Student Senate

The Senate has 10 members, all Year 12 students. The Senate members are elected by peers. Their roles start in Term 4 of each year, while the students are still in Year 11.

The Senate has three main areas of responsibility. Firstly, as role models for all students. Secondly, a leadership role as ambassadors for the College at a range of occasions, including official functions, Liturgies, interschool forums, school tours and information evenings. Thirdly, they are responsible for facilitating a program of student activities. Many of these activities are House based, designed to add ‘fun’ to the House system and to increase student connectedness to their House.

The Senate is responsible for ensuring that leadership opportunities are presented to students from younger levels. The Senate meets regularly with student representatives of other levels. In recent years, the number of interschool activities has increased. Many of these activities involve community service or fund-raising. The Senate is involved in the organising of these activities.

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