On Wednesday 3 August, Year 10 student Laura Foley proudly represented both rowing in Ballarat and Loreto College at the monthly Ballarat Sportsman’s Club Dinner.13901350_10207128145625952_2263092169635197342_n

“Laura presented herself extremely well,  answering all questions and speaking highly of Loreto” said Rowing Director, Mr Nathan Sims. “Laura was a great endorsement for the sport of rowing in Ballarat.”

Laura was interviewed by media personality Wes Cusworth in front of an audience of over 160 people; with other guests including Steve Moneghetti, Ray Borner, Brian Thomas and a number of other past Olympians.

Laura has the drive and passion to continue in her chosen sport and when asked how far she wanted to go, she responded humbly with, “I want to do the best I can each day and see how far that takes me.”