From the Principal, Ms Judith Potter


2016 – The Year of Felicity

 “Felicity is an attitude of mind, a disposition of the heart which manifests itself in cheerfulness, good humour, joy, hope, optimism, friendliness, courtesy, positive thinking, inner peace, self-acceptance and courage”       

(Loreto Schools of Australia Mission Statement)


It was a great joy to feel the school come vibrantly to life on Friday as our students entered the gates and the buildings to commence their 2016 school year.  All students and staff joined together for our Welcome Assembly which was opened by Eva Gillett and Hannah Armstrong (College Captains).  Hannah and Eva led us in the 2016 Felicity prayer.


Loving God,

In this year of felicity may we act from love not fear, serving one another with humility, humanity, and humour.

With cheerful minds and grateful hearts, may our inner joy flourish as we grow in loving acceptance of ourselves and others.

 As we move through the journey of life, may we give thanks for the blessings on our Loreto community, recognising your loving presence in all our relationships.

And where love is hidden, may we find the courage to bring love, for felicity belongs to the open minded and generous hearted.


(Written by the Loreto School Leaders for 2016 at the LSAC Student Leadership Conference)


During the assembly, the 2016 Felicity badge, designed by the Senate members, was presented.  Central to this badge is the image of a joyful girl and the words Humanity, Humour and Humility.

A Loreto education is a privilege which brings with it opportunities, responsibilities and accountabilities.  Our expectation for each of our students is that she

  • is respectful of self
  • is respectful of the dignity of each student and staff member
  • Is involved
  • Is considerate of the needs of others
  • encourages others
  • tries as hard as she can in all endeavours
  • has an open mind,
  • is kind. If she sees someone alone or being treated unkindly, she will step in calmly to assist
  • treats everyone as she would like to be treated
  • works for justice. In 2016  a key focus for fund-raising is to support the building of facilities for the new Loreto school in East Timor.
  • is cheerful – keeps that smile on her face
  • wears her uniform correctly and with pride
  • takes responsibility for self and for her actions.
  • is honest
  • believes that she can do the difficult tasks, perhaps with some assistance.


I commend all students for the wonderful start they have made to this new school year.  I thank parents of students in Year 7, 9, 11 and 12 who have prioritised attendance at Year 7 Class Dinners and the VET, VCE and Year 9 Information Evenings.  We will achieve optimal outcomes for our students through a strong partnership between school and home.


Australia Day Honours

We congratulate Mrs Maria Myers AO (Class of 1964)  on being awarded the prestigious Companion of the Order of Australia in the 2016 Australia Day Honours.


NextGen Art Exhibition

A delightful way to conclude the first day of Term 1 was to attend the Opening of the 2016 NextGen Exhibition at the Ballarat Gallery.  Four members of the Class of 2015 had work exhibited.  I congratulate Eleanor Begbie, Taylor Dunn, Olivia Sellers and Vera McCarthy.