been published.  Our vision is to be an innovative and contemporary College that engages students and prioritises student agency. We are committed to following in the footsteps of Mary Ward by developing courageous students able to thrive in a changing world. The Strategic Plan framework of five Keystone Arches (symbolic of the Loreto Ballarat arches) has been created, grounded in the culture of Loreto’s mission, vision and values.

With Mother Gonzaga Barry, the founder of Loreto schools in Australia as a role model for expansion and innovative change, Loreto College Ballarat is moving courageously forward to meet the need for Catholic education in the Loreto tradition.

Loreto College is working collaboratively with accomplished planning and development consultants Urbis, to evaluate the future education landscape and develop a master plan for the current Mary’s Mount and future Cuthbert’s Road site. With a goal to use environmentally sustainable design principles the College aims to offer state-of-the-art secondary education facilities. Our design will enhance the learners’ experience by promoting engagement with the world in creative and innovative ways. The addition of a co-educational primary school, an early learning centre and a boarding school for secondary students continue to be a part of the planning process.  Further consultation will take place with our community over the coming months to finalise this plan.

The passing of Stephanie Carswell

One who acts from love is greater than one who acts from fear ― Talmud: Sotah 31

Earlier this month we received the devastating news of the sudden passing of recent staff member Stephanie Carswell.  Steph had been a staff member at Loreto College for the past three years as a teacher of English Language, English, Humanities and as a mentor teacher. She became ill earlier this year and was diagnosed with brain cancer less than one week before her passing. Her colleagues and former students have spoken so fondly of her in recent weeks and captured her unique attributes in the following dedication.

Steph was caring, gentle, delightfully quirky, and intelligent. Her soft voice and open face belied a fierce determination to meet the world on her own terms and in her own way. She enriched the lives of many through her bubbly personality and joyous approach to aspects of her life. This is best captured in Steph’s laugh – it was one of a kind and certainly contagious in the best way possible.

Steph loved patterns and links and coincidences, and saw the world in layers and nuances that pass most of us by. She loved her dogs, her horses, and had enormous resources of patience and affection for any animal that needed love and care.  She gave herself fully to her work, and then restored herself in solitude. Her affection came through in her patience, kind words and a willingness to accept people for themselves. She could engage deeply in conversation, and she could allow silence to settle. Steph was our friend, and we will miss her.

We continue to keep Steph’s partner David Barker, parents, Marg and Garry and sister Jen, in our thoughts and prayers. A memorial service will be held for Steph at 2.00pm on Thursday 28 April at Loreto College Chapel for her family, friends, colleagues and past students.


From the Deputy Principal

Mrs Chris Shaw

As we are now in Week 9, the realisation that Term 1 is nearly finished is very much upon us. Congratulations to all our Year 7s and all new students and staff who are now finding their place at Loreto. As they settle in, the Year 12 students are only too aware that time is short with still much to achieve. Whilst disrupted in part through individual illness and isolation, we have had a very industrious term to date and students have approached their class work and all activities on offer, with enthusiasm and engagement. So many students are making the most of their learning opportunities and using the resources available to them and we continue to encourage sustained efforts in all pursuits, even when things get a little challenging.  

We were able to gather for our Whole School Assembly in Week 6 where the members of the Senate led the community in a celebration of a myriad of events and achievements across the school (see below). Our focus was on the International Women’s Day UN theme of “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” and students were challenged to question how they can stand up and make a difference. Many of our senior students had enjoyed our IWD Women In Time breakfast where we inducted three inspiring alumni – Kate Torney AO (class of 1985), Maria Myers AC (Class of 1964) and Sr Cynthia Wright (Class of 1953). Each focused on Breaking the Bias from their own perspective and it was a privilege to hear them speak. You can read more about them later in this Newsletter.  

Our Loreto students have much to give, and we encourage them to be outward focused and always looking to make a difference. Re-connecting after two years of disruption has also been a focus. Keeping and establishing traditions can help remind us of where we have come from, but also guide us in the future. They build a sense of who we are and what we stand for. Traditions keep us going! Our older students look to important traditions that build bonds of connection with each year level and we also build new traditions – because they shape our culture and our sense of belonging. Some traditions don’t last of course, and sometimes that’s a good thing. We look to build on service, enterprise and positive involvement and engagement, where everyone has a go and no-one is afraid to take a risk. They are the type of traditions that help us thrive.   

We congratulate our rowers on outstanding success throughout the season, particularly at Head of the Lake and Head of the Schoolgirls Rowing Regattas. Our supporters including our parents and ‘Spit Crew’ have also been up and about. Many bleary-eyed parents, rowers and coaches will now be enjoying a well-earned rest, while select crews continue to prepare for the National titles to be held at Nagambie later this month. We wish them well.  

Students are heavily involved in Band and Choir sessions, Public Speaking, lunchtime clubs, production rehearsals for Chicago and BAS sport after school. Our football team was victorious partnering with St Pats in the Respect Cup where they defeated (by a close margin) St Joseph’s College and Sacred Heart Geelong. Lunchtime ‘help’ sessions take place most days and the Run and Spin club draw active participants.   

Those of us who are new to the Loreto community are beginning to understand our culture. Culture is those unwritten ‘bits’ that make us proud of who we are. The parts that give us our unique identity through the sharing of unique gifts and attributes, but also through the sharing of agreed beliefs and understandings. 

Our community relies on relationships centred on integrity, patience and respect to build such culture and we continue to work with our students to help them build character that personifies this. Coming together as a community helps strengthen our connections and makes us better in all we do, and we look forward to more opportunities to have parents back on campus.  

Two opportunities coming up are our Athletics Sports on Friday at Llanberris to which you are warmly invited and our Parent/Student/Teacher interviews at the end of the term and start of next term.  The interviews are a vital part of your child’s learning journey and the conversation between teacher, parent and student is integral in setting up a successful learning pathway that meets student goals and gives agency to our students in their learning.  

With so much to be proud of throughout this term, we look forward to an equally engaging Term 2 where we see much more of our families on campus and at events. 

Student News
Student Achievement
Ann Chalakkal (Year 11) Lions Youth of the Year Competition Winner
Jenna Gleeson (Year 11) Henderson Shield - semi-final round of Senior Henderson Shield
Charlotte Prendergast (Year 9) Henderson Shield - Runners Up in the Junior Henderson Shield
Jemma Amoore (Year 11) Under-18 Vic Country State Basketball Team representative
Emily Lewis (Year 10) Under-18 Vic Country State Basketball Team - Development Squad
Maddie Pierce and Ava Richardson (Year 10) State Swimming Championships Competition MSAC
Danika Antonio (Year 10) Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Piano Grade 1
Maja Czulij (Year 9) Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Viola Preliminary
Bethany Wright (Year 12) Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Violin Grade 4
Tahlia Ciappara Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Classical Voice Grade 4
Layne Frawley Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Voice (Musical Theatre) Grade 5 & Grade 2 Music Theory
Tarah Argus (Year 9) Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Music Theory Grade 1 & 2
Keisha Strybosch (Year 12) Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Music Theory Grade 3
Baeli Jans (Year 7) Australian Music Examination Board Examination - Classical Voice Grade 1 & Central Highlands U14 All Stars Cricket Team
Clover McIlwaine (Year 7) Central Highlands U14 All Stars Cricket Team

From the Assistant Principal: Learning & Innovation

Ms Em Shanahan

Term 1 has certainly been an exciting time for learning in a variety of forms. We have celebrated the externally recognised success of many students, who have excelled in their respective areas of interest. Last week, our VCE Dance students travelled to Melbourne to view the Top Dance performances by students who completed either VET or VCE Dance in 2021. Our very own Ellie Lovison was selected from students across Victoria, to perform not one, but two of her dances that met the criteria at the highest level of achievement.

Students have embraced opportunities in a range of learning areas, with the Physics and Specialist Mathematics students exploring complex calculations at Luna Park, while those studying Agricultural Science have visited different farms to learn about industries. Our Year 11 students had the sobering experience of learning from a Holocaust survivor, and our Year 10 students are fully enjoying the immersive experiences on offer through STRIVE. Our VCAL students are participating in work placements, and there is a constant aroma wafting through the corridors as students in Food Technology give Michelin Star restaurants a run for their money.

A Tibetan proverb states that, “A child without education, is like a bird without wings.” Students at Loreto College have such broad learning experiences, so they will be able to fly far. However, the opportunities to engage in deep learning as they persevere through challenges and the frustrations that come when making sense of new material, means that they will also have the strength to sustain their flight, allowing them to go the distance.

Key Dates

Each term, parents will receive a report providing feedback on their daughter’s progress. In Terms 1 and 3, this will form an Interim Report, with feedback provided on a student’s approach to learning, as well as an indication of Academic Achievement based on tasks completed thus far in the semester. The reports in Terms 2 and 4 will provide a summative overview of student progress across the semester.

The Term 1 Reports will be released to parents at the end of this week, and we encourage these to be read and discussed so that students continue to learn and grow from applying feedback.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews provide an opportunity for discussion about student learning to date. The purpose is to ensure that Loreto College is working in partnership with students and parents, with the focus being on next steps for continuing success. Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Semester 1 as follows:

(Online) Thursday 7 April 2022: 4.00pm – 8.00pm

(Online) Friday 8 April 2022: 9.00am – 12.30pm

(On Site) Tuesday 26 April 2022: 12.30pm – 7.30pm

Information regarding the booking process will be emailed to you next week.


Mid-Year Examinations

Examinations for Years 8-11 take place towards the end of Term 2. Students will receive a specific Examination Schedule closer to the date, but the Examination Periods are:

Years 8-10: Tuesday, 14 June – Thursday, 16 June 2022

Year 11: Friday, 10 June – Friday, 17 June 2022

003362 (Large)


Ms Erin Norman (Director of Studies)

Parents and Carers of Year 7 and 9 students have received an email with information about NAPLAN 2022.

This year, NAPLAN is moving to an online testing system. This allows the NAPLAN testing to be adaptive and give a more accurate measure of student progress. The testing will still follow the same format as previously, with four tests completed: Language Conventions, Reading, Writing and Numeracy. The dates for NAPLAN test in May are Tuesday 10 May, Wednesday 11 May and Thursday 12 May. There will also be opportunities for students to catch-up on tests due to absence in the days following this.

All Year 7 and 9 students in Victoria will sit a Practice Test on Thursday 24 March. This Practice Test is also an opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the online platform and testing conditions, so that they can feel more confident when NAPLAN testing is conducted in May. No results will be obtained from this testing, and students will have their teachers to support them with any questions or concerns that may arise during the session. Students who have adjustments to their usual assessments, that fit under the NAPLAN guidelines, will have the support of Learning Diversity and Learning Support staff to complete the practice and NAPLAN tests.

We encourage all students to view NAPLAN tests as an opportunity to show what they know and not to allow this testing to cause any stress or concern. Schools use NAPLAN data as a reference to structure their curriculum to better suit student learning.

Parents who wish to discuss their child’s participation in NAPLAN in May 2022, can contact their Mentor Teacher.


From the Assistant Principal: Faith & Identity

Ms Felicity Knobel
Opening School Liturgy

On Wednesday 2 March our school celebrated our Opening School Liturgy. Our value of Freedom was in evidence in all aspects of our liturgy. From our kite display, our scripture, reflections and music choice. We want our students to understand what this value means and importantly what it means to us as a school community and how we bring it to the world outside. 

We also welcomed our newest members of our school community, our Year 7s, and presented them with their house badge. Our Year 12s were also acknowledged as the leaders in our school community. We look forward to more occasions in 2022 where we can gather and celebrate as a Catholic school community.

The Year 12 and Year 7 Procession

One of the significant highlights for our Opening School Liturgy is the procession of our Year 7s and Year 12s. This year in the lead up we were fortunate that our Year 7s and 12s met on several occasions to create our Freedom artwork and also to learn the War Cry of our school. The relationship between our Year 12 students and our Year 7 students is of vital importance to our school community and it is a joy to witness the laughter and camaraderie developing.  

Jewish Holocaust Centre - Year 11

Our Year 11s had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne. When asked, our students will always mention this excursion as one of the most memorable in their time at Loreto College. Touring the exhibition is an educational experience for all that attend, however, it is the opportunity to listen to a Holocaust survivor’s story, this is a confronting and rewarding for all that attend. Our feedback from our students shows that they take the opportunity for reflection and learning from this experience with many noting that the survivors were their age when they experienced the atrocities. We are thankful for all staff that gave their time for this excursion and also our students who again represented Loreto College in an exemplary manner.

JPIC Junior - Easter Egg Raffle - Egg Donations

Our JPIC Junior students are motivated and raring to go with their fundraising and awareness campaign for Caritas Project Compassion. They are in the midst of organising activities that will teach their fellow students about Caritas and the work they do throughout the world. 

This year they are also bringing back the Easter Egg Raffle. Last year we had many donations for our Easter Egg Raffle and this year we are again asking for donations for this fundraiser. Our JPIC Junior are determined to have even more fabulous prizes for their raffle this year

Please bring your donations to the Front Reception by Tuesday 5 April.

Tickets will be 1 ticket for 50 cents and 3 for $1.

IMG 7263

College News

000057 (Large)

Covid Tutoring

Ms Linda McDonald (Director of Community Partnerships)

Once again, this year the Victorian government have allocated money to schools to support students with COVID tutoring. Several of our retired teachers have volunteered to return to the College to support our students with this tutoring. Unfortunately, there is not enough money for students who have been impacted by Covid this year and in previous years to receive one to one weekly tutoring sessions. Requests for Covid tutoring can come from the subject or mentor teacher, year level coordinator or a parent. The Covid tutors will then go into the classrooms and meet students either individually or in small groups for short periods of time in the classroom to give assistance or if the subject teacher directs, they might go to the library or learning hub for part of the lesson. Some of the younger students find this unsettling because they feel they have been singled out, but they need to be reassured that COVID has impacted us all in different ways and we are just trying to help them catch up in areas where they may not have grasped things as well during online teaching or missed because of a period of illness. The senior students from the middle and upper years have found COVID tutoring so helpful, and they have been extremely grateful, and we can see the success of the COVID tutoring program has had on these students.

For the Year 12 students, COVID tutoring is offered after school on Monday in the library by Mr Thurgood in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our Year 12 English teachers offer extension or consolidation classes on Tuesday afternoons as well as help sessions at Friday lunchtimes.

Boyko, Kerryn

English Faculty News

Ms Kerryn Boyko (Faculty Leader English)
English Faculty Support Sessions, Semester One 2022

The English Faculty continues to offer the following support sessions for students:

Years 7, 8 & 9 English Help every Thursday lunchtime in SG303

Years 10,11 &12 English Help every Friday lunchtime in SF168

Students should come prepared with knowing the skill they need support with and/or bringing the piece of work that they are finding challenging. 

In addition to the support sessions, VCE English students also have the opportunity to attend weekly consolidation tutorials on a Tuesday after school, from 3.30pm - 4.30pm in SG301. It is always pleasing to see how well attended these sessions are. VCE English Extension tutorials and English Language tutorials are also offered during the semester. Students will need to monitor the Daily Notices for information as to the time and location of these.

Year 7 English Poetry

This term in English, we have a focus on poetry. Throughout this unit, we are exploring the differentiating structural devices and figurative language methods that renowned poets have used over time. After finding these techniques within a varied selection of poems, we were encouraged to use things such as onomatopoeia, listing, rhyming, assonance, contrast, alliteration, enjambment and so on. These devices improved our poems and expanded our knowledge of poetry and the different effects we can have on our audience by using such techniques. For example, after analysing a poem by the name of ‘Welcome To Society’, as a class we found that this author's use of contrast; alternating between positive and negative views of society as per line, forced us to realise and appreciate the angle this poet was aiming for, the image he was painting for us.

As I stand out in the water,

with the sun shimmering off the waves,

I close my eyes; feel the gentle slap of the waves against my legs,

The ceaseless heat of the sun beating down on my face,

I look out across the neverending expanse of crystal ocean,

stretching itself out past the horizon - a barrier obscuring anything further from my vision

The uncoordinated symphony of joyful chatter behind me,

the crashing of larger surf in the distance,

the whistling of the warm summer breeze;

Apollo Bay, this was paradise . . .

I feel at peace.


Eliza Ashby (7 Yellow 2022)


The Arts Faculty News

Ms Stepahnie Greet (Faculty Leader The Arts)

It's a week of exciting announcements in the Arts!


In 2021 Arts staff had just been discussing how to breathe life back into the creative spirits of our students, having noticed a decline in students’ willingness to take creative risks in performance, many students did not want to get up in front of their peers at all, when an email regarding creative grants appeared. We started to imagine being able to have a professional performing artist working with our students. We put in an application and began to hope.

Fast forward to Monday this week, and we received notification that our grant has been successful! $10,000 towards our project ‘Metamorphosis’. This funding will allow us to bring in professional performing artist, Marko Jovanovic to work with every Year 8 student in their Drama classes for four weeks in Term 2. Marko, a NIDA graduate, is currently working with Sydney Theatre Company and most recently was Associate Challenge Producer for Lego Masters. He has extensive experience working with students in an education setting. Each Year 8 Drama class will be working with Marko to develop their performance and social confidence through improvisation. Our plan is to take students from their online cocoon into confident and social creatives. The essential question for the project is: How does adversity and challenge help us grow positively and create a better world?

Not only will our students benefit, but it will also serve as a fantastic professional development opportunity for the drama staff involved.

It is a very exciting adventure we are about to embark on!  

Class Clowns National Grand Final! Stand Up Comedian, Erin Almeida

We are also excited to announce that Year 10 Speech and Drama student, Erin Almeida, is off to the Class Clowns National Grand Final in Melbourne on Wednesday 6 April after winning the State Final earlier this week. Class Clowns is Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s national development program for teens and involves workshops with professional comedians, a mentoring program and competition rounds. Last year Erin competed in the Class Clowns stand up comedy competition and went through to the state final on a wild card. Clearly she has honed form and confidence, under the guidance and support of Speech and Drama teacher Mika Wallace, to become a powerhouse of funny.  We wish Erin all the best for the National Grand Final!

IMG 1781

Humanities Faculty News

Ms Jayne Carrigg (Faculty Leader Humanities)
Cheerbox Ballarat comes to visit Unit 1 Business Management

Delicious cheeses, fresh strawberries, gourmet chocolate, sweet grapes and crispy crackers – these are just some of the delights that come in a Cheerbox made by the business of Ash and Scott McGlynn. Cheerbox Ballarat is a family-owned business providing a range of sweet and savoury graze boxes, graze boards, grazing tables and gifts to Ballarat and its surrounds. Ash and Scott started their business during the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and it has gone on to thrive.

On Thursday 10 March, 2022, the Unit 1 Business Management students were fortunate to have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of Ash and Scott in establishing their business. The class had been studying where ideas for new businesses come from such as identifying a gap in the market, technological developments and changing customer needs. The students heard first-hand about the challenges of starting a business from scratch and the need to be persistent in overcoming those challenges. It was inspiring to hear about Ash making her passion for food that is presented beautifully and tastes delicious into a reality. Ash encouraged the students to pursue their own entrepreneurial passions and to not be deterred by others.


Languages Faculty News

Mrs Yoshie Burrows (Faculty Leader Languages)

During Week 6, Hina dolls were displayed for Girls Day in the library. A small group of students from Year 7 Green researched the history and meaning of Hina dolls, wrote an article, designed a poster for this display and presented a talk. I was blown away by the comprehensive research and quality of work those girls presented, and all done within a very short time frame. Well done girls!


Article by Kiana Jenkins and Charlotte Hazeldine
Talk by Lilah Hughes and Ava Taylor
Poster by Isabel Murphy and Ava Taylor

‘Hinamatsuri’ also known as ‘Girls Day’ or ‘Dolls Day’ is celebrated on March 3 every year in Japan. They use colours including green, white and either pink or red. When a baby girl is born, her parents or grandparents will either buy or hand down a set of Hina Ningyo to her. 

Where it came from 

‘Girls' Day’ is thought to be originated in China when it was the shangsi festival but was adopted by Japan as a religious event named ‘Girls Day or Dolls Day’. It has its origins in the Heian (794-1192) tradition and it is also said that this tradition is traced back to the Edo Era (1603-1876) in Japan when the dolls were used to ward off evil spirits. People often exhibit them as a matter of custom rather than as lucky items. These dolls are frequently passed down through families.

Japan's Girls Day

Food and drink play a significant role on Girls' Day, as they do on practically all other holidays, with rice wine and rice cakes, along with flower blooms, taking centre stage. Hinamatsuri is also referred to as Momo no Sekku, which translates to "peach blossom festival." On the display with the Hina dolls are peach blossoms, Shiro-zake (white fermented rice wine), and hishi-mochi (diamond-shaped rice cakes). Hishi-mochi is pink in colour to represent peach flowers, white colour to represent snow, and green in colour to represent youthful growth.

What they do

Each year families with young daughters set up little hinadan stands with ornamental dolls placed on red fabric to celebrate ‘Girls Day.’ There are also festivals all around Japan to celebrate this cultural event.

Why they do it

The reason people in Japan celebrate ‘Girls Day’ is to pray for the health of young girls and that they stay well and healthy. The dolls that get displayed represent the imperial family. So they stay with them as they pray. The dolls on top represent the emperor and empress and underneath them are three court ladies, five musicians and the minister of Right and Left who used to support the government.

‘Hinamatsuri’ is a well-manned event celebrating the lives of young girls with traditional red fabric and girls' dolls. On a personal account, the Hinamatsuri festival is an important event to this culture and should be celebrated around the world, and I am grateful for the effort that Mrs Burrows put in to celebrate us and wish us a healthy and happy future by showing and letting us be involved with the wonderful traditions including the stall on display in the library. You can tell that all the different displays that have been shown around Japan are creative and well thought out.


Science Faculty News

Ms Natalie Howard (Faculty Leader Science)
Defence Force Competition for Students

The Royal Australian Navy has opened an exciting competition called the New Emerging Technicians Awards aimed at Secondary School and TAFE students. The competition details are both attached and there are also links below. This competition is aimed at also encouraging students to consider a future career in the STEM space in the Royal Australian Navy.

ET Award Poster Schools
001284 (Large)

Co-Curricular Debating & Public Speaking News

Ms Tammy Vandenberg (Co-Curricular Leader Debating & Public Speaking)
Lions Youth of the Year

Congratulations to Ann Chalakkal who was announced as the overall winner at the Lions Youth of the Year Club Division in Buninyong recently. This is the first event for the year and both Bridie and Ann completed extensive paperwork, an interview, two impromptu speeches and a prepared speech to qualify for this competition. Both are wonderful role models. We wish Ann all the best as she continues on to the Regional Final on Sunday.

IMG 2338
1 (Large)

Co-Curricular Performance News

Ms Lindy Crowe-Procaccino (Co-Curricular Performance Leader)
2022 School Production - CHICAGO

We are now in our seventh week of rehearsals for this year's School Production, and our afternoons and weekends have been busy as we soak in the atmosphere of Chicago in the roaring 1920's.

Our Opening Night is on Wednesday 11 May, finishing with a matinee on Saturday 14 May - and with a cast of 60 talented students - it is an event you should put on your calendar.

This year, the Year 12 VCAL students have been assisting with the organisation of this major school event, as part of their studies in Certificate II in Creative Industries. These students have been researching theatre safety, designing makeup and costumes in line with the styles of 1920s fashion, and have been liaising with staff and students to organise the volunteers for backstage and front of house.

A big thank you to parents and guardians for their taxi services during this period and of course to our wonderful students for their hard work during this COVID affected rehearsal period.

ChicagoTile 1270px LR

Co-Curricular Sports News

Ms Whitney Beseler (Co-Curricular Sport Leader)
Swimming Carnival

Our 2022 Swimming Carnival was a fantastic display of school spirit and a mix of competitive swimming and enjoyment in the novelty events. All four Houses battled competitively throughout the day and not even the cooler weather could dampen their spirits, with loud chanting and House spirit heard across the Eureka Pool. At the end of the day, we were treated to four fantastic Year 12 Synchronised Swimming performances, with Ward winning this highly contested event. Mornane were crowned overall House Champions and Barry swam away with the Spirit Stick after a successful day of cheering and good spirits.

Age Group Champions

12 Years

  1. Mayah Templar MU
  2. Emma McConchie MU

13 Years

  1. Rebecca Brodie BA
  2. Beth M

14 Years 

  1. Ava Richardson MO
  2. Cate Connell MO

15 Years 

  1. Madeline Pierce MO
  2. Emma Gowans BA

16 Years 

  1. Molly Davies WA
  2. Jessica Stute MU


  1. Cassie Lynch
  2. Claire Gleeson 

Spirit Award - Barry 

Synchronised - Ward 

House Results


  1. Mulhall 171
  2. Ward 158
  3. Mornane 156
  4. Barry 139



  1. Mornane 251
  2. Mulhall 147
  3. Barry 136
  4. Ward 134



  1. Mulhall 127
  2. Ward 107
  3. Barry 105
  4. Mornane 79 



  1. Mornane 486
  2. Mulhall 445
  3. Ward 399
  4. Barry 380
Respect Cup

In only its second year, the Respect Cup is becoming a major event on the school sporting calendar. This year, it was another hotly contested event in which we celebrated gender equity and respectful relationships through our much-loved game of football. The day began with the curtain-raiser match between St Patrick’s College and St Joseph’s College Geelong, and it was St Patrick’s College who won narrowly by 2 points. Our team then ran out through a guard of honour and took to the City Oval to play Sacred Heart Geelong in what was a very tight match. It came down to an exciting final quarter and in the dying moments a draw was secured. After the totals were combined, it was the Ballarat schools were awarded the Respect Cup for 2022. We look forward to celebrating this fantastic event at GMHBA stadium in 2023.

Ballarat Associated Schools Swimming Carnival

This year, the BAS Swimming Carnival was held at the Eureka Pool on Wednesday 16 March. Loreto came third overall after a fantastic afternoon of competition in the pool. We placed third in the Junior division, second in the Intermediate division and fourth in the Seniors. Every swimmer did their very best and our team worked well to fill every race after COVID impacted some members' participation on the day.

Overall Results:

  1. Ballarat Grammar - 633
  2. Ballarat and Clarendon College - 588
  3. Loreto College - 502
  4. Damascus College - 459
  5. Mount Clear College - 56
2022 BAS Swimming Team Photo
BAS Afterschool Sports

Loreto College Ballarat is a member of the Ballarat Associated Schools (BAS) sporting competition with other members including other local high schools. Yearly Sport is open to all students rotating over terms includes: Lawn Bowls, Rowing, Tennis, Cricket, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Racquetball, Croquet, Badminton, Cheerleading, Cross Country Running, Soccer, Swimming, Athletics. Click below to download what's on offer for 2022.

2022 BAS Sport Flyer Page 1

Loreto Run Club

Ms Kelli Baird (Health & PE Faculty and Science Faculty Teacher)

This year Friday RUN CLUB has gone to the next level thanks to Ms Beseler and Alex. All runners have their number of 700m laps recorded electronically and are challenged to complete as many as they can in 30 minutes.  We are hoping to travel around Australia as a group this year as Alex is mapping our journey each week.

We currently have 75 participants who have completed 535 laps with a total distance so far of 374km. We love it because we can run/walk with a friend and encourage everyone else along the way. Students from all year levels have been participating and we encourage any staff member or student to come along.

Let Alex know adavies@loreto.vic.edu.au so that she can arrange a tag for you to scan after completion of each lap.

We hope to make it to Adelaide by the end of this term.

TB (Large)

Rowing Report

Ms Taylah Blake (Rowing Coordinator)
Head of Schoolgirls Wrap Up

Over the weekend our students competed in their biggest regatta for the season - the Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta held down in Geelong on the Barwon River. Across three days of highly competitive racing – our rower's talents, dedication and tenacity was evident in their results.

All six senior crews made an A final – where all crews also made it to the podium, coming home with either a bronze, silver or gold medal! Our wonderful open Division 5, 4 and 3 Crews won their A finals, taking home a gold medal in their events! Our Inters raced in the highly competitive quad events for the first time at HOSG with the Year 10.2 crew making an A final (an enormous feat) with the remainder of our crews making B/C finals. Our Juniors continued on with their stellar form - with all five crews making either an A or B final. Our Junior Division 5 and Division 2 crews both made A finals which they won- taking home a gold medal! Our Junior Division 1 crew also made an A final, winning a silver medal.

These incredible performances across the board lead to an outstanding 5 x gold medals, 2 x silver medals and 2 x bronze medals - placing Loreto Ballarat 4th on the overall medal tally for the weekend! We couldn’t be more proud of our girls and know that these results are reflective of the way they have committed themselves to training, their exceptional coaches and their individual talent and hard work.

We now turn our attention to the Australian National Championships - our final regatta for the Open Divison 1 and Year 10 Division 1 crews for the season!

Junior State Championships Wrap Up

At the Junior State Championships we had an incredible day of highly competitive racing.

  • Our Inter Division 5 girls drew a very tough heat, placing 2nd and heading to the B FInal where they placed a very impressive 3rd!
  • Our Inter Division 4 drew a tight Heat, placing 3rd- heading to the C Final where they smashed their Final placing 1st.
  • Our Inter Division 3 also had a tough heat, placing 3rd and progressing to a C FInal where they battled it out and placed 2nd.
  • Our Inter Division 2 had a fantastic race in their Heat, placing 1st and progressing to the A final where they placed 2nd - taking home a silver medal!
  • Our Inter Division 1 also placed 1st in their Heat, sending them to the A final where they battled some tough competition and placed 3rd - taking home an amazing bronze medal!
HOTL Wrap Up

A Junior clean sweep (all crews won their races), 4/5 Inter crews winning their races and an incredible performance by our Senior Squad – I am a little lost for words! Congratulations to the crews below, our HOTL Champions:

  • Year 9 Division 1
  • Year 9 Division 2
  • Year 9 Division 3
  • Year 9 Division 4
  • Year 9 Division 5
  • Year 10 Division 1 (New BAS HOTL record - 3 min 33.54 sec   LC 2022)
  • Year 10 Division 2
  • Year 10 Division 3 (New BAS HOTL record - 4 min 01.35 sec   LC 2022)
  • Year 10 Division 4
  • Open Division 4 (New BAS HOTL record - 7 min 52.20 sec       LC 2022)
  • Open Division 3 (New BAS HOTL record - 8 min 11.92 sec       LC 2022)

Library News

Ms Meghan Douglas (Director of Library Services)

It has been a busy term in the Library! We have been delighted to welcome back so many familiar faces, meet new students, and help our Year 12s settle into their study routine. We have been working with English classes across 7, 8 and 9 to find novels and non-fiction that surprise and delight them, as well as welcoming classes across the year levels for research and study lessons. 

We hosted Library Lovers Week, a celebration of everything that a contemporary Library can do - provide information, advice and access to great reads, as well as build connection and community. We hosted a screening of an adaptation of Little Women, welcomed English classes for Literary Speed Dating and bookish drama games, and hosted a crafting maker space every lunchtime, with a particular focus on the ever-popular badge making. We celebrated International Women’s Day with a display of stories that encouraged people to break the bias, as well as a polaroid photobooth for students to celebrate their friendships. Students also had the opportunity to sample cutting edge technology from the IT department, including Virtual Reality goggles, 3D printing, and some robot coding. Our staff were treated to a Blind Date with a Book, and encouraged to choose something sight-unseen from our senior fiction collection. 

Our collection is constantly being refreshed and updated. Here are some of our newest books - come in and speak with us about getting a copy for yourself!

An illustrated version of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species

League of Liars, Astrid Scholte - the much anticipated YA Fantasy new release

Yumi Styne and Dr Melissa Kang’s Welcome! Series, examining adolescent health issues in an engaging format

Get in touch with us for more! 

Library Website: https://libguides.loreto.vic.edu.au/Loreto-Library

Our email: library@loreto.vic.gov.au

Our eBook and audiobook collection: https://loreto.wheelers.co/

Instagram: Follow us @loretoballaratlibrary


Career News

Ms Jodie Howlett (Careers Coordinator)
In this week's Career News:

Year 12 students

  • ADF Gap Year – applications now open
  • University - early entry programs now open
  • Applying for medicine or dentistry?
  • Australia National University – Tuckwell Scholarship


All students

  • Book a university campus tour for you and your family
  • Information technology – websites
  • Apprenticeships and traineeships – resources
  • Career planning and job seeker program
  • Updates from Monash University
  • Focus on the Skills Road website
  • Motorsports courses
  • Information on studying in the UK
  • William Angliss specialist institute (food, events, tourism, hospitality etc.)
  • Filmmaking competition
  • Ocean Youth Program – ocean and marine conservation
  • Upcoming career events

If you would like to subscribe to the weekly Career News, please head here to subscribe. You can also access the Loreto Careers Website here.

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International Women's Day Breakfast & 2022 Loreto Ballarat Women In Time - Inspiring Alumni Induction

Mrs Judy-Ann Qulliam (Director of Marketing & Development)

Loreto College celebrated International Women's Day with our annual IWD Breakfast and induction of our 2022 Loreto Ballarat Women in Time - Inspiring Alumni. This year we were delighted to recognise and hear from Maria Myers AC (Class of 1964) for Arts and Cultural Excellence & Community Service Leadership, Kate Torney AO (Class of 1985) for Academic and Professional Excellence & Community Service Leadership, and our first posthumous honour to Sr Cynthia Wright ibvm for Religious and Social Justice Leadership. The stories from all three Loreto women reflected on the ongoing influence of their Loreto education and their ability and willingness to go where the need is greatest. We thank Sr Margaret Finlay ibvm and Ms Meg Barry for sharing the inspiring life of Sr Cynthia Wright with our community.

With thanks to the 2021 Women in Time - Inspiring Alumni Inductees (Professor Michelle McIntosh, Margaret Heffernan OAM, Jane Hill and Ebony Monson) we also announced the first Women in Time - Student Award. The award was created in acknowledgement of the tremendous support our 2021 Inductees have received from others over time to help or inspire them to achieve their goals, and so they wanted to do the same for a current Loreto student. The inaugural student award was presented to Year 11 student Ann Chalakkal to encourage her to continue her path.

Our Women in Time – Inspiring Alumni are featured on the walls of the College near the Science corridor, on our social media platforms and the Loreto website.

Nominations are now open for 2023!  

As a member of the Loreto College Ballarat community, we invite you to nominate alumnae you think should be considered for our 2023 Loreto Women in Time - Inspiring Alumni. Once nominated, nominees who meet the selection criteria will continue to be considered each year. If you would like to learn more about nominating someone you know, visit here.

Loreto Community Notices

Volunteer in the Loreto Canteen in Term 2!

As we head into Term 2, our canteen is seeking volunteers on a Thursday and Friday from 12-2pm each week.  Volunteers will be structured in the best way to run our canteen efficiently.

All volunteers must have a current working with children card and have had three doses of the vaccinations.

If you are interested in volunteering in our canteen, please contact our Canteen Manager, Jacqui Lamb via jlamb@loreto.vic.edu.au

Loreto Cafe (1)
Residential Carers Needed

Parents, we’re looking for Residential Carers who can support vulnerable young people in out-of-home care.

Residential Carers provide care and support, and give young people in care the opportunity to build positive relationships which they’ll treasure beyond their care placement.

What’s involved?
Being a Residential Carer is almost like being a parent or guardian for young people who are unable to live with their own family – you’ll be doing school runs; supporting young people to connect with friends, family and community; cooking and cleaning; and providing that care and support which every young person needs. This includes being a vital part of a focused therapeutic approach to a young person’s care.
The role will call for commitment, compassion and a desire to help the young people in our care who are experiencing challenging and complex circumstances.

Watch a video to learn more, or apply here: www.catholiccarevic.org.au/resicarevideo

ResiCare Ad 1 CatholicCare Victoria 2022
Streetsmart Magazine

This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the Streetsmart Handbook, which provides young people with a go-to guide for lifestyle information that is relevant to them.

Streetsmart has continued to evolve into a resource that supports teachers to deliver information that may sit on the edge of formal curriculum work but is critical in providing a holistic learning experience.

By resourcing and referencing organisations dedicated and focused on specific areas of life, Streetsmart supports students getting the right information, advice and access to support services that are well known, respected and often backed by research.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of Streetsmart 2022!

Upcoming headspace Programs

headspace Ballarat is running parent and carer groups in term 2. Find a summary of these below and please feel free to share this information with parents/carers that you work with.

These programs are open to the community, therefore parents/carers don’t need to have young people who are involved at headspace Ballarat. 

Parenting an Anxious Teen (P.A.T)

P.A.T is a 3 session group that explores anxiety, different strategies for anxiety and has a brief introduction to emotion coaching.

Cost: FREE

Who: Parents and carers of young people aged 12 - 18 years.

When: Thursdays commencing Thursday 28th of April at 6pm-8pm for 3 weeks

Where: Online via Zoom

For those who are interested, please complete the expression of interest form:



Tuning in to Teens (TintoT)

Tuning in to Teens is a six-session parenting program running one day a week for two hours. The program is focused on emotions and is designed to support parents and carers to establish stronger relationships with their young people. TintoT Aims to improve parents’ emotional awareness, regulation, and communication style; and support their teen's emotional experiences.

Cost: FREE

Who: Parents and carers of young people aged 12 - 18 years.


Group 1: 6pm - 8pm Mondays, Commencing Monday 2nd of May (Zoom or Face to Face is yet to be confirmed)

Group 2: 1pm - 3pm Thursdays, Commencing Thursday 5th of May (Face to Face)

For those who are interested, please have them complete the expression of interest form: https://form.jotform.com/headspaceballarat/TuningintoTeens

If you have any questions please contact headspace via 5304 4777

Flyer T2

Tuning in to Teens (TintoT)

Tuning in to Teens is a six-session parenting program running one day a week for two hours. The program is focused on emotions and is designed to support parents and carers to establish stronger relationships with their young people. TintoT Aims to improve parents’ emotional awareness, regulation, and communication style; and support their teen's emotional experiences.

Cost: FREE

Who: Parents and carers of young people aged 12 - 18 years.


Group 1: 6pm - 8pm Mondays, Commencing Monday 2nd of May (Zoom or Face to Face is yet to be confirmed)

Group 2: 1pm - 3pm Thursdays, Commencing Thursday 5th of May (Face to Face)

For those who are interested, please have them complete the expression of interest form: https://form.jotform.com/headspaceballarat/TuningintoTeens

If you have any questions please contact headspace via 5304 4777

TintoT (003)
Active Healthy Connected initiative & National Ride to School Day

The City of Ballarat, through our Active Healthy Connected initiative is exploring how schools are helping to encourage their students to walk or ride to and from school.

This short survey will help us to understand what you are currently doing to support active transport (eg. Riding, walking, scooting, skating) to and from school.

Please complete this quick 2-minute survey to help inform us of local needs and opportunities for Active Transport in and around schools.

Link to Survey

As well as this we are encouraging schools to participate in National Ride to School day on Friday 25 March.

We appreciate your time and thank you for your support.

2022 R2S Digital V2 3 1080x1080
Youth Mixed Netball Social Competition

Sports Central are working in partnership with Ballarat Netball Association to host a 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡 𝐌𝐢𝐱𝐞𝐝 𝐍𝐞𝐭𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝟖 𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧. We would love to have a number of teams enter this social competition.

Teams are made up of all genders and abilities aged between 12 and 16 and a minimum of 7 players.

This is a great way to have a bit of fun in a friendly and welcoming environment. Team and individual entries via registration link below or contact me to register.

Please share through to those who would be interested in this physical activity and social connection opportunity.

Youth Netball Mixed 2022
Lakers Women's Football

The Lakers Women's Football team is currently looking for players in their U14, U16, U18 and Senior Women’s teams.

Training is on Wednesday’s at C.E Brown reserve Wendouree.

If you are interested, please contact James Lovison – Female Club Coordinator (0432211365)

Dream Team FB
U17 Netball Players Wanted

Are you looking for somewhere to play netball this year and aged between 16 and 17? Ballan Football and Netball Club are seeking U17 players to join them this season. Training is held every Thursday from 5:30pm at Ballan Recreation Reserve. If you would like further information please contact Mel on 0408352848 or Lyndal on 0429869862

U17 Flyer
PhysiPole Studios

PhysiPole Studios Ballarat offers teen and kids Arieal, Hammock and Pole classes. Kids have a blast, learning a variation of Silks, Hammock, Aerial Hoop or Pole skills getting to go upside down, climb and all the things kids love to do in a safe and empowering environment!

With over 2000 active students in our community and 17 locations across Australia, the PhysiPole family is continually growing. Head to https://physipolestudios.com/ see why pole fitness is really for everybody!

Loreto College Policies

The College is in the process of updating and publishing a range of relevant policies and procedures. The policies most applicable to families are accessible on the Loreto website.

Screenshot (216)

Finance News

Conveyance Allowance 2022

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance, a student must reside 4.8km or more from the College.

Application forms are available at Main Reception or click on the following link, which also provides additional information.

Please note that in 2022 parents who successfully applied and received the Conveyance allowance in 2021 are not required to complete a new application form unless their details have changed – address, mode of transport, etc.

However, to submit a claim Myki receipts or statements or other bus company receipts must be received by the end of each term.


Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

The Victorian Government introduced this fund for the following purpose:

“Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund will ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities.”

If you hold a valid means-tested Health Care card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF ($225 per secondary school student). The allowance will be paid to the College to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions, or sporting activities for the benefit of your child and deducted from your school fee account.  Applications close at the end of Term 2.  Please complete the attached CSEF and return to the College.

Any enquiries please email accounts@loreto.vic.edu.au

Important Dates

Please keep an eye out on PAM, the Loreto College App, website and social media for any scheduled events.

For the full Loreto Events Calendar please visit via the Loreto College Ballarat app or https://pam.loreto.vic.edu.au/Login/Default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f


To see the day-to-day life at Loreto, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To stay up to date with important information and notices, download the Loreto College App. For further instructions on how to download and sign in to the app, head here.

A reminder that our newsletter is now published twice a term.

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