Victorian Certificate of Education

The VCE provides students with a post-compulsory certificate which allows students to access diverse pathways beyond school and attests to their readiness to enter post-school studies. It is awarded to students who satisfactorily complete a program of studies as described by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). This program for a full time student at Loreto College will consist of 22 units taken over four semesters or two years. At the end of Year 12 students would normally receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) which can be used for University and / or Tertiary and Further education (TAFE) entrance.

Victorian Curriculum Assessment Requirements:
For the award of the VCE, students must satisfactorily complete a total of no fewer than 16 units over the two years of VCE study.

These satisfactorily completed units must include:

  • Three units of the common study of English (1,2,3 and 4) or English language or Literature
  • Three sequences of Units 3 and 4 studies other than English

At Loreto College, full time students studying under normal conditions would:
At Year 11: Undertake six sequences of Units 1 and 2 studies including English plus Religious Education
Undertake five sequences of Units 1 and 2 studies including English
plus one sequence of Units 3 and 4 studies plus Religious Education

At year 12: Undertake five sequences of Units 3 and 4 studies
plus Religious Education

It is expected that irrespective of a student’s study of a Unit 3 and 4 sequence in Year 11 she will undertake five Unit 3 and 4 sequences in Year 12.

VCE Units Include: Religious Education, Religion & Society, English, Literature, English Language, Accounting, Art, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Dance, Drama, Food & Technology, Health & Human Development, History, Information Technology, International Studies, Legal Studies, LOTE: French, LOTE: Japanese, Mathematics (Foundation, General, Further, Specialist & Mathematics Methods), Media, Music Performance, Physical Education, Physics, Product Design & Technology, Psychology, Sociology, Studio Arts, Theatre Studies.

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