Written by Jess Sheehan (Year 7)

Interaction Day, as a Year 7, is filled with all sorts of excitement. Just the sheer aspect of going on an excursion to St Pats, where a lot of girls have never even stepped foot before, to the thought of doing lots of different activities, was exciting.

We started the day or afternoon (depending on the group) by walking down to St Pats. It was odd at first with a clear line between both schools, but then we started to interact. Some kids starting with games of down ball, others just chatting with people they knew. Then we got right into to it.

We all filed into the gym and sat down in our groups. There were far more boys than girls. The idea of the day was to create connections while doing puzzles. The first puzzle was ‘the name game’ where the idea was to get us started and learn each other’s names. And it worked. Soon after that, we were all chatting like we hadn’t met 10 minutes ago. With each puzzle we worked better together. Some we breezed right through and others we had to stop and think. One of the best games was the end one. Trivia. The Year 11 students from both schools asked questions or played songs and we had to the answer or the name and artist of the song. After this we said bye and headed on our way back to Loreto.

Overall, the day was exciting, meeting new people who we got along with. The puzzles really helped get the awkwardness out of the way as we all wanted to win. The teachers did a great job organizing and putting us in our groups.  In the end, the day did what it was meant to do and made connections between our two schools.