“Strive ever to widen and deepen your hearts and minds” Mother Gonzaga Barry.

At Loreto College, we are specialists in educating girls. We understand that before girls can feel free to fully engage with others they must first feel comfortable and confident in the environment that surrounds them.

This brings to the fore the need to provide Loreto girls with opportunities to develop a sense of connectedness and belonging – once a girl has a sense of who she is and feels valued for all she can be, she can confidently make her way in the world.

Loreto education today truly reflects the global society in which we live, with girls encouraged to form relationships with the Loreto community throughout Australia and worldwide. This broad community of Loreto schools teaches girls in the Loreto spirit, and we aim for our Loreto girls to feel very much a part of the global Loreto community.

The College prides itself on it’s service to the community and has an active Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) team which helps the community in practical and spiritual ways. Students are also encouraged to look for ways that they can offer practical assistance to those in need whether it be via fundraising, volunteering or spiritual support.

Loreto College offers a broad curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of all students. The basic structure of the compulsory years of schooling (Years 7 to 10) has a comprehensive core of subjects, supplemented, as the student matures, by an increasingly broad range of options. With this structure, key learning areas are preserved and students arrive at Years 11 and 12 with many options for further study available to them.

Students at Loreto College have a diverse range of talents, gifts and needs and the College curriculum has the range of programs to cater for this diversity.