A Fashion Design Illustration Workshop at Loreto

An incursion workshop was held this week for students from Product Design & Technology Units 1 and 3. It was run by Mr Todd Heggie, a Bachelor Degree Lecturer from The Masters Institute of Creative Education. Two different presentations were delivered to Unit 1 students and Unit 3 students. The Unit 3 students were delivered a presentation on upskilling and trend forecasting as well presenting design options through the medium of collage. The Unit 1 students learnt drawing and fashion illustration skills which will enable them to present their design options at a much higher standard for their folios.

Two students, Macey Mitchell Year 10 (Unit 1) and Grace Turner Year 12 (Unit 3) have been awarded Scholarships to attend The Masters Institute of Creative Education during the school holidays. The Scholarships are valued at over $400:00.

A wonderful, informative day where all attendees were creatively upskilled!