“Have a cheerful mind, a good understanding and a great desire for virtue.
Of these a cheerful heart is most essential.”

(Mary Ward, 1585 – 1645)

Following a very short Term 1, we have a more extended Term 2 which will enable all students to set a steady work pattern at home and school, one which is balanced with a range of co-curricular pursuits and whole school events. One very special whole school event is the annual Walkathon this Friday. I delight each year in the creativity shown by the girls through the costumes they create and their commitment to the serious side of the day, fundraising. This year funds raised will directly support Loreto Gari-uai.  In last week’s E-News I shared some pictures of the Loreto Gari-uai pre-school students in their new uniforms.

A Loreto education is a partnership between school and home. Parents can support and guide their daughters in a range of ways, including maintaining a routine for homework and home study, reading the set novel for English and then discussing this with her, ensuring a balance between part-time work, community and social activities and school work, encouraging your daughter to have a growth mindset (when she says “I can’t do this” or “I am not good at this”  – responding with “You may not be able to do this yet, but with assistance, you will be able to achieve more than you think” ), re-assuring your daughter that when she makes a mistake that this is okay and that it is through making mistakes that we learn a great deal, encouraging her to write a summary of what she has learned in a particular subject in the last week and then explaining this to you and asking her to write down any new vocabulary she has learned in the last week and explain the meaning of these words to you. I encourage all parents to participate in the Parent/Student/Teacher meetings.