From the Principal, Ms Judith Potter


“Have a cheerful mind, a good understanding and a great desire for virtue.

Of these a cheerful heart is most essential.”   (Mary Ward)


I saw great example from students and staff of cheerful hearts in my visit to the Year 7 Camp last week.  It was a delight to hear from students that they were getting to know more students and extending their friendship groups.  It is very healthy for students to have a broad group of friends.  A cheerful heart is a great asset in enjoying all that is good and also in managing the obstacles that can pop up from time to time.  I commend all students for their embracing of opportunities at camp and all staff for their organisation, participation and generous support.

With Term 1 well underway, all students should have established study schedules at home, with this including homework and home study.  If your daughter states on any evening that “I do not have homework”, please remind her that there are novels to be read, review of work completed at school to be undertaken and, if she checks her Student Planner, that there may be work due in a week’s time or a test for which study is required.  If your daughter has part-time work, please ensure that the hours are not such that there is an impact on ongoing improvement in her learning outcomes.


International Women’s Day Breakfast.

I look forward to joining with VCE students, parents, staff, past-pupils and friends of Loreto at the International Women’s Day Breakfast on 8 March. We are indeed blessed to have as our guest speakers past pupils Coroner Sara Hinchey (recently appointed State Coroner) and Coroner Jacqui Hawkins.  You will find more details in this edition of E-News.


Easter Picnic

I thank staff, parents and students who are planning the Easter Picnic (20 March, 11am – 2pm) with great enthusiasm.  There are a variety of activities with no cost attached alongside stalls the funds raised from which will support Loreto Gari-uai in Timor Leste.  I encourage all families to register (details in this edition of E-News).  I look forward to a wonderful community occasion.