Felicitous Life Program Aims


Empowering girls to flourish in education and life!


Loreto College is an original pioneer and leader in girls’ education. The Felicitous Life Program works alongside the Loreto College curriculum and co-curriculum to enhance a Loreto Education for girls through three targeted developmental objectives for our students, staff and community:


1. Our students – A Loreto Girl…

By the end of Year 12 our aim for a graduating Loreto Girl is:

  • To have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • To be motivated to learn and contribute to the global world
  • To have developed future skills needed for life beyond Loreto College
  • To have a strong sense of purpose, meaning and spirituality in her life



2. Our staff – a Loreto Teacher…

In their role as educators for Loreto College, our aim for Loreto Teachers is:

  • To understand, deliver and support a Loreto Education
  • To embrace and demonstrate Felicitous Life in teaching practice
  • To consistently seek to understand our students and themselves in relation to enhancing Felicitous Life teaching practice
  • Support students in positive education learning, wellbeing and spiritual development



3. A Loreto community member (parent or gaurdian)…

In their role as parents, guardians and community members our aim is to develop a Loreto Community that will:

  • Understand the objectives and values of a Loreto Education and the Felicitous Life Program
  • Support a Loreto Education and the Felicitous Life Program through the parent / student / teacher partnership in education

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