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From the College Co-Captains

Madeleine Palmer & Casey Dodd

There are no words to convey how incredibly lucky we feel to have represented the school this year as College Co-Captains. We are extraordinarily proud of our community, overcoming the challenges of covid and remote learning, and contributing to the infectious Loreto spirit we have felt so strongly.

Whilst this year was full of uncertainty, we take the opportunity to celebrate what we were able to achieve and involve ourselves in this year - including our annual GB Day and Walkathon, Swimming and Athletics Carnival, Harmony Day, Pride Day and the Loreto Production. These days, and every day in between, are what make our Loreto journey so memorable.

It has been uplifting to see fellow students from other year levels around campus as Victoria staggers the return to face-to-face learning. We are grateful for the opportunity to be in the classroom as we approach the end of our school year. We have so much gratitude for our Loreto education, and are appreciative of those who have helped us along the way. Loreto’s vibrant, creatively diverse and dynamic environment means that no matter who you are or where your interests lie, everyone is able to flourish.

While of course we are sad that our time at Loreto is coming to an end, we send our best wishes to the incoming College Co-Captains, Sophie and Jaime, and the 2022 Senate. We know that you will lead the Loreto community with such enthusiasm and joy, and encapsulate the value of Freedom. And to the Class of 2022, we hope that your final year is truly memorable, and we know you will achieve great things.

Thank you, to our Loreto community, for entrusting us with the role of 2021 co-captains and we hope you also look back on this year with felicity. Loreto will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we are eager to see where the next chapter takes us.

Yesterday, our Year 12s finished their final day at Loreto! For Celebration Day, the Year 12s were greeted with breakfast before we filmed them receiving their flower crowns in the Chapel. We couldn't forget to exchange survival buckets with our Year 11s too. To finish off the day we heard from our Co-College Captains and had a beautiful concert in the front gardens over lunch where we had some very talented performances.

We are so proud of the resilient Class of 2021 who have missed out on a lot of what 2020 and 2021 had to offer them. We can't wait to witness all the great things they will go on to achieve beyond the front gates of Loreto. We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2021 at their Graduation Ceremony in November.


From the Director of Faith & Mission

Mrs Felicity Knobel

Our jubilee graduation crowns are a tradition that our students anticipate at Loreto College Ballarat. The Covid 19 pandemic may have changed, disrupted and even cancelled many things for our Loreto community, however, it would take more than a global pandemic to cancel our graduation celebrations and all important crowns. 

With thanks to Robin Scott and Theresa Cronk who are the archivists at our Loreto Province Archive Centre who provided information about our crowns. 

Our Jubilee Crowns: A short history

Our Jubilee crowns that will be given to our graduates today have a long history. They were traditionally given to Sisters reaching significant anniversaries. Sisters were presented with a crown of flowers and a staff to represent their achievements of age and wisdom. This tradition didn’t come from Ireland and therefore must have been an innovation by Mother Gonzaga Barry with the first mention in the school magazine Eucalyptus Blossoms in December 1887. 

Traditionally Loreto students who had been students for seven years would become the student Jubilarian at the end of the year and were crowned at a jubilee ceremony. The first mention of jubilarians being crowned with a floral wreath is made in ‘Eucalyptus Blossoms’ of 1910.

In 1966 the Provincial (Province Leader) considered altering the requirements to achieve the all important Jubilee as it was becoming out of many people’s grasp. She proposed that it be focused on the group of school leavers as a whole. Therefore in 1966, Jubilarians came to include those who had been to Loreto parish primary schools, those who came to Dawson and those who were six years as boarders. 


A staff member Angela Rodoni shared her own memories of being a Jubilarian at Loreto College.

I managed to “sneak” in as a Jubilarian in our Centenary year as a Year 12 student as technically I was a day girl who attended Loreto 5 weeks short of the required and much prized 7 Years!!. My family moved from Maldon to Ballarat in March 1969 and I started at Loreto after buying my uniform at Myers (Hat, gloves, thick stockings and a canvas school bag with 2 leather handles!) Boarders were Jubilarians at 6 years of boarding. Our Grade 6 Class doubled to 44 in Year 7 – so in those days, 16 or so day girls were not allowed to sit in the Year 12 Mass with the Jubilarians. You were very special to be a jubilarian!

The sisters or some mothers (I certainly don’t remember school mates sitting around making our crowns) made our crowns from the flowers in Loreto’s fabulous gardens – my crown was largely made of camelias from the quadrangle area or front driveway I suspect.

There was a special Mass in the Chapel; I suppose it was our Final Year 12 Mass (as all 60+ of us as Year 12’s fitted in there easily with our parents and the sisters used the elevated side areas in the Chapel with special “fronts seats on the left for the Jubilarians who sat in order of length of attendance at Loreto (some of my girlfriends were at Loreto from Kindergarten (The Archives Centre) to Year 12 (The current staffroom) 13 years!!! I sat last!!!

As a Catholic school we teach our students about symbols in our faith. Our Year 7s at present are learning about our Sacraments of Initiation and the symbols that are part of our rituals. Our crowns are a symbol of us as Loreto people. Our students look beautiful as they are crowned, there is no doubting this. Those crowns represent that you become one of the graduates that walk proudly in the footsteps of many that have come before you. Our role model is Mary Ward who walked confidently in the steps of Jesus. We are called to bring freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity to our world. We are the voice of the voiceless and advocates for those that are less fortunate. Our crown is worn proudly and confidently and we know that we are sending out graduates that are going to change our world. 


A Blessing for Our Graduates

May they discover holiness in the midst of life's blessings as well life's challenges.

May they conduct their future studies, and life's work with exceptional skill and integrity, inspired to walk in the footsteps of all Loreto people that have come before them and especially our founder Mary Ward.

May God bless them and keep them safe.


College News


Arts Faculty News

Ms Stephanie Greet (Faculty Leader The Arts)
Curiouser and Curiouser

Last week The Loreto Curiouser and Curiouser VCE Visual Art Exhibition launched live and virtually. This exhibition celebrates the artworks created by current students studying Art, Studio Arts and Media in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). The highly anticipated live VCE Exhibition Opening and Media Showcase was reinvented as an evening class sessions for students only, with a homegrown Loreto Virtual Exhibition Opening later in the week to the Loreto community via the Loreto website and social media.  

This exhibition is a great reminder of the importance of studying The Arts, as an area of study, supports the development of creativity, innovation and communication; skills which have been identified as essential for preparing students for jobs of their future. Students are required to use higher order and critical thinking skills, such as synthesis and reason to create original works. Detailed planning and development skills are paramount to success. VCE Art Students explore, sketch and develop ideas, technical and technological skills, techniques and pursue directions and document their process in their folio. They follow production processes; script, storyboard, organise film sets and talent. Whichever art form, it is a lengthy, practical and intellectual process which is highly challenging and requires complex problem-solving skills.  These valuable life skills travel with the students into their tertiary studies and the workforce.  

I would like to thank Ms Esta Bourke-Finn, Mr Michael Walsh and Ms Alex Davison for leading and facilitating our young artists to high levels of artistic expression and refinement. In 2021, teachers have again worked tirelessly to problem solve and fire up creative spirits, strained from another year of challenge. I know the students are grateful for their kind and gentle encouragement during the more intense weeks and the speed to which their teachers responded to their changing needs. I would also like to thank Ms Janine Ronaldson for her preparation of take-home remote learning resources, her patience and attention to detail in the curatorship of the exhibition.  Thanks also to Narelle Mulrooney for all her creative and organisational input in the development of the catalogue and virtual exhibition.  

What is most worthwhile in attending exhibitions by young people is the opportunity to develop appreciation of their worldview, their artworks are diverse, personal and critical and students share much of themselves in their work. We are fortunate to be allowed into the very core of our senior students' minds and consider the deep messages in their works. To finally see the works presented is, for the students, relieving, nerve-wrecking and a source of pride. Curiouser and Curiouser celebrates the diversity, creativity and fortitude of our VCE artists, who have been able to produce high quality artworks underever-changing circumstances. Congratulations, Loreto Artists, you made it!  

Please take a moment to view the exhibition.

We would like to acknowledge the following artists whose work has been acknowledged with an award:

Printmaking Award - Gemma Vowles 

Sculpture Award - Abbey Pierce 

Drawing Award - Isabelle Martino 

Painting Award - Mia Litras 

Textiles Award - Gabi Dewar 

Producer's Award: Juels Valpied

Outstanding 2D - Emma Hill

Outstanding 3D - Chelsea Hayes 

Outstanding Mixed Media - Emma Taylor

Most Innovative Technique - Abbey Ellerton 

Best Screenplay: Claira Constable 

Best Editing: Hannah Sergeant-Crowe

Eric Marshall Catholic Superannuation Fund Award  - Gemma Richardson 

Best Video Production - Grace Toohey

Faculty Award - (Most Outstanding Artwork) - Isabella Henning - Art


Sports Faculty News

Ms Gabi Howard (Co-Curricular Sports Leader)

Last Friday we began the day with our 2021 Sports Awards during Mentor Group, celebrating the dedication shown by many of our students to the Loreto College Sporting Program.

Throughout this video, we recognised our premiership teams, our student coaches and umpires, those who received the Commitment Cup (a student who has been committed to playing a minimum of 3 BAS Afterschool Sports across 3 Terms), the record-breaking performance of 2021 as well as our 2021 Sportswoman Awards, Senior Sport Award and Olympic Change Maker Award.

Congratulations to all recipients and to everyone who was involved in the many sporting opportunities available throughout 2021.

2021 Sportswoman Awards

Year 7 Sportswoman Award - Zarli Brudenall & Tannah Castles

Year 8 Sportswoman Award - Cate Connell

Year 9 Sportswoman Award - Rosie Hunt & Bella Davies

Year 10 Sportswoman Award - Kailah Scott & Tess Squire

Year 11 Sportswoman Award - Gemma Hanrahan

Year 12 Sportswoman Award - Casey Dodd

Senior Sport Award - Sarah Cushing

Olympic Change Maker Award - Darcy Plumridge

Record-Breaking Performances

Abbey Pierce - Open 50m Freestyle (26.59 sec) and Open 50m Breastroke (35.88 sec)

Grace Crowe - Year 7 Long Jump (4.59m) and Year 7 Triple Jump (9.33m)

Summer Jenkins - Year 7 Triple Jump (9.33m)

Taleisha Wise - Year 11 Javelin (31.78m)



Mrs Jill Wheatland (VCAL Leader)

It's been a huge two weeks in our VCAL program completing final presentations, preparing dignity packs, a barista course and building a base for a pizza oven! Just to mention of few things that have been going on in the Little Flower space!

Our Year 11 VCAL students also catered and served a special lunch for our graduating Year 12 VCAL students this week. With a bit of an 80s themed event, the students and staff enjoyed a fabulous lunch and a wee bit of 80s karaoke


House News

Mrs Sarah Allitt (Mornane House Leader)

The Year 12 students of 2021 have been an integral part of the House system for all of their years at the College. We had a chance to thank them for their contributions over the years, and wish them all the best for their future adventures- whatever they may be! Each student received a token of appreciation from their House Leader, and we gave a special thanks to those students who held House leadership positions. We look forward to congratulating our House leaders for 2022 when we have a chance to gather as a whole House later in the year.

- Sarah on behalf of the House Leaders


Library News

Mrs Sarah Lane (Library Officer)

Monday marked the last formal day of classes for our Year 12s. We’ve loved sharing their learning journey with them throughout their time at Loreto, particularly over the last twelve months. Every year the Library team come together to create a special display in celebration of this huge milestone and we weren’t going to let the class of 2021 down. During the term break we created a series of indoor gardens and, using the students’ school photos, turned each one of them into a flower. This was accompanied by giant, handmade, crepe paper flowers and a poster of their year level photo with the words, “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

The students flower photos are a gift from the Library team and students are welcome to take their ‘flower-selves’ home after their last exam. We wish all the Year 12s the very best in both their exams and their journey ahead.

The Library Team



Career News

Ms Jodie Howlett (Careers Coordinator)
In this week's Career News:
  • Year 11 students- University of Melbourne Hansen Scholarship
  • Interested in forensic science?
  • Demand for ‘soft skills’ in future workplaces
  • Defence Force – upcoming virtual career events
  • Music careers guide – over 75 occupations showcased!
  • Sign up to Year13 – your guide to life after school
  • Australia National University – new Mathematics requirements for entry
  • Focus on engineering
  • Outdoor education courses
  • Swinburne University – new Bachelor of Arts course
  • RMIT University – parent information session
  • VCE exam-cram weekend – Units 3+4 STEM subjects
STEM Like a Girl Masterclass

The STEM Like a Girl Masterclass is a one hour webinar, inviting girls to learn about all the incredible things the industry has to offer.

When: Wednesday 27th October from 6.00pm until 7.00pm

Where: Zoom (a link will be e-mailed when you register).

The webinar is FREE and the link to register is STEM Like a Girl — career pathways to change the world, Hosted online, 27th of October | Humanitix


Loreto Community Notices

2022 Shoe Guide - The Athlete's Foot

Please click on the button below to download The Athlete's Foot 2022 Shoe Guide which includes shoes that meet the school uniform policy. Each time you buy a pair of shoes $5 is donated back to the school through their School Rewards program.

Athletes Foot
Faull's Shoes - Back to School Brochure 2022

Please click on the button below to download the Faull's Shoes Back to School brochure which features 20% off Clarks and Harrison school shoes.

Loreto College Policies

The College is in the process of updating and publishing a range of relevant policies and procedures. The policies most applicable to families are accessible on the Loreto website.

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Finance News

Conveyance Allowance 2021

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

Important Dates

Due to the unpredictability of the current COVID-19 situation, please keep an eye out on PAM, the Loreto College App, website and social media for any updates to scheduled events.

For the full Loreto Events Calendar please visit via the Loreto College Ballarat app or https://pam.loreto.vic.edu.au/Login/Default.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f

Wednesday 20 October
  • Year 7 2023 Webinar - Information Evening
Monday 1 November
  • Student Free Day
Tuesday 2 November
  • Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Friday 26 November
  • Year 11 Final Day
Friday 3 December
  • Year 7 to 10 Final Day