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Leadership News


From the Principal

Ms Michelle Brodrick
Mother’s Day Prayer - written by Ann Chalakkal

God of Creation, 

With eternal gratitude, We give thanks for all mothers,

Whose gracious hands joined with yours for the miracle of life.

Your endless love flows through the gentle embrace of a mother. 

A mother,    

Whose love never falters, whose unyielding courage blazes the path ahead. 

A mother, as radiant as the sun, with constant fond endeavour.

We pray for all mothers,

May their lives be filled with an abundance of joy 

May they be comforted in times of pain and suffering

And where words cannot fully express the depths of our appreciation

May they feel the unconditional love and reverence we hold. 

For our closest companions, our guides, and our inspirations, 

Let us strive to always remind them and ourselves, 

Their immeasurable significance within our lives.



Ann and her mum

For this newsletter our two College Captains, Bridget Bales and Alexandra Grieve have written about our Mother’s Day celebration and the meaning of Mother’s Day. Thank you to the Past Pupil’s Association for selling candles and other merchandise with proceeds going to Mary Ward International Australia (MWIA). MWIA supports the Loreto sisters and their colleagues in their mission to work with women and communities to transform unjust structures and reduce poverty and oppression. 

Words from Bridget Bales and Alexandra Grieve (Loreto College Captains 2023)

With Mother’s Day approaching, last Saturday we held our annual celebration of our wonderful Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers and other significant female figures that we strongly value in our worlds. We invited these significant people in our lives to come along and celebrate all they do for us on a daily basis, and within our Loreto community, the event was held in our beautiful chapel. The liturgy was beautifully organised by Mr Jarrod Ryan and several students across all year levels, including an amazing musical performance from our Yr 7 student Freya and her Dad, Tom.  

Following the liturgy, it was lovely to spend time and chat with students, staff and other special people whilst enjoying afternoon tea, also spending time with the Loreto Past Pupil’s Association and enjoying their gifts, ending the day with a Mother’s Day raffle.  

Mother’s Day is very important to us all and a reminder in time to give back to our Mothers and significant others for all they do for us, acknowledging their influence on us by showing our love and gratitude towards them. We both share a close relationship with our Mums and can recognise how they have been key people in shaping us into the women we are today, to carry out our current role of Loreto College Captains. 

The qualities our Mothers have shown to us is the impact and gift of kindness, trust, honesty, empowerment and an abundance of love that we bring everyday to the LC community. We have huge amounts of appreciation and admiration for our Mums who have always been our biggest supporters and mentors, inspiring us every day and continuing to be the key role models in our lives.


From the Deputy Principal

Mrs Chris Shaw

One of the things I have found most striking about Loreto schools is the shared lived values and the connections they create. These values of Felicity, Freedom, Justice, Sincerity and Verity underpin Mary Ward’s spirituality defining our educational approach and our global service. This year in our year of Justice we are expanding our understanding of equity, participation, diversity, and human rights. This gives us all a reminder to look beyond ourselves, strengthen our connections and do things that better the lives of others.

We began this term with solemn contemplation with a number of Year 12 students attending the ANZAC Dawn Service in Ballarat and all of our students and staff taking part in our own ANZAC memorial service here at Loreto. Taking time to deeply reflect on occasions such as these remind us of the sacrifices of others and of our role in the wider community. It also helps our students understand the concept of ‘mateship’ in a contemporary context. Our mateship or friendship extends to doing things for others and looking far beyond ourselves. Loreto students have a long history of service for others and this value is something we continue to instil in our students.

Last Friday, Year 12 students enjoyed their annual Formal. The event was a wonderful celebration and students enjoyed being together as a cohort. Post-COVID, these are events our students do not take for granted. These moments of rites of passage live with our students long after they leave the gates of Loreto and have been lived in many ways throughout our history. It was a joy to listen to stories of past school dances from those celebrating their 50th reunion last weekend and I’m sure the current Year 12s will share some noteworthy stories about their schooling when their reunions come around.

This week, Year 10s are on camp at Camp Jungai near Lake Eildon. This is an adventure filled camp where students step outside of their comfort zone developing new skills, take supported risks and develop relationships. All camps are a part of our curriculum and are essential components of building resilient approaches to new life activities.

At the end of last term selected crews attended the Australian Rowing Championships in Perth. The results were nothing short of outstanding with the largest contingent of Loreto rowers we have ever taken to this National event. All crews rowed their hearts out in their races with our Senior 1st Crew narrowly missing out on a medal. Our Intermediate Crew, competing in a borrowed 8 boat rowing together as one for only a few training sessions before making the trip to Champion Lakes, were up against the best in the country. To be the only Victorian team to make it to the final and then to claim bronze was an outstanding effort. We are proud of all athletes who competed for Loreto as well as those who represented their clubs. They were shining examples of the result of hard work and dedication.

Under 19 Women's Coxed Eight                             Semi-final          6th

Under 17 Women's Coxed Quadruple Scull 1sts     Semi-final       3rd

Under 17 Women's Coxed Quadruple Scull 2nds    Semi-final       5th

Schoolgirl's Coxed Four 1sts                               A Final                 4th

Schoolgirl's Coxed Four 2nds                              B Final                 6th

Under 17 Schoolgirl's Coxed Eight                          A Final                 3rd Bronze

Congratulations and thanks to our Coaches and support staff; Craig Smith, Barry Halsall, Lucy O'Loughlin, Stef Seeary and Amy Foley.

LC MFL Email Header

In the coming weeks we look forward to the School Production of My Fair Lady and can’t wait to see you there. This we know will be a brilliant showcase of the Performing Arts. The efforts that go on behind the scenes for months prior to the shows are hard to quantify but those of us in the audience are treated to a polished performance that makes it look effortless. I know this is far from the truth and commend those students who take on all manner of responsibility to make sure the show is first class. Roles on stage, the ensembles, dancers or running back-stage, helps them gain from this experience strengthens their teamwork. Such connections formed now build to life-long skills we see transform young people.


From the Assistant Principal: Learning & Innovation

Ms Em Shanahan
Learning and Innovation

We want our students to thrive. In a world where we are exposed to so much information across the course of a day, we have become accustomed to instant access to any knowledge we seek. This can pose challenges for students when they are faced with a demanding mathematics problem, or generate frustration when they are not sure how to proceed with writing an extended response.

Learning at Loreto College is designed to stump our students. We want them to be puzzled. We want them to have to problem solve. We want them to know that the discomfort that comes when we aren’t sure how to proceed is actually a wonderful, positive sign that are brains are re-wiring and adapting to new situations.

Our students will always have support and guidance, but we are not going to flatten the ground to remove all bumps along the way. Learning happens in many different ways, and we will shift between direct instruction and inquiry-based approaches so that our students can succeed in different environments. Success will look different for each student, as each is unique with their own gifts to offer the world.

As we move into assessment and examination periods, it is well worth us being guided by the wisdom and insight of Elsa from Frozen.

“Show yourself. Step into the power.”

When the going gets tough, we know that our Loreto students can rise to the challenge, use their experience and skills, and do their very best. To do one’s own very best is an outstanding achievement.

General Achievement Test (GAT)

The General Achievement Test (GAT) is a pen-and-paper test of general knowledge and skills taken by students in the course of completing their senior secondary studies. The GAT plays an important role in the quality assurance of VCE Assessments and also provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate that they meet the Victorian Literacy and Numeracy Standards expected at a senior secondary level. No special study is needed. Past study of subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and History prepares students for the GAT by building their general knowledge and skills in writing, numeracy and reasoning.

The GAT takes place on 15 June 2023. Any student completing a Unit 3/4 subject, including a Unit 3/4 scored VET unit, is required to sit the GAT. More information is available in the General Achievement Test 2023 Information for Students provided by the VCAA.

End of Semester Examinations

There are no semester examinations for students in Years 7 – 9. Semester Examinations for students in Year 10 and Year 11 provide an opportunity for students to develop the skills required for external VCE Examinations at the end of Unit 3/4 studies.

Examination Period

Thursday, 8 June through to Friday, 16 June 2023. All Year 10 students have an at-home study day on Thursday, 15 June. Year 11 students completing a Unit 3/4 subject are required to sit the GAT on Thursday, 15 June. All other Year 11 students have an at-home study day.

The Examination Schedule for each year level will be distributed to parents and students early next week. We encourage students to create a rigorous, yet realistic, study timetable so that they are well prepared across the coming weeks ahead of the examinations.

Edstart Achievement Awards Program

Edstart’s Achievement Awards Program is an opportunity for students to be recognised in an area they are passionate about. Students at Loreto College are very creative and innovative, with great ideas about how to make our world a better place. We would like to encourage interested students to read more about the Edstart Achievement Awards Program, and submit an application to be in the running to receive a $1,500 grant to fund a project, initiative or training related to their area of interest. Submissions can relate to any of the following categories:

  • Technology and innovation
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Performing and visual arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sport and physical wellbeing
  • Social impact

Nominations close 9 June 2023.

College News

LC Uniform Donations Ad1
221013 0302 (Medium)

Student Leadership News

4EK Run

Yesterday was dedicated to raising awareness for Meningococcal awareness in memory of Emma-Kate McGrath (Class of 2016). Students and staff took to the lake today to complete the 4EK Run with a touch of purple. It is always wonderful having Emma-Kate's mum Abby, encourage students before the 4km run and share some beautiful stories. Mary-Kate Beaston and the 2023 Senate did a great job in raising awareness and fundraising the past week. Please take the time to visit 4EK and learn more about Meningococcal and the incredible work they do.

Loreto Open Doors

Students had the opportunity to open doors to new experiences with our first 'Loreto's Open Doors' event today. Established by students, for students, this event was a huge success with many students signing up for various groups, clubs and co-curricular activities. Congratulations to our Felicity Captain Ann and her Felicity Representatives (pictured below) who all put in an amazing effort to create an event which has encouraged students to try something new beyond the classroom.


IMG 5381 (Medium)

Girls in STEM

Mr David Barker (Teacher of Maths, Science and Technology)

During March, Federation University launched the 2023 girls in STEM program.

60 girls from 13 local and regional schools came together to share two days of STEM focused experiences, activities, challenges. They all displayed courage, persistence, and an enthusiasm to work with new people to tackle a real industry challenge, that was simply outstanding. Fed Uni partnered with Mars Wrigley to explore the application of engineering in industry and the range of tech available for students to use at the Tech School.

Students engaged in activities including laser cutting and virtual reality. The students benefit from meeting new people, developing friendships, working together in small teams to solve problems, and building a network of girls and women working in STEM. The activities included building connections through shared experiences in laser cutting, studio recording, virtual reality and problem solving. They also worked in mixed school teams of three to solve a real industry problem with Mars Wrigley staff presenting the students with a quality control challenge to separate subquality Maltesers from the production line before packaging. The determination, collaboration and creativity on display blew the Mars Wrigley staff away. In just three hours the students displayed the skills of budding engineers and produced impressive prototype solutions.

Three teams received awards for their outstanding work. One team was awarded the Mars Wrigley Golden Ticket to tour the Ballarat Mars Factory site. The Tech School awarded another team with the creative innovation award, and a third team won the Peer Choice award, ensuring the student voice is heard.

Congratulations to Eliza Dodd (Year 9) who was part of the Golden Ticket winning team and will get to tour the Mars factory later in the year, and Emily Gibson (Year 9) who was part of the Peer Choice team - winning a copy of the publication, “Dare to be Different”.


Victorian Ethics Olympiad

Mr Peter Foord (Teacher of Science and RE)

Five Year 11 students – Georgia Halstead, Veronica Wright, Imogen Melder, Tilly Carli and Ava Bassett, competed in the Victorian Ethics Olympiad on Monday 1 May. The competition was online using Zoom. The students took part in four one and a half hour presentations and commentary covering 8 complex ethical Case Studies. They were required to work efficiently and effectively as a team adapting their preparation to the ethical questions presented on the day and responding on the fly to the other team’s points, and questions from the judges/moderators. The team had met over nearly 8 weeks to prepare the Cases for the competition.

Although not gaining a place, the team did exceptionally well, with 4 members competing in this type of competition for the first time. Each “Ethlete” will receive a Participation Certificate and a lapel Pin for their efforts.

Ethics Olympiad Team 2023
Wheatland, Jill

VCE VM Faculty News

Ms Jill Wheatland (Faculty Coordinator: Vocational Major and Pathways)
Future Shapers Program
As part of a broader focus on corporate social responsibility, participants of the Committee for Ballarat's Future Shapers program visited the Little Flower on Wednesday 26 April. As part of a sustainable lunch session, Year 12 student Ava spoke at the event, along with staff, showcasing the VCE VM program's sustainability efforts and how these initiatives link with the VM curriculum, people and our school values.
Thank you to the VCE VM students with their skills in barista coffee making, cooking and general hospitality - they did a terrific job hosting the event!

Religious Education Faculty News

Ms Virginia Green (Faculty Coordinator: Religious Education)
Year 7 Religion - Shine a Light on Justice Display!

Our Year 7 students have been very busy in Religious Education making posters, based upon all they have learnt about Mary Ward, Gonzaga Barry, Mary Ward International and the ‘Loreto Spirit’ of caring for those around us. They were to create a poster that calls students to be students of action and seekers of justice.

The poster needed to include information about Mary Ward, Gonzaga Barry or another Loreto Sister and Mary Ward International. They had to describe the characteristics of the ‘Loreto Spirit’ and then be creative and develop a call to act! What else could we be doing to promote justice here at school, in the Ballarat community or beyond?

A selection of these posters are on display in the Year 7 corridor - feel free to check them out!


Health & Physical Education Faculty News

Ms Naomi Russell (Faculty Coordinator: Health & PE)
Year 11 Physical Education Wheelchair Basketball

This week, our Year 11 Physical Education students visited Selkirk Stadium to learn more about and participated in a game of wheelchair basketball. This practical lesson links to their current study of ‘contemporary issues in sport and physical activity’ with this being a focus on access and inclusivity for people with disabilities.

Carrigg, Jayne

Humanities Faculty News

Ms Jayne Carrigg (Faculty Coordinator: Humanities)
Year 8 Medieval Day at Kryal Castle

On Friday 28 April, our Year 8 students had the opportunity to explore their humanities studies of Medieval History further by visiting Kryal Castle. The students explored activities such as calligraphy, apothecary and archery while gaining a deeper understanding of the lives of peasants and nobles.

There were plenty of fabulous costumes, dancing, calligraphy writing, laughs and a whole load of fun!

West, Julia

Arts News

Ms Julia West (Faculty Coordinator - The Arts)

Term 2 is well underway within the Arts Faculty with a range of theatre, visual art and music performance opportunities available for students. Once again, I am delighted by the energy and support students receive from the Faculty within both curricular and a co-curricular contexts. Students are challenged and enlivened by their arts experience because they are asked to respond to a situation and or design brief, discuss an art work, experiment with an art technique, try a new series of music notes and or sing an entirely new song while working collaboratively. The ‘thinking’ we engage in is active and responsive. A set of relevant skills required for our future lives outside of Loreto.

The Abbey Theatre has become a hive of activity and focus as we enter the final weeks of pre-production. Staff and students have been working intensely throughout the school week and weekends to craft an engaging version of the well-known musical My Fair Lady. I’ve been impressed and delighted at the encouragement students receive from the staff at Loreto College. Students are experiencing a professional environment where feedback and skill development occur in a supportive environment. It’s an amazing opportunity for our students who in some cases have not sung in a musical before or for others are now extending their knowledge and skills in stage craft. Mrs Lindy Crowe and the teaching and support staff assisting with the production have created a dynamic learning environment.  We can’t wait to see the show! The Arts staff invite parents and students to the production with the opening night on Wednesday 24 May.

Year 10 Theatre Production

Audiences thanked the Year 10 Drama class for their impressive performance of “Girl Asleep” by Matthew Whittet held on the 5th May.  The class had a fabulous production day leading up to the performance, where the students worked hard to ensure their performance would be a success. Special thanks to year 11 student, Maya Lehman, who stepped in to play a character at the last minute and to Siegrist Bell for her guidance of the students in the drama. It was wonderful to see students focused and using their expressive skills and knowledge about stage craft.

Thanks to Ms Sandra Rosenow & Mrs Siegrist Bell for their work and support of these students.

IMG 2003lr
Next Gen Awards

Angel Harris’s outstanding work Cleithrophobia was awarded the People’s Choice Award for the Next Gen 2023 Exhibition.

Next Gen 2023 showcases the work of students from government, Catholic and Independent schools from Ballarat and its broader region who have just completed VCE studies in Art, Studio Arts, Design and Technology, Visual Communication and Design and Media. The Art Gallery of Ballarat has been exhibiting some of the best work produced by students from across western Victoria for over 20 years. Angel’s sculpture shows a situation “that causes a sense of dread but also hints at a hope of escape.” The cobweb-like motion of the chains blends into the girls’ clothing, “encouraging her to submit to cold heavy emptiness but her crying and straining suggest a sense of freedom.”

VCE Theatre Studies Performance

The VCE Theatre Studies students are working with energy and creativity to produce their assessed performance of The Real Inspector Hound. Students have selected a stagecraft and production role to research and intact. It’s wonderful to see how students infer the meaning and directions of a script for a play and make decisions collaboratively. We look forward to seeing the production!

Staff, parents and students are invited to the performance on 6 June at the Abbey Theatre. There will also be a performance of The Hoods by Angela Bietzien by students from St Patricks College.

Thanks to Ms Greet who has guided and supported these students throughout their learning.

Top Arts and Designs Exhibitions Melbourne

VCE Art Creative Practice and Visual Communication students ventured to Melbourne to view the prestigious Top Arts and Top Designs exhibitions. Top Arts and Designs showcase extraordinary works of art and folios that achieved outstanding results. The students were inspired by the artists’ creative processes, their visual diaries, imaginative ideas, and skillful use of materials across a range of media.

Students enjoyed viewing the work of the top Arts students from the 2022 cohort across and gathering inspiration for their folio commencing in Term 2.

After viewing Top Arts, and after a bite to eat in the city, students ventured upstairs to the Melbourne Now Exhibition to view a range of new and ambitious local art and design. They engaged with fashion and jewelry, painting, sculpture, architecture, and ceramics, to video, performance, printmaking, and publishing.

As Unit 3/4 VCD enters its second year at Loreto, it was exciting to see the students engage with the exhibition and the level of enthusiasm and inspiration they were able to draw from this experience.

Co-Curricular Music News

Ms Sarah Goodburn
Primary Schools Concert

On Wednesday 3 May we were lucky enough to have 200 primary school students join us for a morning of music. Students from Emmaus, St Thomas Moor and St Mary’s attended a ‘Meet the Instruments’ style concert put on by our Senior Concert Band, Junior Choir and soloists. 

Our Loreto musicians entertained our ‘mini guests’ with a program of well-known pieces, instrument demonstrations, conducting tutorials and music challenges. Matilda Goodbourn and Meika Collard performed solos and the Junior Choir finished the concert with their debut performance for 2023.

Musicians, staff and primary school students left the MMC on such a high. We are looking forward to planning another concert later in the year and inviting more schools into our amazing Music department.


Co-Curricular Performing Arts News

Ms Lindy Crowe-Procaccino
2023 School Production - MY FAIR LADY

It is now less than two weeks before the opening of our 2023 School Production the classic English musical MY FAIR LADY.

Our performers and Production team are working hard on the final rehearsals to ensure it will once again be a fabulous performance.

Loreto Students are $20

General Public are $25

Our performance season runs from Wednesday May 24 7.30pm to Saturday May 27  at 2pm.

A CHOOKAS to our wonderful cast members:

Phoebe Crawley, Meika Collard, Rosie Bathurst, Charlotte Gibson along with

Zoe Timothy, Zoe Dean, Zoe Crack, Veronica Wright, Sophie Grant, Sienna Templar, Sadie Goldsmith, Rose Canavan, Remy Clarke, Ruby Keast, Penelope Goldsworthy, Olivia Jones, Neon Macaulay, Mia Keating, Maya Hanson-Lehman, Maya Foss-Powers, Matilda Dean, Mathilda Kirk, Lona Green, Josephine Brodie, Johanna Addison, Isabelle McLean, Isabel Wise, Hayley Every, Hannah Streulens, Grace Corbic, Freya Cosgriff, Emily Gibson, Ella Demunk, Elise Dent, Demi Anwyl, Courtney Cummins, Catalina Andrews, Caitlin Hubble, Brigette Mulcahy, Bridgette Andrews, Bella Ottini, Baeli Jans, Ava Cushing, Ashley Keem, Sandy Healey, Amity Vandenberg, Amber McCarthy and Addison Muller

House Arts - ImproSports and LipSync competition

In Week 7 we start our HOUSE ARTS ImproSports and LipSync competitions. We encourage students to keep an eye on SIMON for event registrations – come and showcase your talents and earn some points for the HOUSE Cup. Everyone welcome – experience not necessary

Gill, Liam

Co-Curricular Sports News

Mr Liam Gill (Co-Curricular Sport Leader)
BAS Sport for 2023

Please find a link to the list of BAS sports for 2023 below.

BAS Athletics 2023

A big congratulations to the BAS athletics team on winning every division yesterday and taking out the overall aggregate by 70 points over Ballarat Grammar.

A special thanks to Rubi, Mrs Russell, VCE/VM Sport and Rec students, Miss Howard, Mrs Poulton, Ms Sofis, and Mr Boswell for their assistance on the day.

We look forward to our next school event - Bundoora Cross Country All Schools Champs on Saturday 23 July.

IMG 2154
Sport Achievements

Congratulations to the following talented sporting champions for their outstanding efforts:

Summer Jenkins (Year 9) won a silver medal in the pole vault at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships and Kiana Jenkins (Year 8) came fifth in pole vault.

Eleanor Downey (Year 7) won gold & four silver medals at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships.

Charlotte Prendagast (Year 10) came runner-up in the Senior Henderson Tennis Shield Singles Championships.

Maya Simanjuntak (Year 7) won gold for Level Nine Uneven Bars at the Senior Victorian Gymnastics Championships held in March.

Leni Howlett (Year 7) won the Junior Section of the Alana Haines Australasian Awards 2023 (Ballet)

Lilli Aggett (Year 10) won third place in U16 Calisthenics Victoria State Championships

Allira Kennedy (Year 12) won second place at the Victorian State Championships for Calisthenics

Maddy Pierce (Year 11) was recently a finalist at the Australian Age Swimming Championships in the Girls U16 50m Breaststroke, Medley and Freestyle Relays.


Library News

Ms Meghan Douglas (Director of Library Services)

The CBCA's Sun Project: Shadow Judging Program is up and running at Loreto for 2023! This program is all about listening to student voices, and finding out what they make of the annual CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) Book of the Year Shortlisted titles. Our group has chosen to explore the Older Readers category. Over the coming weeks, they will read and discuss these six texts, and respond creatively to each in turn. Before Book Week in August, they will judge which they think should be the Book of the Year winner, and will vote via the CBCA. We have invested in many of the shortlisted titles from the older and younger reader categories, and all students are welcome to pop in to the Library to reserve and borrow these. 

We have been working behind the scenes in our Library to refresh and update our collection. We are working with the Maths, Science and Health & PE Faculties this semester to review the Teacher Resource and Non Fiction collections relevant to those teaching areas. We are assessing whether items have ongoing use for us as a learning community, and if not, we are rehoming them. It has been an invigorating process and a wonderful opportunity to work closely with teaching colleagues to make sure our collection is relevant and contemporary.

We are also conducting a review of our Fiction collection, assessing the ongoing popularity of some of our older titles. We strive to have an enticing, fresh and relevant collection, and this work of reviewing and replacing novels as needed is part of that. We welcome student suggestions at any time - if it fits with our collection and our readership, we will usually add it to our shelves. We are also delighted that many of the “old favourites” still find enthusiastic readers as time rolls on!

CBCA Notable List 2023: now available in the Library
The Killing Code - Ellie Marney

1943. World War II is raging across Europe and on the Pacific front. Kit Sutherlandis hiding a huge secret when she is unexpectedly recruited to work as a young codebreaker at Arlington Hall, a US Signals Intelligence facility. When Kit's roommate doesn't return home from a dance, it sparks a search that ends in a gruesome discovery. And soon it turns into a horrifying pattern: Government girls are being murdered in Washington, DC. Kit joins forces with three other girl codebreakers, Dottie, Moya and Violet, and as they work to crack the killer's code, two things become terrifyingly clear: the murderer they're hunting is getting closer every moment ... and Kit's own secret could put her in more jeopardy than she ever imagined.

All Four Quarters of the Moon - Shirley Marr

Making mooncakes with Ah Ma for the Mid-Autumn Festival was the last day of Peijing's old life. Now, adapting to their new life in Australia, Peijing thinks everything will turn out okay for her family as long as they have each other - but cracks are starting to appear. Her little sister, Biju, needs Peijing to be the dependable big sister. Ma Ma is no longer herself; Ah Ma keeps forgetting who she is; and Ba Ba, who used to work seven days a week, is adjusting to being a hands-on dad. How will Peijing cope with the uncertainties of her own little world while shouldering the burden of everyone else? And if Peijing's family are the four quarters of the mooncake, where does she fit in?

Triple Threat - Katy Warner

Edie Emerson is a triple threat: she can sing and dance and act. But despite being the lead in every musical at Arcadia, she knows her future on the stage is uncertain. At least until the infamous director Toby Swan agrees to stage Romeo and Juliet at the academy. This show could launch Edie’s career – except she doesn’t do ‘theatre’. And she’s already agreed to star in a new musical written by her best friend, Will. So when Toby casts the annoying-but-hot Noah Winters as Romeo, and he insists on Edie for Juliet, it sets the stage for drama. Edie had her role at Arcadia down to a fine art. But does she have what it takes to play the most difficult and complicated role of all: herself?

Happy Reading!

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Career News

Ms Jodie Howlett (Careers Coordinator)
In this week's Career News:
  • Early entry programs
  • High achiever scholarship programs
  • Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School
  • Work experience reminders
  • Explore global university options
  • Explore different careers
  • Upcoming career events and webinars

The SPC Careers Expo is being held on Wednesday 17 May in the OCA Pavillion at St Patricks College. To see the organisations that are showcasing at the event, click the link here

Free myfuture webinar | Managing career uncertainty and anxiety: the power of career conversations

Wednesday 7 June, 5:30pm (AEST)

myfuture invites you to register for a free upcoming webinar, ‘Managing career uncertainty and anxiety: the power of career conversations’, based on the term 2 insights paper of the same name. The lead author Dr Jo Gleeson (Monash University) will talk about the findings of her research in this area, and share a questionnaire that can help you to facilitate career conversations with your child. Register now:

My FutureLogo

Finance News

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. As Loreto College has an all-inclusive fee which covers the cost of camps, sports and excursions, any funds received will be off-set against the student’s tuition fee. $225 per year will be paid for eligible secondary school students. Payments will come directly to the College and be credited to the students tuition fee account.


Families holding an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Veterans Affairs Gold Card on the first day of Term 1 or first day of Term 2 or be a temporary foster parent will be eligible to apply.

How to Apply: 
Application forms are available on the Loreto College website, or click on the following link:

which needs to be returned to the School Office or emailed to

If you applied for the CSEF at Loreto College Ballarat in 2022, you do not need to complete an application form in 2023 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances (new student/sibling, concession number, etc.). Your child's school will apply for the CSEF on your behalf.

Closing Date:
The closing date for CSEF applications to be submitted to the College is 23 June 2023 (no applications will be accepted after the closing date). All eligible families are encouraged to apply. For more information about the CSEF visit

Conveyance Allowance 2023

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance, a student must reside 4.8km or more from the College.
Application forms are available on the Loreto College website or click on the following link, which also provides additional information.

Please note that in 2023 parents who successfully applied and received the Conveyance allowance at Loreto College in 2022 are not required to complete a new application form unless their details have changed – address, mode of transport, etc.


However, to submit a claim Myki receipts or statements or other bus company receipts must be received by the end of each term.

Any enquiries please email

Community News

Ballarat Volunteer Expo 2023   

BGT Jobs + Training Ballarat together with the Ballarat Foundation and supported by BRMC, are pleased to offer this fantastic event for Ballarat.  Come along to learn all about how you can become a volunteer in your community and what opportunities are currently available for you. Over 40 local/national organisations are booked in, and would love to connect with Ballarat volunteers.

When: Tuesday 16th May

Time: 12pm-6pm

Where: Barkly Square, 25-39 Barkly Street, Ballarat East

Cost: Free of Charge

Please can you share and put up attached posters it would be much appreciated.

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