‘The Church recognises sport to be one of the great institutions of our society that helps individuals realise their human potential and builds up the bonds of the community, fostering communal initiative and responsibility.

As our lifestyles become more and more sedentary, sport makes an essential contribution to our health and wellbeing, both physical and mental.’

Social Justice Statement, Australian Catholic Bishops: A Crown for Australia: Striving for the Best in our Sporting Nation

Our Philosophy

Loreto College Ballarat has an open, flexible and creative approach to sport, ensuring that the co-curricular sport program is accessible to all students. Our aim is to enrich the students’ school life byoffering a comprehensive and diverse sport program through participation in competitive and non-competitive physical activity.

The co-curricular sport program at Loreto enables students to strive for their personal best, build relationships with peers as well as staff and to develop both team building and leadership skills. We believe that active participation in sport enriches the students’ physical, mental and social health.

A Loreto girl will participate in sport with pride, responsibility and excellent sportsmanship.


Ballarat Associated Schools

Loreto College Ballarat is a member of the Ballarat Associated Schools (BAS) sporting competition.

The other members of BAS include:

  • Ballarat Clarendon College (BCC)
  • Ballarat Grammar School (BGS)
  • Ballarat High School (BHS)
  • Damascus College (DC)
  • Mount Clear College (MCC)
  • St Patrick’s College (SPC)
  • Pheonix College


Annual Highlights

  • BAS Athletics Carnival
  • BAS Swimming Carnival
  • BAS Cross Country events
  • BAS Head of the Lake
  • Breast Cancer Netball Match – Loreto College Ballarat vs. St Patrick’s College
  • Breast Cancer Football Match – Loreto College Ballarat vs. Ballarat Clarendon College
  • Prostate Cancer Hockey Match – Loreto College vs. St Patrick’s College
  • Sports Awards Night

Yearly Sport open to all students rotating over terms includes: Lawn Bowls, Rowing, Tennis, Cricket, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Racquetball, Croquet, Badminton, Cheerleading, Cross Country Running, Soccer, Swimming, Athletics

2022 BAS Sport Flyer
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