House Groups

Each student belongs to one of four Houses – Barry, Mornane, Mulhall or Ward. School sport, Arts festivals, fundraising and many other activities are organised through this House system. Each of the Houses is named after a Loreto sister of significance.

The Mentor Groups within each House are central to Student Well-being. The Mentor Group teacher should be the first point of contact for all communication between home and school. The Mentor Group arrangement is designed to allow students and their parents the continuity of a Mentor Teacher for more than one year (wherever possible) as a communication point for the discussion of student’s overall progress with their families.

Student Leadership

The Loreto approach to leadership is based on two ideas: firstly, that leadership is for service to others, not personal power, and secondly, that leadership skills need to be fostered and systematically developed. Leadership is developed through a range of formal and informal procedures. Formal leadership training occurs through the Student Committee structures (Senate, House, Curriculum and Co-Curriculum Leadership) and through the Yr 9 Active Learning Program and the Yr 11 Leadership Program . In a less formal way leadership is encouraged by having students work in teams to organise activities, by having students address assemblies, by fostering Debating and Public Speaking skills and by the whole range of ways student self-worth and confidence are built. The College is very aware that students learn more from an activity if they have been involved in the delivery of that program.

House Group Heritage

M Gonzaga Barry at deskBarry House

Mother Gonzaga Barry

Mother Gonzaga Barry led the first group of Irish Loreto sisters to Australia in 1875. She began the first Loreto school in Australia here in Ballarat and she went on to establish other schools in other states of the country.

Please refer to information on Mother Gonzage Barry (pdf)



Mornane, Anastasia at 18 years

Mornane House

Mother Stanislaus Mornane

Mother Stanislaus Mornane was the first Australian ex-student to be join the Loreto Order. She taught and worked mainly in Sydney and is buried at Loreto Normanhurst.

Please refer to information on Mother Stanislaus Mornane (pdf)




P563 M Stanislaus Mulhall

Mulhall House

Mother Stanislaus Mulhall

Mother Stanislaus Mulhall arrived in Australia in 1897 and taught at Mary’s mount, establishing an orchestra here. She went on to become the leader of the Australian Loreto sisters.

Please refer to information on Mother Stanislaus Mulhall (pdf)





Mary Ward Augsburg Portrait

Ward House

Mary Ward

Mary Ward is the founder of the IBVM. Born in England in 1585, she started many schools in Europe and England.

Please refer to information on Mary Ward (pdf)



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