Who and what are JPIC?

IMG_3837The social justice committee known as JPIC (Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation) is a vital component of the Loreto College commitment to the Gospel imperative; to serve less fortunate. Our Committee is regularly attended by over sixty students from across the six year levels and every girl comes with the understanding that she has the ability and an opportunity to make a difference to someone else’s life on an immediate, local, national or international scale.

We find it to be of utmost importance that this, our first article for Verity in 2016, promotes these four letters…

Justice – underscores every action we make and every interaction we have with those known to us in the community and those who we do not know. We strive to live out this particular value, through charity events such as the annual Walkathon, the funds from which go to the Loreto primary school in Timor Leste and various other organisations. There is a need to provide basic essentials that every human being should have access to and which we take for granted. Not only are we striving for equality and fairness within the whole human race but also in the way we treat the world, our ‘home’.

Peace – must take into account the non-negotiable fact that people have the right to live safely and freely wherever they please. A lack of peace in the world leads to massive upheaval. This is apparent now more than ever and our JPIC committee seeks to raise awareness amongst the school community, especially of plight of the refugees.

Integrity of Creation – the committee recognises that we have been incredibly privileged to live and thrive on planet Earth, and therefore, we have a commitment to look after it. Through JPIC, we want to ensure that these last two letters are not overlooked. It is abundantly clear to that our ‘home’ needs to better cared for, as our world struggles to compete with human intervention. In JPIC we find it of high importance to keep the school community mindful of this precious gift we have been given.
Ultimately as a part of the JPIC committee, we want to make it abundantly clear that our focus is not primarily fundraising but to speak on behalf of those who cannot.

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