Leadership News


From the Principal

Ms Michelle Brodrick

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ African proverb

Three weeks ago, 27 students and 4 staff travelling to the airport by bus for a NASA trip, were involved in a collision with a truck. It was a time of uncertainty and emotion as families and friends dealt with the horrific images of the damaged bus and luggage strewn on the ground. The elation of knowing that all had survived was tempered by concern for those involved, as they had suffered injuries and trauma.

Last week, as the school term began, approximately half of the students involved were able to attend classes in some capacity. Over the next few weeks, we will welcome more students back, working with health professionals and families to address the needs of each student. This has included the addition of four temporary portable classrooms that were needed to ensure ground level access for some of the students. The provision of these classrooms, as well as the ability to furnish them, is a reflection on the extended community coming together to ensure that the College can provide the support needed. Loreto College Ballarat is incredibly grateful to the Department of Education and Training, other Ballarat secondary schools and local businesses for the help and support given to have the classrooms ready for classes this week.

The College continues to work closely with the Loreto College Board and Catholic Education Ballarat to address the needs of the students and staff. The ongoing outreach and prayers has been overwhelming and has extended from individuals, organisations and other schools in our Loreto, Catholic Diocese, Ballarat, Victorian and International community. Due to the extensive outpouring of support, it is difficult to thank everyone individually. There have been acts of compassion by people unknown, such as the jonquils appearing on the main gate of the College and the family who dropped off muffins for the NASA space camp families coming into the school following the accident. For everyone who has reached out, and for those that have kept the students, staff and families in their thoughts and prayers, we are truly grateful.

The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” has been evident over the past few weeks. The proverb conveys the message that it takes many people to provide an environment where children can develop and flourish, to be able to realise their hopes and dreams. We will continue to need the support of all as we navigate the return to health of our staff and students, and likely police investigations into the accident.

Year 12 2022

This week we have farewelled the Year 12 Class of 2022 with an assembly, celebrations and graduation mass. The mass was a very special occasion with the community able to finally come together to give thanks to our God for the many blessings and opportunities the students have experienced during their time at the College. We have been enriched by their presence and contribution to the life and community of the College and for this we are grateful.

Mary Ward had the incredible gift of imagining possibilities and taking risks, in order to begin something new. The Loreto Sisters are known to begin new initiatives and support others where the need is greatest. We hope that our Year 12s continue to be people of Loreto and agents of change in our world, striving to emulate the Gospel Values and Mother Gonzaga Barry’s dream of education, equity and support for the poor. We pray they have the courage and commitment to create a more just world and like Mary Ward and all who came before them, continue to imagine the possibilities.

Changes to Pandemic Orders

The Victorian Government has announced the end of the pandemic declaration and associated pandemic orders.

Changes to COVID-19 isolation requirements.

It is strongly recommended that students:

  • Who test positive for COVID-19 should stay home and isolate for five days.
  • Should not attend school after five days if still symptomatic.
  • Who are symptomatic but have not tested positive should not attend school.

Where students become symptomatic at school, they should:

  • Be collected by their parents/carers.
  • Undergo testing for COVID-19.
  • Only return to school when not symptomatic

If students test positive and are sitting VCE examinations, they should contact the College and speak with Em Shanahan (Assistant Principal Learning and Innovation) or Pam Harrison (VCE Coordinator). The VCAA COVID Safety Guidelines state that household contacts are required to wear a mask during examinations. All other students are encouraged to wear a mask.

The Department of Health recommends that a person who tests positive for COVID-19 should inform those with whom they have recently been in contact, including their workplace, school and household. Therefore, if a student tests positive please inform the college via student reception.

For anyone who has been identified as a close contact, there is a strong recommendation that you continually test using a rapid antigen test (RAT). Recommendations are still in place to wear a mask indoors and continue with COVID-safe practices such as hand washing and sanitising.

Schools are no longer required to alert the community of positive cases.


From the Deputy Principal

Mrs Chris Shaw

Welcome to Term 4! Whilst it is not quite the way we envisaged starting our last term of the year, we forge ahead with grateful hearts and the knowledge that the community of Loreto is strong in times of adversity.

Charlie Mackesy is a British illustrator and author who manages to encapsulate the moments where we gather strength from the most unlikely places. His book ‘The boy, the mole and the horse’ is a go-to for me and when I turned to it recently again it fell open to the image included. This sentiment is exactly how we have been feeling at Loreto – the kindness of the school community abounds and the care sitting behind all we do gives us the strength to go on.


This is a busy time for all those in their last senior year at school and we aim to ensure it is a safe and enjoyable for all. To this end, family conversations with your student around safe celebrations and driving at this time are encouraged. We will reiterate this message also at school.

We wish all of our Year 12 students all the best for their final exams and for those completing coursework and know that the future holds great opportunities for them all.

We enjoyed the handing over of the leadership baton from our outgoing 2022 Senate to the new 2023 Senate at the Leadership Assembly. This was a time to celebrate all that our 2022 leaders had achieved and thank them for their service, whilst also inducting the new student leadership group. We congratulate all students and will have further positions of leadership to announce throughout the term.

On Saturday 8 October, we officially opened our Rowing season 2022/23 and welcomed new parents. This was a time to meet our new Rowing Co-ordinator, Mr Craig Smith, Ms Amy Foley and Ms Lucy O’Loughlin our Rowing Support Co-ordinators, along with coaches and other key support personnel. Parents were able to get to know more about the program and meet each other. A hearty breakfast was on offer, the boat shed open to wander through and merchandise for sale. We are grateful to the Friends of Rowing who provide support and assistance in all manner of things from cooking breakfasts, to fundraising for new equipment and their ongoing support greatly contributes to our success.

On Tuesday 11 October, the VCE Art Exhibition – ‘Love and Thunder’ was on show and continues to be open for viewing. Please drop in to see the amazing work of our VCE students who have been working hard all year to present their final pieces. Thanks to our talented staff for all they have done to guide our students through their creative processes.

We look towards a term full of energy and enthusiasm with the knowledge that the Loreto and wider community have wrapped their arms around us all. To know the support of everyone is behind our staff and students shows the true capacity to love and live with compassion.

“In adversity, do not let it cause fear, anxiety or trouble but have confidence God will work in the confusion” Mary Ward 1616


From the Assistant Principal: Faith & Identity

Ms Felicity Knobel
Graduation Mass

Our Graduation Mass is one of our most beautiful celebrations in our Loreto year. This year we celebrated our graduands on Tuesday 18 October at St Patrick’s Cathedral. We are delighted every year to place our Jubilee Crown on our graduating students. This is our tradition and it is a tradition that each of us looks forward to every year and it was immensely special to be in ‘real time’ crowning our graduands this year.

Isabella Stevens Class of 2022 read this concluding statement at our 2022 Graduation Mass. It encapsulates for our Loreto community the responsibilities that we place on our graduands, to be the light of our world. Our much-loved statue of Mary Ward faces outward in our school grounds and it is purposely so. Our graduands are the voices, the advocates and the change-makers in our world and we wish them well on their journey. They are strong capable people and they are called to do much in our world.

As we prepare to leave this Cathedral, to leave with the group that contains many of our closest friends, to leave with our families who have supported us over the past 13 years of our education, we take the light that has been given to us out into the world. We know that we will be supported in the future as we have been in the past but we are being challenged to be light to the world. To witness to the faith that we have been given.

The light of Christ asks us to bear witness to our faith. To care for those in need, to visit those who are sick or imprisoned, to work at improving the world to which we belong. The work that awaits us is in need of the light that we have.

As the candles of each student of the Class of 2022 are lit, I would ask you to pray for us, that we may look forward to taking our place in the world and that we may embrace the future full of hope and optimism.

Year 12 Celebration Day Assembly

Our Year 12 Celebration Day Assembly was an occasion where we acknowledged our Year 12s time at Loreto College Ballarat. Our awards were presented to worthy recipients who exemplified the values of Loreto during their six years as part of our community. Continuously working to not only make our community a better place to be, but also the world outside our gates. We also acknowledged each of our Year 12s with a certificate and also special mementos to take with them. We were blessed to have so many parents, guardians and family attend this celebration.

We congratulate the following award recipients:

Year 12 2022 Senior Awards & Recipients


Mary Ward Prize – Charlotte Kelly

Principal’s Award for All Round Excellence – Bella Clark

The Aspiring Dream Scholarship – Phoebe McCallum

Dorothy Irene Ellis-Thomas Academic Scholarship – Ella Hansen

Mary Elizabeth Chatham Prize – Kate Gowans

Constance May Christie Award – Lana Dodd & Sophie Boyd

Emma-Kate McGrath Spirit Award – Isabella Stevens

Heinz Law Aspiring Young Lawyer Award – Charlotte Townsend

The Honorable Catherine King Award – Hayley Harman

Federation University Year 12 Award for Excellence – Charlotte McDougall

University of Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship – Jaime Sergeant-Crowe

ACU Impact Award – Eloise Davenport

Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award – Hannah Ollerenshaw

Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award – Alexis Oswin

The Arts Awards
Senior Music Award – Tahlia Ciappara

Senior Performing Arts Award – Alyssa Moloney

Sports Awards
Senior Sports Award – Gemma Hanrahan

Olympic Change Maker Award – Rosie Todd

House Awards
Barry House Award – Holly Gleeson

Mornane House Award – Catherine Curtis

Mulhall House Award – Amity Smith

Ward House Award – Bella Clark



From the Assistant Principal: Learning & Innovation

Ms Em Shanahan
Learning in Term 4

Term 4 is a beautiful time of year. The cygnets waddle around the lake under the protection of their doting parents, and the weeping cherry blossoms perfume the wind. These markers of a change of season are also synonymous with VCE Examinations, assessment tasks, and final year examinations, which in their own way mark a time of change as one chapter draws to a close and a whole new world opens up as students progress to a new year level or move on to further study.

At Loreto College, we don’t shy away from challenges. Our students are therefore resilient, independent learners who are ready to face an ever-changing world. However, we know that examinations still bring stress and uncertainty, which is why it’s important to remember that learning happens each and every day, with examinations being a marker of just one performance, on one day.

As our VCE students prepare for the final burst of study, it is important to keep in mind that we are human, and humans require balance. This is also true for all students as they approach their assessment tasks and end of year examinations. It is important to get enough sleep, to take time out to spend with family and friends, and to laugh at ourselves and all the joys in life.

I would like to remind VCE students that the VCE Examinations are just one step in the journey. Work hard and do your very best, but remember, there are many roads that lead to our goals, and sometimes we take different paths that lead us to places we never would have imagined. You’ve got this!

VCE Examinations

VCE Examinations have commenced. French and Japanese students have completed their oral examinations, and Music students will perform their repertoire for examinations tomorrow. The Theatre Studies students perform their monologues next week, and written examinations commence in Week 4. Students should be familiar with the VCE Examination Timetable. We wish our students all the very best and are proud of their diligence and hard work across their years at school.

Assessments and Examinations for Years 7-11

Learning is assessed in a variety of ways, with the goal of providing feedback so that students can continue to learn, develop and grow. Examinations are one form of assessment, and there is much debate surrounding the purpose and validity of the data that is gained as a result of this type of assessment. Examinations have value when questions ask for learning to be applied in different contexts, rather than merely asking for the recall of information. It is our aim to ensure that students learn how to think, not what to think, so that they can apply learning to a range of situations, whether in examinations or in life more broadly.

This semester, we have made adjustments to assessments and examinations as follows:

  • Years 7-9 No formal examination block. Assessments will be conducted in usual classes.
  • Years 10-11 Ongoing assessments and a formal examination block in Week 7.

From the Assistant Principal: Wellbeing

Ms Gemma McDermott
Daylight Savings – Getting your Body Clock Back into a Pattern

Daylight savings is always hard at the start to navigate. While the extra daylight at night is great, it does take a while for your body to get into a rhythm. Imagine what it is like for a teenager getting back to school, having had two weeks break, while also navigating the summer sport. It is important for teenagers to work out a good system where they go to bed at a reasonable time, remembering nine hours sleep is optimal, then it is difficult to accomplish. Take time, to help your daughter work out a schedule for this term. Balance is important, schoolwork, sport, and downtime. For some teenagers, their downtime is a sport. If there are times where your daughter can not finish homework communicate this by writing a note in their student planner to the teacher, this avoids them feeling uneasy about not having completed the work.

Exam Time

For parents with daughters sitting for exams, it can cause tension at home for all the family, due to your daughter wanting to do their best and waiting for the examinations just to start. This is normal. Our SchoolTV website does have information for families of students sitting examinations. For information, please click here to visit.

We wish every student the very best for their upcoming exams.

College News


Standardised Testing Term 4

Ms Sara Sharer (Learning Growth Leader)

This term students in Years 7 – 10 will be involved in various forms of standardised testing. This is completed every year to establish the growth of the individual and cohort, to identify areas of support required or where extension to learning may be implemented. We specifically test their literacy, numeracy, and science skills. The 2022 standardised assessment program will provide us with important learning data.

This is a low-stakes test. This means no preparation is required, and it is not used for reporting purposes. We just ask students to try their best so we have a clear indication of their learning progression and how staff can best support their growth.

The tests include:

  • Years 7 – 8:
    • 2x numeracy test, one with a calculator and one without
    • 2 x literacy tests, one focusing on reading and another on all aspects of literacy
    • 1 x Science test, focussing on general questions relevant to the year or ability level
  • Year 9: As above, except there is no calculator numeracy test
  • Year 10: 1 x numeracy test, no calculator.
    • 1 x literacy test.

Both the Year 10 tests will be completed during exam week, Monday 14 November – Friday 18 November.

In Years 7 – 9 the tests will be completed by various subject teachers over the remainder of the term.

If you have any questions, please contact Sara Sharer on ssharer@loreto.vic.edu.au


Arts Faculty News

Ms Stephanie Greet (Faculty Leader The Arts)
Arts Faculty VCE Finale

The Arts Faculty have been busy with finalising and finishing up all the practical aspects to Unit 4 Arts subjects.

The Performing Arts students have been busy completing their VCAA performance exams.  For some studies this performance is 50% of their year’s result.

The Unit 4 Music students complete their exam this Friday with Theatre Studies hot on their trail on Monday the 17th.  Performance exams are challenging and require months of preparation.  At the end of Term 3 students performed their pieces for parents and performances were filmed for student analysis over the holidays.  Our Theatre students were also luck enough to have a special Monologue Exam Insights session with our very own highly experienced examiner, Mr Huf. St. Patrick’s College and Ballarat High Theatre students also attended this helpful and inspiring session.

At the Music Performance evening we had the opportunity to thank Ms Mary O’Driscoll for all her contributions to Loreto as she finishes her long and illustrious VCE Music teaching career. We have been so privileged to be able to work with Mary and her vitality and positivity will be missed in our office. 

Meanwhile our VCE Visual Arts students were busy completing their final artworks, designs and films.The VCE Media students were lucky to have a visit from past pupils Isabella Henning and Hannah Sergeant-Crowe, who are currently studying Film and TV at the JMC Academy for a couple of editing tip sessions. 

2022 Love and Thunder VCE Art Exhibition Opening

What a joyous occasion it was to celebrate a year of artwork creation at the 2022 Love and Thunder VCE Art Exhibition Opening last week. It was so lovely to have parents and friends back in the exhibition space and we were excited to also be able to have guest artist and designer Nicola Cerini in to share her insights and tips in carving a career in the Visual Arts. She left us with the Albert Einstein quote “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Looking at the fabulous exhibition, it is clear to all that this is exactly what the students are doing. I thanked many people on the evening for their contributions to the student's development and the creation of the exhibition, but I would also like to thank Esta Bourke-Finn and Alessandra Bourke-Finn for jumping in to help out with the curatorship of the exhibition, and Jayde Harrington and Judy-Ann Quilliam for their assistance with Award preparation, there were so many last-minute details to manage, and their assistance was invaluable. What is most fulfilling about this year’s exhibition is the first opportunity to acknowledge the work going on in our burgeoning Visual Communication Design course. 2022 marks the first Unit 3/4 class to exhibit at a Loreto VCE Exhibition.

Congratulations to all students for successfully completing their artworks to exhibition level and for all their determination, creative problem solving and creativity. We are so fortunate to be allowed into the very core of your hearts and minds as we consider the deep messages in your work.

Further congratulations is extended to our Art Awards Recipients who achieved a particularly high level in their field:

Art/Studio Art

Sculpture Award - Angel Harris - Cleithrophobia

Drawing Award - Chelsea Grylewicz - The Pressure of Perfection

Painting Award - Hailey Harman - Freedom

Outstanding 2D - Chloe Hammil - Sunset at Bells

Outstanding 3D - Mob Janson - Scream of those whom cannot run; will you be okay with this?

Outstanding Mixed Media - Georgia Siemensma - Before Death


Best Cinematography - Jaci Scobie - No Longer Strangers

Best Editing - Samantha McCarthy - Stargazers


Most creative response to the brief - Flick Jones - How Ya Bean 

Best presentation format - Bella Chandler - Compass Wines

Any/All Visual Art

Most Innovative Technique - Angel Harris

Angel explored multiple innovative techniques, their game development involved a combination of animation, coding and photography, Art works involved lighting techniques and the use of wire and chain.

Top Awards

Best Media Production - Jaime Sergeant-Crowe - Nostalgia

Most Outstanding VCD Design - Grace Hunt - Hill View Rural Escape 

Visual Art Faculty Award - (Most OutstandingArtwork) – Georgia Siemensma - Before Death

We hope the VCE Unit 4 Arts students feel proud of all they have achieved this year and enjoyed their evening of celebration. There was such a warm community spirit alive in the space. The exhibition continues until Tuesday 25 October, we encourage everyone to take a look at their bright ideas. The Arts Faculty and Loreto College are so proud of their efforts and determination. We wish them all the best for their written exams.

As one event finishes in the Arts, there is always more to come, and I encourage all to consider attending the Unit 2 Theatre Studies students' performance of Captivating Commedia, together with St Patrick’s Theatre Studies students on Wednesday 26 October. We hope to see you there!

Boyko, Kerryn

English Faculty News

Ms Kerryn Boyko (Faculty Leader English)
Year 12 Revision Lectures

Year 12 English students were very grateful to hear the expertise of Kirstin Bourne for a second time, when she delivered a revision lecture for their Section A text Station Eleven in Week 1 of Term 4. Kirsten refreshed students’ knowledge of the text’s key ideas and provided precise strategies for improving analytical writing.  We would like to commend the Unit 4 English students who, by attending this lecture, demonstrated a commitment to improving their textual understanding and academic skills.

Author Workshop - Katrina Nannestad

On Tuesday 30 August we were pleased to welcome Katrina Nannestad, an award-winning middle years author of humour, adventure, action, mystery and history stories. Her works 'Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief’ and ‘We Are Wolves’ are available in our Library, and are suitable for younger high school readers. Both are historical fiction, highlighting young people’s experiences of war in an uplifting and ultimately hopeful manner.

Katrina facilitated two workshops with us. The first was with a group of keen Year 8 and 9 students focused on developing a fictional character. Katrina led students to creating well-rounded and believable characters giving advice about how to ‘drop seeds into the story to keep the reader curious’. The students were enthusiastic and engaged in their writing, and built on the skills they have been developing in their English classes.

Our Loreto Shadow Judges have spent a good portion of the year reading the shortlisted novels on the CBCA’s Younger Readers shortlist. They voted for their favourite, and Katrina Nannestad won hands down. It was fantastic to be able to engage her as our guest speaker for our extended Book Week celebrations. She spent her second session with the Loreto Shadow Judges discussing the CBCA criteria used to consider the merit of historical fiction (her novel ‘Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief’ received an Honour Award in 2022). Students understood the importance of balancing historical accuracy with an entertaining yet respectful narrative. There was rich discussion about ‘what makes a timeless book’.

We are very grateful for this opportunity and commend the students who put themselves forward for this extension session.

Loreto English Live Performances

August was a month of live performances for our Loreto English students, with skilled actors bringing their studied texts to life. Year 11 students viewed ‘The Crucible’, Year 10 students engaged in a workshop for ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and the Year 8 students enjoyed selected scenes from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Year 8 students Isabella Mclean and Mabel Barrett have written the following report.

On Friday the 19th of August the Year 8’s were fortunate to see a production of “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, a play by William Shakespeare, performed by Eagle's Nest Productions'. We are currently studying this play in our English classes. This experience was fun, very entertaining and helped us further understand the plot of the play. The performers showed us select scenes from the play and asked us questions to make sure we knew what was happening.

We really enjoyed this as they made it fun and entertaining for our age group. It was engaging which we were grateful for because at our age it is hard to keep us interested, plus they made it easy to understand the Shakespearian language used in the play. They workshopped, discussed and helped us explore certain aspects of scenes. The actors in this production were very amusing and committed to their characters.

We all found this production very useful, creative and all-around a very entertaining experience.

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Arts Learning Festival Student Poetry Competition

Congratulations to Year 7 student, Eliza Ashby who recently won a prize in the ISV Arts Learning Festival Student Poetry Competition for the following poem:

Worlds Apart

We run through fields without a care
They dig down in mines, as far as they dare
We live lives filled with love and laughter ringing in our ears
They work till they die, lives ending, even in the earliest years
We lie warm in our beds, sweet kisses goodnight
They collapse on cement, mourning their plight
Closed windows, locked doors, safety not a second thought
Dark alleys, shadows lurking, danger prowls the night unfought
We stand giggling in a group, ready for class after a rest
They march in a line, guns held tight across their chest
We learn in classrooms laden with countless possibilities
They forage the streets laden with rubbish and hostilities
We cover in clothes, fashion pulled from our phones
They exist in threadbare rags, hanging limp from their bones
We walk with thick soles beneath our soft feet
They run bare and calloused along the heartless street
Innocent to the turmoil in a world far away,
It is happening to them each and everyday
Oblivious to the luck of which we have won
We must advocate for them; each and every one.


Maths Faculty News

Ms Paula Wheaton (Faculty Leader Maths)
CAS Calculators

As a way of keeping costs down the Mathematics department has organised a bulk purchase of the Casio Classpad which is the required calculator for all Maths subjects from Year 9 to Year 12 with the exception of Maths For Living and Foundation Mathematics. The cost of the calculator, if purchased through this bulk order, is about $20 lower than the price on the booklist and you will also receive a free padded case and extended warranty which represents pretty good value.

Please see the attachment for details on how to access the online portal to order the calculator.

If you have any questions about this please make contact via email - pwheaton@loreto.vic.edu.au - or by phone at Loreto.


Language Faculty News

Mrs Yoshie Burrows
Language Oral Exams - Our Big Day is Over!

The French Oral Exam was held Thursday 6 October and the Japanese Second Language Oral Exam was held on Wednesday 12 October. Most came out of the exam room with big smiles and relief. It was nice to hear comments like, "All of our preparations paid off!" Some felt they could have done a little more practice, but they said it was a rewarding experience.

In order to help make nervous students relax, they were promised Pokky chocolate if they made the assessors laugh. Lana Dodd and Catherine Curtis managed to do so. Tahlia Ciappara said she felt accomplished speaking Japanese, and preparing for this oral exam made her more confident for job interviews. It was lovely to see the students treating this exam in such a positive way.

Many thanks to our dedicated tutors for their assistance.


Year 10 News

Ms Bonnie Townsend
Year 10 Pathway to Employment Program
By Ava Reeve (Year 10)

Last term I had the chance to participate in the workplace elective. We were taught about how to present ourselves in a professional way. To look professional for interviews, we started by learning various haircuts and approaches. We had the chance to test out these hairdos on both our peers and ourselves. We learned a number of methods that really encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zones and attempt new things. I learned that not every hairstyle suits everyone during this process, so having to experiment with several looks on myself until I discovered the one that worked best for me definitely forced me outside of my comfort zone. After this rotation, we started studying cosmetics and how to get a sophisticated, natural look. We were given things to test out in order to enhance our natural beauty. After that, representatives from Cafs Thread Together Program came to talk to us on how to dress and brought items for us to put together an outfit suitable for an interview. When the entire process was over, we all participated in mock interviews. This gave us all practice and feedback, which was incredibly beneficial. This program was enjoyable for me, and I would recommend it to others. Not only is it a bit of fun, but it is also really insightful.

001284 (Large)

Co-Curricular Debating & Public Speaking News

Mrs Tammy Vandenberg (Co-Curricular Debating & Public Speaking Leader)
Royal South Street Debating Grand Final

It was a wonderful result for our debating students at Royal South Street in September. Our Year 9/10 and 11/12 students won their debates against incredibly tough opposition. The topics were 'The ABC is relevant for young people today' and 'A publicly funded ABC is more important than ever for Australian Democracy'. Our students successfully debated the affirmative side of these ideas.  Lucy Eales was awarded Runner-up Best Speaker for Year 9/10 and Ann Mary Chalakkal was awarded Best Speaker for year 11/12.

Congratulations to our Year 7/8 team for making it to the grand final!


Co-Curricular Sports News

Ms Whitney Beseler (Co-Curricular Sport Leader)
Term 4 BAS Sport

We are underway with Term 4 Sport. Thank you to all students and staff who are involved in the following sports this term:

Tuesday              Intermediate Tennis

Wednesday       Croquet & Junior Tennis

Thursday            Junior Cricket & Year 10 Netball

A reminder to families to please consent to your child’s PAM permission form and we advise that pick up time from all matches is 5.00pm. Students are reminded to access all game information via the Microsoft Teams channel they have been subscribed too.

Wishing players and their coaches a great term of Sport!


Library News

Ms Meghan Douglas (Director of Library Services)

The Library is as active as ever as we enter into the final term of the year. Our Writers’ Group, Book Club, and Shadow Judges continue to meet and share their love of stories and the written word. Lunchtimes are crowded with people taking a quiet moment for themselves, playing games, doing puzzles, chatting with friends, and, of course, reading! To support this, we have had an exciting influx of new novels, which you can view (and reserve!) on our library catalogue: https://library.loreto.vic.edu.au/oliver/home/news 

This time of year is also busy “behind the scenes” in the Library. We’ve been working with Faculty Heads to get the booklist ready for 2023. It has been very exciting to see some of the changes in study designs and unit plans, and the care and thought that our teaching staff put into selecting the resources that will best support their students’ learning. 

Our VCE Year 12s are turning their focus to their upcoming exams, and VCAL to finalising their program, and as a result the study periods have become very focused. We’ve set up our annual farewell display, wishing all of our 12s the best of luck as they come to the end of their time here with us. We have used the kite motif that has been connected with our Year of Freedom, emphasising the skills these young people have developed to soar, as well as the joy that can be found as they approach a new age of freedom in their own lives. We have included an excerpt from the 2022 Freedom Prayer, written by Loreto students around the country, which reflects our hopes for our Year 12s as they move to the next stage of their lives: “May we say yes to the wholeness of life, and choose the good each day”. We hope that their eyes and hearts are open to the richness, joy, new horizons, and the astonishing good that the world offers them, and we wish them all the best on their journey.

New and fabulous Dystopian and Fantasy YA stories:

Future Girl

DYSTOPIAN. Piper's mum wants her to be 'normal', to pass as hearing and get a good job. But when peak oil hits and Melbourne lurches towards environmental catastrophe, Piper has more important things to worry about, such as how to get food. When she meets Marley, a CODA (child of Deaf adult), a door opens into a new world - where Deafness is something to celebrate rather than hide, and where resilience is created through growing your own food rather than it being delivered on a truck. As she dives into learning Auslan, sign language that is exquisitely beautiful and expressive, Piper finds herself falling hard for Marley. But Marley, who has grown up in the Deaf community yet is not Deaf, is struggling to find his place in the hearing world. How can they be together?


The Snow Laundry

DYSTOPIAN. The Administration has taken control of the country, and everything has changed for the city's homeless youth. Now they are forced to work in the Towers, with no hope of escape. Seventeen-year-old Ally works long, hard hours in the laundry and is resigned to her fate. She can even cope with the cruelty of the guards, because living in the Towers is still better than the tunnels where she used to live. But as lavish birthday preparations are in full swing for the Towers' charismatic overseer, Ally's boyfriend, Bon, vanishes without a trace. In her desperate search to find him, Ally is caught up in a deadly plot by the Administration. And now she wants answers. What has happened to Bon? And why did he leave behind a drawing of a moth?


Spin the Dawn

FANTASY. Maia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she can hope for is to marry well. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a tailor of renown, to court, Maia poses as a boy and takes his place. She knows her life is forfeit if her secret is discovered, but she'll take that risk to achieve her dream and save her family from ruin. There's just one catch: Maia is one of twelve tailors vying for the job. Backstabbing and lies run rampant as the tailors compete in challenges to prove their artistry and skill. Maia's task is further complicated when she draws the attention of the court magician, Edan, whose piercing eyes seem to see straight through her disguise. And nothing could have prepared her for the final challenge: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor's reluctant bride-to-be, from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars. With this impossible task before her, she embarks on a journey to the far reaches of the kingdom, seeking the sun, the moon, and the stars, and finding more than she ever could have imagined.

Happy Reading!


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Career News

Ms Jodie Howlett (Careers Coordinator)
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Loreto Community Notices

First Aid Information

Preparing for epidemic thunderstorm asthma

Everyone in the community should know the signs and symptoms of asthma, and know the four steps of asthma first aid so they know what to do if they or someone is having an asthma attack.

Thunderstorm asthma can affect those with asthma or hay fever - especially people who experience wheezing or coughing with their hay fever.

All people at increased risk of thunderstorm asthma should:

  • learn about epidemic thunderstorm asthma and what you can do to help protect yourself and those in your care during the grass pollen season
  • check the epidemic thunderstorm asthma risk forecast daily
  • where possible, avoid being outside during thunderstorms from October through December – especially in the wind gusts that come before the storm. Go inside and close your doors and windows, and if you have your air conditioner on, turn it to recirculate
  • have an asthma action plan (if you have asthma) and have practical knowledge of the four steps of asthma first aid
  • have reliever medication appropriately available in grass pollen season and be aware of how to use it (ideally with a spacer)
  • be alert to and act on the development of asthma symptoms as explained in your asthma action plan (if you have one), or if you don’t, use asthma first aid.
  • If you have asthma symptoms see your doctor for advice

More information about protecting yourself if you have asthma can be found on the Better Health Channel.

What do the forecasts mean?

The epidemic thunderstorm asthma risk forecast will operate between 1 October and 31 December. It combines the forecasting of a certain uncommon type of thunderstorm and grass pollen levels across Victoria.

It spans three days (today, tomorrow and the day after) and uses a colour-coded scale from low to high risk: green (low), orange (moderate) and red (high).

  • A low-risk (green) forecast means that the elements necessary for an epidemic thunderstorm asthma event are not expected and an event is unlikely.
  • A moderate risk (orange) forecast means that one of the elements necessary for an event may be present (i.e. a high pollen forecast or a severe thunderstorm storm with strong winds) and there is a moderate chance of an epidemic thunderstorm asthma event occurring.
  • A high-risk (red) forecast means that a high pollen forecast and severe thunderstorm(s) with strong winds are likely to be present increasing the risk of an epidemic thunderstorm asthma event occurring.

Forecasts are not a formal 'warning' and are designed to inform people at risk that they should be prepared. The forecast only indicates whether the chance of an epidemic thunderstorm asthma event occurring is increased – a higher forecast does not mean that an event is certain to happen, nor does a lower forecast mean that an event will not happen.

The forecasting system is also not designed to forecast the risk of individuals experiencing asthma and hay fever symptoms, which occur every year during the grass pollen season.

On a high-risk day the department will issue up-to-date relevant advice and warnings on the  VicEmergency warning  platform.

The forecast for the current day is only updated once at approximately 12:30pm, any further updates (such as public advice and warnings) will be posted on the VicEmergency website and app.

Update Medical Details

Please ensure your daughter's PAM medical account details are up to date to assist with the treatment of your daughter at school.

It’s a requirement to have up-to-date Anaphylaxis and Asthma plans uploaded to your daughter's account. If your daughter has Asthma ticked in PAM, she MUST have an Asthma Action plan for the adequate treatment. Please contact your local GP to complete a new plan if it has expired.

Please email Carly Pitts for further assistance


Loreto College Outdoor Sports Bundles & Chairs

The Friends of Rowing support group are currently selling Outdoor Sports Bundles and Chairs. The ‘once off’ items may be very useful for all outdoor sports and camps, and are available to all students, staff and families of the College. All funds raised from sales are going towards the Loreto Ballarat Rowing Program.

We have extended the order time, and the Sports Bundles and Chairs must be ordered Friday 28 October at 9am and we are aiming for arrival of orders by Friday 25 November.  See flyer attached.

Link to order is: https://www.trybooking.com/CCXJA

Friends Of Rowing Fundraiser Flyer (3)1024 1
Canteen Roster Term 4

Thursday 13 October 12-2pm
Claire Walsh

Friday 14 October 12-2pm

Thursday 20 October 12-2pm
Julia Pannan
Kerri Glenton

Friday 21 October 12-2pm

Thursday 27 October 12-2pm
Jacqui Howlett

Friday 28 October 12-2pm
Lisa Vowels
Bernie Wise

Thursday 3 November 12-2pm
Kim Sims
Trish Brown

Friday 4 November 12-2pm
Julie Boyd
Sharyn Kennedy

Thursday 10 November 12-2pm
Claire Walsh

Friday 11 November 12-2pm
Sharon Janson

Thursday 17 November 12-2pm
Julia Pannan

Friday 18 November 12-2pm
Wendy Grant
Cara McLoon

All volunteers must have current working with children’s check and the 3rd vaccination status (all info must be provided when requested)

Please contact Jacqui Lamb (Canteen Manager) for any inquiries at jlamb@loreto.vic.edu.au

Canteen volunteers needed for 2023

Shift available on Thursday or Friday 12-2pm (shifts rotate to once a month or one term).

Please contact Jacqui Lamb via jlamb@loreto.vic.edu.au if you'd like to volunteer or would like to learn more.

Mount Clear Cricket Club - Come and join!

Mount Clear Cricket Club has another exciting cricket season ahead comprising all junior divisions including our growing girl's pathway, Blasters for girls and boys which is aimed at beginners and our exciting new All-Abilities program for kids and young people with a disability - we are thrilled to be able to offer this program.

Our growing Women's program is also going well for any students, teachers or mums/aunts who are keen to play cricket for the first time or to get back into cricket after a break.

For more information:
Junior Co-ordinator (Steve Young: 0439 658 219)

Loreto College Policies

The College is in the process of updating and publishing a range of relevant policies and procedures. The policies most applicable to families are accessible on the Loreto website.

Screenshot (216)

Finance News

Conveyance Allowance 2022

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance, a student must reside 4.8km or more from the College.

Application forms are available at Main Reception or click on the following link, which also provides additional information.

Please note that in 2022 parents who successfully applied and received the Conveyance allowance in 2021 are not required to complete a new application form unless their details have changed – address, mode of transport, etc.

However, to submit a claim Myki receipts or statements or other bus company receipts must be received by the end of each term.


Any enquiries please email accounts@loreto.vic.edu.au

Important Dates

Please keep an eye out on PAM, the Loreto College App, website and social media for any scheduled events.

For the full Loreto Events Calendar please visit via the Loreto College Ballarat app or https://pam.loreto.vic.edu.au/Login/Default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f


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