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Leadership News


From the Deputy Principal

Mrs Chris Shaw

An eventful week last week saw students engaged in the House Swimming Carnival on Tuesday and the Head of the Lake Regatta on Sunday along with Camps, Music, Production Rehearsal, Public Speaking and many other activities. So many goals have been set for 2024 in so many areas and we see staff and students striving to achieve these. 

Next week we will celebrate International Women’s Day with a series of events including a special Assembly, leading in to our IWD breakfast on Friday 8 March. 

Each term the LSAC (Loreto Schools Australia Committee) meet to bring all Loreto Schools from around Australia together and action events and activities that nurture, enrich, enliven and ensure the continuation and strengthening of the Loreto charism in all our Australian Loreto schools. The meeting this week held at Loreto Kirribilli covered many upcoming activities. 

Mary Ward Connect for Year 10 students is one of these activities and involves an exchange of students and staff to other Loreto Schools next week. This year staff will accompany 8 students to Loreto Toorak, whilst David Barker and another 8 to Loreto Normanhurst. We will have visiting staff and students from those schools here in Ballarat from Tuesday March 5 to Friday March 8. The Year 10 Coordinators and the student committee have been working hard on a great program for the students and we will participate in a joint online program with all other schools on Wednesday March 6.   

The Committee are also working on the celebrations for 150 years of Loreto in Australia and there will be many events and activities that will support us in our celebrations of our history and heritage. Of course, at the same time, we celebrate 150 years of Loreto Ballarat. Throughout the year, many students will have the opportunity to be involved in the planning of some of these events. 

As the busy cycle of Term 1 continues there will no doubt be ups and downs as our students navigate a new year in their schooling and aiming for their goals. Yet they do so in a supportive environment with the chance to re-assess and alter their pathway when things don’t quite go to plan. As we head into our 150th we keep Mother Gonzaga Barry’s words in our minds.  

“Aim at something excellent; our life is largely what we aim at, — our ideals often make our realities.” Mary J Gonzaga Barry IBVM  

IWD 24 Social Tile 1000px1a
International Women's Day Breakfast

LAST CHANCE - LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE: Come along to the Loreto College Ballarat 2024 International Women's Day Breakfast! Open to alumni, students, families and the broader community, join us on Friday 8 March and be inspired.

Held at the Ballarat Golf Club, hear from our wonderful 2024 Women In Time - Inspiring Alumni inductees, Andrea Dennett (Class of 1981), Grace Mulcahy (Class of 2016) and Margot Serch nee Podger (Class of 1955).

To book your ticket, please visit

Knobel, Felicity

From the Assistant Principal: Faith & Identity

Ms Felicity Knobel
Opening School Mass 

Thursday 1 February we celebrated our Opening School Mass. In our Mass celebrated by Fr Justin Driscoll we formally welcomed our Year 7s and we also formally acknowledged our Year 12 cohort. In our prayer we commenced our year of Sincerity with the theme We Walk as One.  

The beginning of our Lenten journey was also marked this year with our whole school liturgy. Our Liturgy Captain and Representatives from our year level ably lead the community in prayer and also distributed our ashes.  

Year 9 Reflection Day 

Friday 2 February the year 9 cohort participated in their reflection day. This day was one of team building, strengthening relationships and exploring our understanding of our value Sincerity and our theme We Walk as One. Former student Peyton Dodds was welcomed back alongside Cameron Keenan from the Airforce Cadets to teach our students to literally walk as one and we saw this cohort marching as one.   

Year 12 Retreat 

Year 12 Retreat is consistently a highlight for our Loreto community. Again, this year our students were well looked after at Rutherford Park in Blampied. In their time together our year 12 community using our year of Sincerity as a basis and also scripture from Proverbs Valiant Woman we explored, reflected on and developed our understanding of who we are as people of Loreto as we walk as one this year and into the future.  

Social Justice: Caritas Project Compassion 

Term 1 fundraising is all things Caritas Project Compassion. Our students have been commissioned as ambassadors of Caritas: Project Compassion and throughout this term our focus has been raising awareness of this charity and importantly raising money. So far we have enjoyed pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and a BBQ at our Swimming Carnival.  

Future events include our annual Easter Raffle and hotdogs and hot cross buns on our last day of term. Our social justice group JPIC is welcoming and active community and we welcome all students.  

Sustainability: Ride or Walk to School Day – Friday 22 March 

On Friday 22 March our school will be participating in a ride or walk to school day. There will be further information sent in the coming week, where all students will be encouraged to participate in this activity organised by our Sustainability group. The Sustainability community is an active group in our community and all students are invited to be a part of a group that is an integral part of our school community.  

Ellie Cowland
Sincerity 2024 Design

A big shout out to Ellie Cowland, who worked tirelessly at the end of 2023 to develop our Sincerity design for 2024, including the all important badge, banners and template items. We love the modern and fresh design and look forward to showcasing it throughout 2024.

McDermott, Gemma

From the Assistant Principal: Wellbeing

Ms Gemma McDermott

It has been wonderful to see the students connecting with friends at the start of the year, as well as getting involved in school events such as the Swimming and Athletic carnivals, while navigating a new year.

Uniform and Student Planner

This year we are expecting the students to adhere to the uniform dress code which is in the student planner on page 11. There have been comments questioning why we are talking to students about uniform when there are other things happening in their life. Part of being a Loreto student means adhering to the expectations of the school. When students feel pride in their uniform it is a step towards positivity about school, which starts to filter in other areas of school life, it is also preparing students for what they can expect when they leave school or work in a part-time job. There should be no doubt about expectations as students and parents sign forms when they come into Year 7, as well as signing the student planner. If you have not signed your child’s student planner for this year, please look at the pages 5, 6 and 8, as well as page 10 about appointments and if your child is away from school.

Respect Cup Poster
Respect Cup

On Wednesday 6 March we will be participating in the Respect Cup at Mars Stadium. The Respect Cup was started in 2021 as an initiative to raise awareness about inclusivity, diversity and building Respectful Relationships.

It is an AFL competition between Ballarat and Geelong. The game is played the week of International Women's Day. The AFL Ballarat teams are Loreto and St Pat's, the AFL Geelong teams are St Joseph's and Sacred Heart. The headliner is the Loreto and Sacred Heart game at 1pm. This year the games will be played at Mars Stadium. The St Pat's and St Joseph's game is at 11am. In deciding the Cup winner, the scores for each game are totalled. Last year Geelong won the Cup, before that for two years it was Ballarat.

The Loreto team is made up of students from Years 10 to 12. Bella Davies is the Loreto Captain. Players will be leaving school on Wednesday after Mentor Group. There will be students who will be spectators leaving school at 12.50pm to go and watch Loreto play. Loreto is hosting the Respect Cup this year.

The theme for this year's International Women's Day in Australia is 'Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress'

Ryan, Adele

From the Assistant Principal: Learning & Innovation

Ms Adele Ryan

Loreto College has a long tradition of fostering a love of learning and supporting student agency. Agency develops over time and is reliant on the partnership of students, teachers and parents. As Term 1 is well underway, it is a good time to focus on the following practical steps that underpin student agency:

  • Being prepared for each class – completing homework tasks, having all books and learning materials and being on time to class.  Using the school diary to record due dates for submission of tasks, school events, co-curricular activities and dates for assessment tasks is a crucial strategy to support organisation and preparedness for learning.
  • Being an active learner – listening in class, asking and answering questions, being willing to “have a go”, avoiding distractions, cooperating with others and completing class tasks. Active participation is encouraged through the creation of a supportive learning environment by our teachers, but students need to focus and be active, positive partners in the learning.
  • Creating a study timetable – all students (Years 7 – 12) need to develop a study timetable for home. The timetable should include after school activities, eg sport, the arts, and relaxation but should also have designated times for study or homework tasks. Even if set homework has been completed, sitting down to review notes, create a summary, or develop a Mind Map is a positive step towards agency and consolidation of learning.
  • Developing a routine for study at home – allocating time for study at home is an essential aspect of establishing good learning habits. Starting with a 30 min block, followed by a 5min break is often helpful. For younger students one study block, three or four times a week, is a great way to start. Older students will need more study blocks. Having a designated place to study, and placing distractions such as mobile phones in another room, is also important in creating a productive study environment.
Boyko, Kerryn

From the Director Years 10-12

Ms Kerryn Boyko
Student Anxiety

All of us have felt anxious at one time or another. For our teenagers, typical situations might be before class assessments, high stakes sporting matches, prior to school camp or heading into a new work situation. Anxiety is normal and these feelings usually pass when the new or stressful situation has commenced or is over. However, for some students, anxiety can become persistent or excessive, impacting day to day life. One of the best things that parents can do to support their children with anxiety is to firstly educate themselves. Our SchoolTV has many useful resources related to anxiety such as short videos on aspects of anxiety, links to Headspace resources and other professional supports.

‘Research shows that children with good mental health increase their ability to learn, be creative and more productive. Children rely on parents, teachers or other caregivers to recognise their suffering and get them the help they need. Therefore, it is important for parents to learn and understand how mental illness can present itself in children.’ (SchoolTV Mental Health Series)

Pepplinkhouse, Dean

From the Director Years 7-9

Mr Dean Pepplinkhouse
Year 7 & 8 Camp

Last week, our Year 7s and 8s spent three days and two nights at camp.

Our Year 8s attended the fantastic Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff, where they participated in a variety of activities such as boogie boarding, survivor games, archery, bike riding, pizza making and learning about marine life at the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. The weather was hot, but the students were able to take advantage of the seaside location to cool off. Our teachers were blown away by the phenomenal effort of our Year 8s who overcame many personal obstacles, enduring heat and changing formats.

Meanwhile, our Year 7s visited Lady Northcote with lots of different activities on offer. They stepped outside of their comfort zones regularly, made new friends and also many memories on their very first Loreto camp.

These camps are extremely important for students to build resilience while making strong and often new connections, learning and experiencing new things. This cohort of Year 7s and 8s certainly made the most of this fabulous experience!

College News

Rosie Hunt and Tia Kinnersly - Co-Captains of Boats
Rosie Hunt and Tia Kinnersly - Co-Captains of Boats

Sunday 25 February saw the 112th annual BAS Head of the Lake regatta take place. Overall, the results from the day were outstanding starting with the Juniors taking home a clean sweep of 1st in all divisions. In Intermediates, Division 4 came first, Divisions 1 and 2 came second, and Divisions 3 and 5 came third. For the Seniors, Open Divisions 2, 4, and 5 came first, and Open Divisions 1 and 3 came second. All the points from the day helped us win the JH Netherway Cup which is the girls’ aggregate!

Congratulations to all the rowers and a big thank you to everyone who came and watched and the spit crew for supporting us!

By Rosie Hunt and Tia Kinnersly - Year 7

Erin Comedy Show2

We are so excited for Erin Almeida - Year 12, who is featuring at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in a program called Pilot. Here is some information on the show: 

Pilot Comedy Pilot

Pilot is an exciting new program that supports young comedians to perform their first long form work at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We’ve hand-picked five brand-new stand-up shows by the best young comics in the business – and you get to say you saw them before they were big!

Fully produced and performed by a diverse group of emerging young artists, every split bill is packed full of laugh-out-loud moments and supports Australia’s most promising and ambitious faces in comedy.

For tickets visit:

Go Erin!

Jemima Knobel - Social Justice Representative - Year 10
Jemima Knobel - Social Justice Representative - Year 10
Easter Egg Raffle

Our fabulous JPIC team are running our annual Easter Egg Raffle that will be raising money for Caritas Project Compassion! We are calling for any Easter chocolate donations to be brought into front reception so that we can put some amazing prizes together for your opportunity to win on the last day of Term 1. We will begin selling tickets for our raffle in the coming weeks during recess and lunchtime to support a fantastic cause!

Pearce, Kelly

Year 11 News

Ms Kelly Pearce (Year 11 Coordinator)

On Thursday the 8th of February the Year 11 Cohort along with their respective Mentors attended a Reflection Day at the Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility. Glen Gerreyn, from the HopeFULL Institute, spoke to the group about positive mindset and ways to be leaders of their own lives.

Here is a reflection by Amelia Burgess - Communication and Media Representative for Year 11.

Click below to read more 

Amelia Burgess - Communications and Media Representative - Year 11
Amelia Burgess - Communications and Media Representative - Year 11
Blackwood, Andrew


Mr Andrew Blackwood (Faculty Coordinator: VCE-VM)

The students in VCE-VM have been extremely busy in the first month of 2024 with a variety of internal and external events happening in and around our Little Flower campus.

Surfing in Torquay

Last Friday, all of our Year 11 and 12 VCE-VM students ventured to Torquay for a day of surfing. Aligning with our Term 1 theme of 'Resilience', our students received a surfing lesson from the pros at the Torquay Surf Academy before spending 2 hours in the surf catching waves. Students did an amazing job demonstrating teamwork, resilience and perseverance throughout the whole day. A great experience and thanks to all students and staff who came along.

Primary School Athletics and Swimming Carnivals

As part of the Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, our year 11 and 12 VCE-VM students are gaining valuable experience assisting with the planning and running of various primary school athletics and swimming carnivals.

Students have been studying different field events in class before pairing up and helping teachers run the stations for Foundation through to Grade 6 students.

Students are responsible for setting and packing up, timing, measuring and recording of results. These events could not run as smoothly as they do without the valuable support our Loreto students bring!


The Botanikids program is a local community group aligned with the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. They run a fortnightly ‘Nature Clubbers’ session for young children under 5 years of age which we assist with at our class.

Our first Botanikids session for 2024 was a ‘water’ theme which was fitting for a 32-degree summers day. Our Year 11 students developed some great water-based activities such as pool fishing, giant ice cubes, bubbles, a water fountain, and a Lake Wendouree mural. We had around 30 attendees and in addition to running the activities our students catered morning tea and made coffees for the families.

First Aid training

Over the last few weeks, we welcomed the First Aid Training Group who provided our VET students in Sport and Recreation and Active Volunteering with both the HLTAID011 Provide First Aid and HLTAID009 CPR certificates. Students completed online training modules combined with practical first aid demonstrations and are now ready for work placement!

Smith, Cameron

English Faculty News

Mr Cameron Smith (Faculty Coordinator: English)

There are many options for English Help Sessions - please check the days and times for your year level and hit the ground running for English in 2024.

English Help

Year 9 English

Year 9 English students are currently reading Future Girl,  a novel that explores a ‘near future’ Melbourne heading towards an environmental catastrophe. A key component of this novel is the idea of deafness in which the narrator, Piper, is deaf. Our Year 9 cohort had the privilege of attending a seminar run by former Loreto College students, Acacia Lund and Gabby Kaye (Class of 2020), where they discussed their own personal experiences of deafness and their experiences within the deaf community. Many thanks to Ms Stephanie Greet for her work in organising this experience for the Year 9 cohort.

Charlotte Bull - Communication and Media Representative - Year 9
Charlotte Bull - Communication and Media Representative - Year 9

Here is a reflection by Charlotte Bull - Communication and Media Representative for Year 9.

Click below to read more 

Sharer, Sara


Ms Sara Sharer (Interdisciplinary Leader: Analytics and Research)
NAPLAN 2024: Attention to parents/guardians of Year 7 and 9 students.

Key dates for NAPLAN

Thursday 14 March: Writing and reading test

Monday 18 March: Conventions of Language test

Tuesday 19 March: Numeracy test

If a student is absent on one of the above days, there will be various catch-up sessions.

All students participating in NAPLAN are required to bring their charged laptop, a charger (if they don’t believe their computer can last the day) and a set of plug-in earphones.

An email has been sent to the relevant parents/carers in the previous weeks from Sara Sharer. If you did not receive this email, please contact Sara at for the information to be forwarded to you.

West, Julia

The Arts Faculty News

Ms Julia West (Faculty Coordinator: The Arts)

Term 1 has started with excitement and joy here at Loreto College.  The Arts Team is working with intent and energy with students in both curriculum and co-curricular activities. 

Da Capo - Year 7 Music Program

The inaugural Da Capo Instrumental Music program began with high notes of new flutes and the deep tunes of saxophones. We are thoroughly enjoying the joy Year 7’s display as they work through constructing and learning how to hold their instruments, use correct playing positions and begin to read music. All of these newly acquired skills are difficult to master but the determination of our new students is commendable. We have loved the personal satisfaction the Loreto students have shown throughout these early weeks of Term 2. Keep it up!

Top Class Dance

VCE Dance student Millie Wakefield was selected for the Top Class VCE Performance. Students nominated for this performance are selected because they are deemed the top 2% in the state for their work in this discipline.  Millie worked with themes and ideas personal to her, used practised and refined dance technique and contemporary choreography. Loreto College, Mrs Lindy Crowe and the Arts Faculty commend Millie for her determination and  creativity.

Millie will performance at Top Class Dance on Wednesday 6 March at Melbourne Recital Centre.

Art Club

Art Club, which runs on a Monday lunchtime, has begun. We have welcomed new Creative Art Captains for Semester 2 along with our Senate Leader Phoebe Crawley as the facilitators of the 2024 Art Club. We also have Y11 leaders who have volunteered their time to become part of the Art Club Team. This year we aim to create an exhibition which will run during Arts Festival in Term 3. Students will receive house points for their inclusion into the exhibition.  

Year 10 Drama

Year 10 Drama has been working intensely as they develop a Surrealist Design task. They read stimulus, selected a production role and designed a surreal theatre using conventions.  The groups created an artist costume, used decoupage and developed unusual characters in order to create a surrealist style. This activity took them through the theatre design process within a short amount to time. It was intensely creative and provided students with learning akin to that experienced in VCE. 

Goodbourn, SarahLR

Music News

Ms Sarah Goodbourn (Teacher: Music)

Introducing…LC Da Capo!

LC Da Capo (pronounced dar-car-po) means ‘from the beginning’, which is the exact point from which we will be taking our Year 7 musicians this year, as they embark on the challenging and rewarding journey of learning a musical instrument. The research is definitive that participating actively in learning music has a huge impact on all parts of our brain. Dr Anita Collins (researcher and educator) has likened it to fireworks going off in the brain because no other activity has been found to have such an effect on the entire brain. It is so exciting that our students can experience this first hand!

All 157 Year Sevens have been allocated an instrument and started small group lessons. Students have already learnt how to hold their instrument and how to make a sound. Students and families have embraced this unique opportunity with excitement, and we are already seeing so much progress, due largely to the efforts of families in supporting home practice.

Supporting the students on their musical journey at school are our Da Capo Crew, who are all exceptional musicians and educators in their own right. We welcome to the team: Jane Nice, Stuart Brennan, Yvonne Holley, Paula Maki, and Holly DeJong who join more long standing staff members including myself (Sarah Goodbourn) and Simone Jans.

DaCapoMusic Staff
Crowe Procaccino, Belinda

Performing Arts News

Ms Lindy Crowe (Co-Curricular Leader - Performing Arts)

2024 has started with a bang, or perhaps a splash as our Arts Captains hit the ground running with preparations for our Year 12 SYNCHRO SWIMMING activity as part of the annual Swimming Carnival. It was exciting to see our school leaders running rehearsals, editing music and trying new and wonderful ideas as they put together their house item. Congratulations to all involved!

Mary Poppins

Our school production is now in its fourth week of rehearsals, and 64 eager students are working hard we begin to put the magic of MARY POPPINS together for our May performances. Students commit to a intensive rehearsal schedule and are to be commended for their efforts so far,  in what is always a busy and hectic school term.  Students who are interested in supporting the production with backstage or front of house duties should keep an eye on SIMON for further information towards the end of Term.


In Week 8 get ready for our house competition TASKMASTER – where students need to but their creative thinking into practice to complete a range of tasks to win points for their house! Students a from all year levels are encouraged to put together a House Team and entries will open for this next week.

If you would like to be involved in any of our performing arts activities, please email Ms Crowe on

Vandenberg, Tammy

Debating News

Ms Tammy Vandenberg (Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator)
Lions Youth of the Year

Lions Youth of the Year is a prestigious competition for well rounded students who are looking for challenging opportunities. Isabella Rossato - Year 11 and Lucy Eales - Year 12, represented Loreto College at the Bunninyong Club on Monday 19 February.

The competition involves rigorous interviews discussing their extensive involvement in school and extra curricular activities, leadership positions and awards they have received. They also need to speak about current issues in our local area  and global topics. The competition concludes with a prepared speech.  Isabella spoke about gender equality while Lucy spoke about 'Yarning'.

We congratulate Lucy who was awarded Best Speaker and Overall Winner and will move through to the regional final.

IMG 9996
Carrigg, Jayne

Humanities Faculty News

Ms Jayne Carrigg (Faculty Coordinator: Humanities)
Visit to the Ballarat Art Gallery

On Tuesday, the Unit 3 Sociology class visited the Art Gallery of Ballarat. We were fortunate to have as our guide the talented local artist, Pauline O’Shannessy-Dowling. Pauline is familiar to many in our Loreto community because she has generously shared her time and talents with us at the Year 9 Spirituality Days. Pauline would be guided the students through a series of artworks which would explore the Sociological concepts of cultural relativism and ethnocentrism.

Many of the artworks were created by local Indigenous artists such as Marlene Gilson and Deanne Gilson. One of the highlights was being able to see a special exhibition from local First Nations artist, Georgia MacGuire titled Onemda, which explored her deep love of Country. A heart made from echidna quills, a stunning headdress of eagle feathers, Covid facemasks shaped from paperbark and a series of possum skin furry hearts made for an entrancing and tactile display. The excursion was fascinating and stimulated rich discussion which will no doubt be continued back in the classroom.

Polanske, Ginelle

Learning Diversity News

Ms Ginelle Polanske (Learning Diversity Leader)

A Learning Hub with multiple indoor and outdoor zones, offering a complex of spaces that cater to a diverse range of student needs, providing:

  • A space for all students designed to promote health and wellbeing
  • A safe, secure and private space for student use
  • Authentic 21st century learning
  • Connection with nature
  • Open spaces for formal & informal learning
  • Flexible layout and reconfigurable furniture  - adapt to future educational needs
Gill, Liam

Co-Curricular Sports News

Mr Liam Gill (Co-Curricular Sport Leader)
Victorian Cricket Championships

We had three representatives playing in the recent Victorian Under 15s Female Cricket Championships, competing for the Marg Jennings Cup (a former Australian captain). Eve Righetti (Year 9), Clover McIlwaine (Year 9)and Kori Davenport (Year 10) were very fortunate to come out winners of the entire tournament.

Eve captained the team and also ended up as leading wicket taker for whole tournament. Clover was the opening batter and got the team in a good start in nearly every game. Kori did pretty well too, wicketkeeping and scoring some important middle order batting runs in a couple of vital games.

Congratulations for a great achievement!

Henderson Shield Winner!

A huge congratulations to Charlotte Prendergast who won the Senior Henderson Shield grand final this morning! She won the semi-final against Grammar 8-4 and the grand final 6-2 6-2 against Damascus! Last year Charlotte was runners up so she is very proud to finally achieve this feat and only in Year 11, so she has another chance next year to win it too.

Loreto can proudly display this huge plague for the 2024 season in our trophy cabinet!

BAS Sport for 2024

Please find a link to the list of BAS sports for 2024 below.

Douglas, Meghan

Library News

Ms Meghan Douglas (Director of Library Services)

Our Library is a place where students can gather to learn, to read and to build friendships. In this year of Sincerity, we are proud to be a place where our Loreto community can learn more about ourselves and our world, so that we can show up authentically in all areas of our lives. During the year, we will continue working to foster a love of the written word through sharing stories, refreshing our collection, working with class teachers, and celebrating the joy of reading through our lunchtime clubs. 

We were delighted to welcome our Year 7s into the Library in their very first week, as part of their Orientation program. We had them reading to each other and distilling the “Library life lessons” they could find in a range of inspirational picture books engaging with big themes of change, transition, learning, and self-image: All The Ways to Be Smart and Tomorrow is a Brand New Day by Davina Bell, and Don’t Forget by Jane Godwin amongst them. This was followed by a self-directed tour and scavenger hunt around our beautiful space. All of us here in the Library are excited to meet our newest students, and to start their Loreto journey is a positive and enthusiastic way. 

We have loved welcoming back reading classes in Years 8 and 9, with so many English classes finding time to visit us and find new books to love. Our most popular titles of the year to-date are The Secret Life of the Walter BoysOne of Us is Lying, and Girl in Pieces. We have several copies of each, and students are encouraged to see us to put their name on the waiting list if they want to read them. We welcome student suggestions at any time - if it fits with our collection and readership, we will usually add it to our shelves.

In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to the start of our lunchtime clubs program for 2024. The Book Club will be meeting for the first time this week, followed in the coming weeks by our Shadow Judges and Writers Group. Students can speak to any of the Library staff about these opportunities - new members are welcome!


Happy Reading!

Library Website:

Our email:

Our eBook and audiobook collection:

Instagram: Follow us @loretoballaratlibrary

Howlett, Jodie

Career News

Ms Jodie Howlett (Careers Coordinator)
Bulldogs Pic
The Western Bulldogs Visit Loreto College

At the end of February, our Year 10 and 11 students received a visit from two Western Bulldogs AFL Players, Bailey Dale and Taylor Duryea, who talked about the about their Youth Leadership Project and about their AFL careers. The students were then treated to a Q&A with the players - a very rewarding experience for all.

In this week's Career News:
  • What is a Fintech Engineer?
  • Business Class Academy
  • How Can Vaping Affect My Career?
  • Your Guide to Climate Careers
  • Speak Up for Safety
  • Micro Mathematicians Workshops
  • Attend The BiG Day In
  • Defence Work Experience Program
  • Challenges Open Now!

Finance News

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. As Loreto College has an all-inclusive fee which covers the cost of camps, sports and excursions, any funds received will be off-set against the student’s tuition fee.
$225 per year will be paid for eligible secondary school students. Payments will come directly to the College and be credited to the students tuition fee account.

Families holding an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Veterans Affairs Gold Card on the first day of Term 1 or first day of Term 2 or be a temporary foster parent will be eligible to apply.

How to Apply: 
Application forms are available on the Loreto College website, or click on the button below. The form needs to be returned to the School Office or emailed to

If you applied for the CSEF at Loreto College Ballarat in 2023, you do not need to complete an application form in 2024 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances (new student/sibling, concession number, etc.). Your child's school will apply for the CSEF on your behalf.

Closing Date:
The closing date for CSEF applications to be submitted to the College is 28 June 2024 (no applications will be accepted after the closing date).  All eligible families are encouraged to apply. For more information about the CSEF visit

Conveyance Allowance 2024

The conveyance allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school in rural and regional Victoria. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

In some locations, students are unable to access free school buses. In these instances, students may receive a conveyance allowance to assist with travel costs.

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance, a student must reside 4.8km or more from the College. Application forms are available on the Loreto College website or click on the link below.

Please note that in 2024 parents who successfully applied and received the Conveyance allowance at Loreto College in 2023 are not required to complete a new application form unless their details have changed – address, mode of transport, etc.

However, to submit a claim Myki receipts or statements or other bus company receipts must be received by the end of each term.

For further information visit:

Any enquiries please email

Any enquiries please email

Community News


To see the day-to-day life at Loreto, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To stay up to date with important information and notices, download the Loreto College App. For further instructions on how to download and sign in to the app, head here.

A reminder that our newsletter is now published twice a term.

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